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My Virgin Client - Chapter 10



MY VIRGIN CLIENT (The Matchmaker)
My Virgin Client - Chapter 10

Theme: Never  Fall In Love With A Client

Genre: Romance, Drama, Suspense, 18+

By Authress Ti Fe


..... AT EVENING....

I sat in the living room staring at the television tiredly, I was beginning to feel so ill. Maybe because Blake was not around.

There came a knock on the door and Barry stood up to get it. 

"Hi." I heard Blake's voice.

"Hi?" Barry replied opening up for her.

She approached me holding a nylon in her hand.

"Hey cupcake." I said tiredly.

"Hi. I brought you some soup." She said bringing out a plate from the nylon and placing it on the table.

"Thank you." I said reaching for the spoon. She helped me open it and I carried the plate in my hand using the spoon to take part of it.

I took it to my mouth and sipped it, it burnt me on the tongue making me flinch.

"It's hot." I said and she held me fearfully.

"I just got it, take it easy." She said and I smiled.

"Will you mind blowing it for me?" I asked moving closer to her with the plate in my hand.

"Why will I do that? You are not a baby." She said smiling.

"Your love coach needs you to do this." I said pouting my mouth.

"Fine!" She said blowing it staring at me. 

"Hmm hmmm!" Barry coughed, but I ignored him. Such a stupid boy.

She took the plate from me and dipped the spoon into it taking part of the soup. She moved it to my mouth and I opened up staring at her.

I took it and it was cooler than earlier. 

"You like it?" She asked smiling.

"I love it cupcake." I said.

"Why do you call me that?" She asked furrowing her brows.

"I love calling you that." I replied grinning.


Hinn was done drinking his soap and he looked exhausted.

"Hinn do you have any movie we can watch?" I asked.

Barry had gone out and I saw so so bored.

"Yeah." He replied picking up the remote and tuning the channel. He left it in a particular movie and we began to watch it together.

After some minutes, I looked at Hinn and I saw his eyes was shut.

"Hinn." I called placing my hand on his chest.

"Yes Cupcake." He said facing me while I rested my head on his shoulders folding my legs on the couch. 

"What do you do, when you realise what you wanted isn't what you really want?" I asked staring at him while he rubbed his hands on mine.

"It is normal Blake." He said looking at me and smiling while I smiled back.

"Doesn't it make it look like I don't know what I am doing?" I asked again.

"Of course you know. Just the same way you are aware of wearing a flipflop from the nineties." He said making me laugh.

"Its my brothers." I said hitting him playfully.

"After he did I wanted to be closer to him, so I wore most of his things." I added.

"How did he die?" He asked.

"Car accident, drunk driver. I didn't want to wash his clothes even after he died. Until my father forced me." I added sadly.

"Am so sorry." He said looking at me.

"Even after two years I still miss him very much." I said sighing.

"He used to really piss me off. But when I started wearing his clothes he felt closer." I said sighing.

"Hmmm well I can break the deal, but this flip-flops are unbreakable." He said making me laugh.

"Shut up!" I yelled hitting him with the pillow.
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He pulled my legs and made me lay on my back on the couch and he was on top of me smiling at me.

He moved his head to mine and licked my cheeks.

"Did you just lick me?" I asked laughing.

"Of course I did." He replied smiling.

I sighed holding his face and licked his face too.

"I told you never to play a player." He said looking into my eyes.

"I am just following your rules." I said smiling.

"Some times I hate my rules." He said staring at my lips.

"Me too." I whispered smiling.

He moved his lips to mine and placed it on mine kissing me deeply. I moved my hand to his head holding his head to mine.

I pushed him down and sat on him kissing him again. He began to breath hard as we both kept rolling on the floor.

"Hey..." Barry dashed into the house making his stop.


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