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My Virgin Maid-Chapter 11


My Virgin Maid-Chapter 11

Theme: I Bought Her

Genre: Romance, Drama,Suspense

Written by Ti fe


I ran into the house grinning stupidly. Did I just see John almost kissing Charlotte!! This is so much fun!!! I love this. I prefer her to the useless Angelica.

"Davis!!!" John yelled behind me and I couldn't help but burst into laughter.

"I ruined your plans right?" I asked giggling.

"Yes you fool!" He said slumping on the couch angrily.

"Sorry brother, but you almost kissed her." I said teasingly.

"Yes I know! and you came to spoil everything stupid!" He replied angrily making me laugh.

"But John, you have a girlfriend. A fiancée for that matter." I said smiling.

"A girlfriend that doesn't even have my time, imagine Angelica telling that it will be December before I bleep her." He said and I bursted into another laughter.

"Seriously? December! You would have been dead bro!" I said trying to stop my laughter.

"I don't even know how to cope when Charlotte is around. Her body is so tempting" he replied sighing.

"I will tell you one thing today. Angelica isn't worth you, you need a caring girl with mad curves and that girl is Charlotte. She is even a virgin." I whispering into her ears.

"Davis!" John yelled clenching his fist. I knew that virgin part caught him unaware.

"Sorry. But think about it." I said and he sighed in response.

"So tell me how the 'swimming lesson' went." I said winking at him and using my fingers to demonstrate quotation marks.


I sat in my studio doing some makeups for my customers when I heard my phone ring. Oh Angelica. What does she want this time?

📲 Babe

📲 Hey sis

📲 I need your help Bianca

📲 I knew it, you never call me except you are in need of help.

📲 C'mon Bianca, it is not like that.

📲 Whatever, what is it?

📲 I need you to go to John's house.

📲 Why? I am busy.

📲 Please Bianca, I need you to get my hair comb in John's room.

📲 Because of an hair comb? Can't you just borrow or rather get another one.

📲 Bianca, you know I hate sharing personal things with people and I don't want to buy after the ones I have already. Please!

📲 Fine! But you will pay me for this stress.

📲 Deal, make it snappy please and don't cause any troubles.

📲 Okay *rolls her eyes*

📲 See you soon.

I sighed heavily looking around my shop.

"Rubbie, I need to get somewhere keep the shop going. I will be back soon" I said carrying my bag and walking out heading to John's house.

I got into my car and started driving to John's house. I am actually happy going there, I can't wait to see my Crush Davis.

I have been having feelings for him since the day I saw him with John, but I was too shy to talk to him. Tho I noticed he kept stating at me too.

I got to the house and packed my car properly before coming down. I walked to the door knocking it nervously.

I waited a little before the door knob turned, the door opened and I saw Davis at the door. He saw me and I saw his eyes widen.

I smiled shyly bowing my head slightly.

"Bianca, wow I am honored. Come in." He said grinning.

"Thank you." I replied shyly walking into the house. I saw John sitting on the couch and as he saw me, he smiled widely.

"Bianca." He called kissing my cheeks.

"This is a surprising visit." Davis said coming close to where I stood.

"Sit dear." John said pointing to the couch close to where Davis stood.

"Thank you." I said sitting down, and I saw John wink at Davis making me blush.

"Charlotte please can you bring some drinks?" John yelled. I wonder who Charlotte is.

"So why this honorable visit." Davis said sitting close to me. I felt I cheeks beginning to hurt.

"Angelica sent me here to pick up her hair comb, so I won't be staying long." I said pouting my mouth.

"Ouch, that hurts." Davis said touching his chest.

"Sorry." I said giggling. I looked up to see a very beautiful curvy girl dropping some drinks on the centre table.

"Wow" I said before thinking.

"What?" Davis asked.

"Nothing." I said shaking my head still staring at Charlotte. She looked at me smiling beautifully, she is so cute.

"Enjoy" she said walking away and I couldn't help but stare at her backside. God she is huge!! Angelica is no match for her.

Is like Bianca likes Charlotte

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