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My Virgin Client - Chapter 5



MY VIRGIN CLIENT (The Matchmaker)
My Virgin Client - Chapter 5

Theme: Never  Fall In Love With A Client

Genre: Romance, Drama, Suspense, 18+

By Authress Ti Fe


I drove down to the shopping mall and parked the car at a designated area. I came down and rushed to open up for Blake.

"Thanks, but you didn't need to." She said smiling.

"Well I already did." I said letting her walk in front.

I walked behind her staring at her a*s, I tried to see her size but I couldn't. Her clothes were way too big.

"A sexy cloth for her please." I said to the lady that was to attend to us.

"Okay Sir. Please follow me." She said to us.

I Began to walk but Blake stopped me.

"Are you going to follow me into the dressing room?" She asked.

"I guess so. You don't know anything about fashion." I said and she rolled her eyes collecting the cloth from the Lady.

"This should suit you." The Lady said and Blake smiled in return. She walked into the dressing room while I sat on a chair, waiting for her.

"Hinn! You can come in now!" I heard her yell making me grin.

I walked to the door and winked at the lady who couldn't take her eyes off me.

 I opened up and walked in to see Blake in a very tight skimpy short, and a tube bra facing the mirror. I mouth dropped open as I stared at her.

"How is it?" She asked facing me.

"You... You look great." I said smiling.

"You sound insure." She said facing the mirror again.

"Your b**bs look great." I said tracing my hand over her hips.

"You think so?" She said raising her b**bs with her hand.

"You will be all over you when he sees you." I said confidently.

"Well, I am confident in your abilities." She said looking at me from the mirror.

"And I am in yours." I replied smiling.

"Sir, please you need to move out of the dressing room." The Lady said hitting the door.

"Why?" I asked still looking at Blake.

"Customers are not allowed to play in the dressing room." She answered.

"Oh you mean play, like sex?" I said and I saw Blake's mouth open.

"Get out." She whispered pushing me out.

"Arrrgh, ouch, yeah,  f**k." I began to make silly sounds hitting my back against the wall.

"Hinn stop!" Blake said while the Lady kept banging the door.

I continues and Blake ended up hitting me on my balls with her leg. 

"Ouch!" I said in pain as she walked out of the dressing room in anger.

I walked out and saw the Lady staring at me.

"We are taking all." I said stretching the money to her and walking away.

I drove home stealing glances of Blake who was staring out of the window.

We got home and i helped her carry the bags as we walked in. 

"Here." I said giving her the bags as we got in.

"Thanks." She replied smiling as she ran up the stairs.

I stared at her back side smiling wide and lost in thoughts. Tara walked closer staring at me but I couldn't take my eyes off the stairs.

"Hurt her and I will kill you." She said spanking my head before walking away.

I walked back to the dinning room where Tara and Barry were preparing dinner.

"What are we having this night?" I asked grinning.
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"You can see pasta moron." Barry replied making me sigh. I was expecting that.

"I don't understand you both." Tara said furrowing her brows.

"You can't. Where is the other rommie?" Barry asked sipping some wine from his cup.

"I am here." Blake answered. He looked up and immediately she saw she was on a singlet and short he spat out the wine, coughing really hard.

"Are you okay?" She asked looking worried.

"He is." I replied pulling her to the dinning table. 

They served the food and we all sat to eat. The pasta was farther from me and closer to Tara so I signaled her to pass it to me.

She carried it and tried to pass it to me and it ended pouring on Blake.

"Ohh!" Barry and I said looking at the mess that was on her white singlet.

"I am so sorry." Tara said sadly.

"Oh its nothing." She replied packing the pasta off herself while we stared at her.

"Can we eat and stop staring?" She asked looking at us.

"Yeah." We replied as we shared the pasta amongst ourselves.

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