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My Virgin Maid-Chapter 16


My Virgin Maid-Chapter 16

Theme: I Bought Her

Genre: Romance, Drama,Suspense

Written by Ti fe



I woke up very early to do my morning excerise, I walked to my private room wearing a singlet and shorts.

I met Charlotte on the way and I felt my heart beat very fast. She saw me and bowed slightly avoiding my face.

She wore a red big gown which stopped right above her knee. Her hips were still very much obvious and I noticed she wasn't wear a bra.

Her nipples were evident in it and they were so tempting. Her hair was roughly packed and I knew she just woke up.

"Good morning." She said still bowing.

"How are you?" I asked moving close to her, she moved back very fast and I was forced to stop.

"Charlotte what is wrong?" I asked but she just shook her head speechlessly.

"Charlotte if is about yesterday night, I.." I said but she cut me off.

"I am sorry about what happened, and I promise it won't happen again." She said quickly making me surprise.

"I will go now." She said walking away briskly.

What is wrong with her? She should have allowed me to finish my statement. I kissed her, I should be the one sorry.

Tho I didn't regret anything that happened, I should still apologize to her. It is possible she was submissive because I am her boss.

I walked into my private room to start my exercise. I started with press ups, I used my two hands before switching to just one.

My favorite music was on giving the vibes I always enjoyed. I began to sweat profusely and I grew tasty all of a sudden. I need water.

I took my phone from where I dropped it to out a call to Charlotte so she would help me with a glass of water.

Then it downed to me that I don't have her contact. I haven't even see her with a cellphone before.

I stood up and walked out of the room heading to the living room where I felt she would be. And there she was cleaning the couch.

Her gown was carried up a little at the back with her large hips exposing her smooth looking thighs.

"Hey!" I called walking close to her.

"Sir!" I said facing me and bowing slightly. Sir again? I just wish she would be free with me the way she has always been right from time.

"Where is your cellphone?" I asked staring at her.

"Cellphone? I don't have one." She said looking sad.

"No wonder I haven't been seeing one with you." I said trying not to look at her b**bs. She nodded in response avoiding my eyes.

"Don't worry continue your work." I said walking to the kitchen to get a bottle of water. I opened the fridge to get the water when I heard the doorbell ring.

I gulped down the water and walked back to the living room to see Charlotte at the door already. I moved closer and the person at the door came in.

"Mother!" I called happily going to hug her.

"John my son." She replied happily.

"How are you mother?" I asked walking her to the couch.

"I am great!" She replied sitting on the couch.

"And father?" I asked again.

"Oh you know your father, he doesn't sit his a** in a place." She said giggling.

"Good day ma'am." Charlotte said smiling sweetly.

"How are you dear?" Mother replied smiling too. That is my mother, I got my niceness from her.


"I am fine ma'am" she replied sweetly. Wow, I like her composure.

"You must be Charlotte." I said smiling. She looked at me in surprise before looking at John.

"Don't worry, he didn't tell me anything bad." I said winking at John who was equally confused.

"Ma'am what do you wish to have?" She asked not letting her smile fade.

"Anything you give me dear." I said and she bowed before walking away.

"Mother?" John called me narrowing his eyes.

"Calm down John, Angelica told me about her." I said grinning.

"I knew it." He replied rolling his eyes.

"She is nice, but why didn't you tell me you were employing a maid." I asked looking serious.

"Mother I am sorry, it was urgent." He said pouting his mouth.

"Urgent?" I asked furrowing my brows.

"Yes mother, don't worry much about that." He said smiling.

"Well I must say she is very beautiful and curvy." I said smiling.

"Yes mother." He replied blushing slightly.
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"Hmmm John, don't tell me you like her." I said moving closer to him.

"Mother to be honest I don't know, she always keeps my company when Angelica isn't around. You know how busy Angelica is." He said sadly.

"Yeah, and she said she doesn't want Charlotte around."

"Mother don't mind her, she is just driving by jealousy." He replied angrily.

"You don't need to tell me about Angelica son, I know her very well. Remember this son, you have my support in any right thing you do." I said tapping his shoulders.

"Thank you mother." He replied kissing my cheeks.

"Ahhhhhh!!!" I heard someone yawn loudly.

"Gosh Davis!" John said making me laugh. I really like Davis a lot, he is very nice and funny.

"John I heard some squeaking sounds in my room at night, I couldn't sleep well." He said rubbing his eyes.

He opened it and I saw his eyes widen as he saw me.

"Mother!" He called happily coming closer to him. I stood up to hug him happily too.

"John why didn't you tell me mother is here?" He asked spanking John on his head.

"Ouch!" John yelled standing up.

"Mother please leave my front so blood won't stain your beautiful dress." He added making me laugh. They have always been like that since when they were very young.

Davis has no parents, so I and my husband as been acting as his patent for many years and John as taken him ad his brother.


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