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My Virgin Maid-Chapter 17


My Virgin Maid-Chapter 17

Theme: I Bought Her

Genre: Romance, Drama,Suspense

Written by Ti fe


We all sat in the living room with John's mother, she is a very nice person and she has always acted like my mother.

"Mother I missed you so much." I said smiling widely.

"I missed you all too." She replied smiling too.

"John has Charlotte met mother?" I asked looking at John.

"Yes, I think she likes her." He replied happily.

"Don't think, I do like her." She said grinning.

"Really? Congrats John." I said looking at me and he shot me a deadly look.

"What do you mean by congrats?" He asked staring at me.

"Ma'am the food is ready." Charlotte said smiling.

"Thank you dear, I will be there inna bit." She replied.

"Good morning Charlotte!" I said grinning.

"Good morning Davis, how was your night?" She asked totally avoiding John's face.

"Great." I said looking at John whose head was bowed.

"What is wrong with these two?" I smirked.

"Time to eat guys!" Mother said happily. I stood up with John and mother walking to the dinning table.

The food was already served and the aroma filled the place. I noticed John walking slowly same as Charlotte.

I looked back and I saw John trying to talk to Charlotte but she bowed and moved away from him.

Surely this is about yesterday. So sorry for John, I know he is so sad right now.

We sat on the dinning chair and Charlotte served mother first, then she moved to me but I stopped her.

"I can do this Charlotte, you know very well." I said serving myself. I saw her look at John calmly, she moved to him and was about serving him when he held her hand.

"I am sorry Charlotte." He said looking really sorry. I looked at Charlotte and I saw her looking away from John.

She took the spoon as was about serving it when John stopped her.

"I will do it myself." He replied sadly.


I tried so hard to avoid John's face, I made a very big mistake letting him kiss me. For crying out loud, he has a fiancée.

I nodded as John served himself. I bowed one last time and was about walking away when Joy held me by my hand.

I was forced to look at him and I noticed his beautiful mother was watching us.

"Sir." I said bowing.

"Come eat with us." He said smiling.

"No, I will be fine in my room." I replied trying to get my hands from his.

"Charlotte c'mon this isn't the first time you will be eating with us, or are you scared of mother?" Davis asked looking at her.

"No not that, I just...." I said but Mrs Walker stopped me.

"Sit Charlotte, I am fine with it." She said. I sighed nodding, tho I didn't want to, I had to obey her.

"Okay ma'am." I said sitting close to Davis which was directly opposite to John's seat.

Davis helped me pass some pottage and I served myself trying to not meet John's face.

"Thank you." I said giving him the remaining pottage. He nodded and smiled collecting it from me.

"Wow this is delicious." Mrs Walker said smiling.

"Thank you ma'am" i replied blushing slightly.

I kept eating in silence and I felt John's gaze on me, I tried everything possible not to look at him but I couldn't hold much longer.

I looked at him and I saw passion and love in his eyes. I felt my eye lids blink constantly, I looked at my food and I heard him sigh.

I ate little of my food and I lost my appetite afterwards. I was comfortable sitting right in front of John.

I stood up carrying my plates in my hands.

"Please tell me when you are done, I will come clear the table." I said to no one in particular as I walked away.

I dropped my plate in the zinc and walked to my room feeling what I have never felt before. I laid on my bed deep in thought.

What is really going on with me? Am I developing feelings for some else's fiancée? Charlotte are you out of your mind? This guy just wants to use you nothing more.

I closed my eyes in thought as I heard a knock on my door. I stood up sluggishly and walked up to the door wondering who it is.

I opened the door to find John at the door, I stood speechless as we stared at each other.

"Can we talk for some minutes please?" He said without removing his gaze from me.

I nodded opening the door for him to come in. My heart started beating really fast as I closed the door to look at him.

"Charlotte, I know you are angry with me right now. I am sorry." He said looking truly sorry.

"Mr John, I feel bad about what happened. You have a fiancée and I still let you kiss me." I said walking to Sit on my bed.

"It is all my fault and I am sorry. It won't happen again." He said walking close to me and squatting in front of me.

"Okay." I replied staring at him.

Do I really want it not to happen again?

He kept staring at my face and I saw a smile on his face.

"You are so beautiful and it is so hard to resist you." He said rubbing his hair as he stood up looking away.

"Thank you but you have to resist me, it is simple. You have a fiancée, a beautiful one, what else can a man ask for?" I said staring at his back.

"Charlotte you can't understand what I am passing through with Angelica!" He smacked facing me making me flinch.

"I am sorry." He added when he saw how scared I was. I nodded still staring at him, what is he passing through?

"I promise what happened won't happen again, and I will try everything possible to resist you." He said walking to the door sadly.

"Mr John" I called calmly.

"Don't worry Charlotte, I will keep my distance from you. " he said before finally moving out.

I felt guilt in me all of a sudden, did I say anything wrong?


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