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My Virgin Maid-Chapter 15


My Virgin Maid-Chapter 15

Theme: I Bought Her

Genre: Romance, Drama,Suspense

Written by Ti fe


I finished feeding Charlotte the pizza and I saw her cheeks were red till I was done. Davis kept grinning like the fool he is. He even asked me to feed him too, can you imagine.

"I will go to my room now." Charlotte said standing up.

"Why? Do you want to do something?" I asked blocking her way.

"No, I just want to excuse you guys." She said smiling.

"C'mon Charlotte, you can't just go inside to stay alone." I said staring at her.

"Charlotte come watch this movie with us." Davis said grinning and for the very first time I was in support of what he said.

"Yes, you should watch this with us." I said pulling her gently to the couch.

"Okay" She said shyly.

I felt joy in me immediately she decided to stay with us. I sat on the same couch with her but I kept our distances.

Soon there was thunderstorms and the cool wind from outside came in through the windows. The cottons kept flying due to the window.

I stood up to lock the windows and I cams back to sit on the couch. Davis tuned it to an horror movie, my favorite! I love horror movies so as Davis.

I looked at Charlotte and i saw she was shivering already, I know ladies don't really like horror movies.

"Charlotte should we change it?" I asked and another thunder roared making her flinch.

"No I will be fine." She said folding her legs on the couch. Davis switched off the light and everywhere was dark only the TV light was available.

Tho I could see Charlotte and Davis face clearly.

The movie started playing and there was a man wearing a very scary mask on his face, he sneaked into a house where a small Lady was sitting on a bed fully wake at night.

There was blood all over the house and the girl's night gown was also stained with blood. The man walked in through the walls to where the little girl sat.

I looked at Davis and I saw how he kept grinning stupidly, I looked at Charlotte and I saw great fear on her face.

He raised up the knife and yelled piercing the head of the little girl with it, Charlotte screamed jumping on me.

That same very minutes there was a very loud thunderstorm and she held me so tight pressing her b**bs on my arm.

The power went off and the TV too went off. Everywhere was dark but I didn't care, I enjoyed Charlotte's grip on me.

There was another thunderstorm and Charlotte flinched tightening her grip. Davis switched on his phone light and pointed it to us.

I widened my eyes and he switched it off quickly. I wrapped my arms around Charlotte's tempting body.

I felt someone tap my shoulders and I knew it was no one other than Davis.

"Enjoy." He whispered and I heard him walk away.

"Charlotte." I called calmly tapping her.

"I am scared." She stammered and I felt her sweat on me.

"It is okay." I said brushing her hair. I heard her breath very hard, I knew she was really very scared.

I started to hear the noise of rain and I knew this night is going to be a long one. Her b**bs kept tempting me.

I felt my d**k twitch severally. Oh God this is suffering, Angelica is so wicked.

She raised up her head and I felt her gaze on me, I could see her face faintly due to the lightening outside.

We stared at each other for almost four minutes and I couldn't take my eyes off her. I moved my face gradually to hers and I saw her look down.

I raised up her chin slightly with my hand and she didn't struggle with me. I tilted my head slightly and I saw her close her eyes under the lightening that was direct on her face.

I closed my eyes as my lips touched hers. OMG! Her lips were so soft and juicy, my d**k sent me another warning and i found myself holding her neck drawing her closer.

Suddenly the lights came on and I disengaged opening my eyes gently, her eyes were still closed and I couldn't help but smile.

She opened her eyes and I saw her cheeks were very red. She looked away shyly, she stood up and ran to her room.

Mehn! That was superb! I didn't want the lights to come on at all. I held my hair feeling so happy.

I head someone giggling behind me,I looked back to see Davis grinning very wide.

"I saw everything!" He whispered almost like a yell rubbing my hair.


I ran up to my room breathing really hard. What just happened? Did I just kiss my boss? Oh God, Charlotte he has a girlfriend. A fiancée!

What is wrong with me? He can never marry me, he will just use me and dump me. I shouldn't let his kindness get to me.

To be honest, I really enjoyed the kiss I didn't want to stop. If the lights didn't come on, I don't know what would have happened.

Charlotte you nerd to wise up, you aren't a baby. You need to know what is right from what is wrong.

I stood in front of mirror touching my lips. I remembered the incident again and I shock my head trying to forget it.

I left the front of the mirror and laid on my bed staring at the ceiling. Am I in love with him? I have never kissed a guy before because I have never allowed them.

But I just opened freely to John. Do I really trust him? Do I feel like this because of his looks and generosity? Am I ready to settle any issues with Angelica? Is he even willing to date me instead of her?

Does he really love me? Or he just pities me? Do I love him?

These questions kept buzzing in my brain, I am so confused! I need to calm down so I won't be a victim of heartbreak.

I haven't been in a relationship before and now I am going into one that I don't know what will end it. I need to be really careful.

I sighed heavily and closed my eyes allowing nature take over.


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