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My Virgin Maid-Chapter 10


My Virgin Maid-Chapter 10

Theme: I Bought Her

Genre: Romance, Drama,Suspense

Written by Ti fe


I breathed in much air as I could and I held my breath. I closed my eyes so as to concentrate on the exercise. I waited in expectation of Mr John's time but I didn't hear anything.

I was running out of patience already, so I decided to stop the excersice to look at my coach. I opened my eyes to see Mr John staring at my b**bs.

I felt my cheeks go red immediately.

"Arr Mr John." I said smirking.

"Ye.. Yes." He replied shaking his head as he looked at me.

"I am done with the exercise. How many minutes was it?" I asked still holding him firm.

"Err..rhhnn, you know don't worry about that. We can skip that exercise for now." He said grinning.

"Okay, so what is next?" I asked eagerly.

"The next is to know how to flap your legs in the water." He said pulling me to himself by my waist. I gasped as he did but I composed myself.

"So how is this done?" I asked nervously.

"You need to lie flat in the water. You will hold the pool edge as a support, then you start flapping your legs in it." He said !moving me to the edge of the pool gently.

My heart was beating very fast, I was so scared but I actually felt safe in Mr John's arms. We got to the edge and I held onto the tiled floor.

"Now I am going to leave you to start flapping, your head is going to be up so don't be scared." He said smiling as he released his grip from me gradually.

His hands was almost off when I pushed my b**ts back mistakenly hitting his d**k.

"Opps." I gasped as I stood still. I felt his hard d**k against my b**ts and I must confess he is huge.

I turned my head slowly to look at him and I saw him staring blankly at me. He wasn't moving or talking he just kept staring. Oh no, is he angry?

"Mr John, I am so sorry, I was too forward." I said biting my lower lip. I saw his gaze move into the water and landed right on my butts.

"It okay. You can continue." He said looking away in haste and swimming away from me. Charlotte you need to be careful next time, you may not be as lucky as this.

      JOHN'S POV

"Charlotte is killing me!!!" I thought as I watched her b**ts dance while she flapped her feet in the pool.

She looked so serious and i knew she had always wished to learn how to swimming for a very long time.

I stared at her and I kept having crazy erections. John snap out, she is your maid and you have a beautiful girlfriend.

"My legs are hurting already." Charlotte said tiredly.

"Ohh, that is enough for a start, tho you need to keep practicing every time." I said moving close to her.

"Give me your hand." I stretched out my hands to take hers. She placed her hand on mine and I pulled her closer slowly.

"Now we have to lie with our whole body in the water." I said smiling.

"Whole body? You mean plus my head." She asked with her eyes widened.

"Yes of course, with your head." I replied.

"Don't worry I will guide you. You can't drown, all you need to do is to stay brave." I said as I noticed she was shivering.

"Now come closer, we are going into the water hand-in-hand." I said laying gradually in the pool pulling her slowly with me.

"Oh God, I am scared." She said closing her eyes tight.

"Are you ready?" I asked as soon as the water was at her neck level.

"Ahhhhhhhh!! Ready." She said sighing.

I drew her into water holding her firmly,soon we were inside the water. I kept close watch on her and I saw she was coping.

I moved close to her raising up her hands in the water to make her balanced. I started moving her hands and we started moving.

It was about 3 minutes, then I pulled her up with me. She hugged me tight, pressing her b**bs on my chest.

She was breathing very hard and I understood that she was still a learner.

"Calm down and breathe well." I said rubbing her naked back. I was tempted to move my hands down to her b**ts but I cautioned myself ignoring her crazy curves.

"That was.. Was.. Fantastic!" She said as she shivered. I disengaged making her look at me, her lips were shaking.

I stared at her lips speechlessly as she stared at me. Her hair was scattered all over her shoulders and mine all over my face.

I felt her move closer to me in the water, I held her by the waist before thinking and started moving my head to hers.

A voice in my head kept shouting "She is your maid!!! Do you want to kiss her!!! You have a girlfriend!".

I don't really care about voices in my head you know. Our faces were some inches apart and I couldn't wait to land my lips on her soft looking lips.

I need to take it slowly. Finally, how head touched and I could feel our nose meet. I tilted my head ready to take her lips.

"Hey!!!! What are you guys doing." Davis yelled making me moved away from Davis.

"Davis!!!!!!!!!!!" I yelled in anger.

"Opps sorry." He said running away and I saw Charlotte giggling. I hate him so much, he never ceases to interrupt my plans!


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