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My Virgin Client - Chapter 1


MY VIRGIN CLIENT (The Matchmaker)
My Virgin Client - Chapter 1

Theme: Never Fall In Love With A Client

Genre: Romance, Drama, Suspense, 18+

By Authress Ti Fe


I sat In the restaurant checking my wristwatch, waiting patiently for her to come in. I had a coffee in front of me and of course, ladies drooling over me.

She came in through the door walking to the book shelf. She looked at the Bar guy and with nervousness pushed the books shelf away.

I stood up slowly walking to her like a Demi-God. The ladies kept grinning while I kept enjoying their glares.

I stopped in front of her and bent to help her pick up the books on the floor.

"Thanks." She said shaking.

"You seem to nervous. Comport yourself okay? You are doing great." I said smiling and she nodded stealing a glance of him again.

"I will be your concentration today so ignore him." I said narrowing my eyes and helping her arrange the book shelf.

"Okay." She said smiling.

"I need to hold your waist." I said and her eyes widened.

"This is my work, trust me. He will notice you." I said and she nodded.

I wrapped my hands around her waist and walked back to where I sat before.

I felt the guys gaze on us as we did.

She sat in front of me looking very nervous.

"Stop fidgeting, seat up straight." I said with a smiling face.

"Sorry." She replied adjusting her posture.

I moved my hand to her lips rubbing it slowly. She looked at me confusingly but i kept doing it.

"Touch my chest." I said smiling.

"What?" She asked.

"Do it. And smile." I said and she moved her hand to my chest faking a smile.

I saw the guy approach us and I felt happy.

It is working.

"Hi Linda." He said smiling at her and ignoring me.

"Hey Bernard." She replied smiling.

"Do you need anything?" He asked giving her his best time.

"OH no, my girlfriend won't be needing anything." I replied before she could. She looked at me in shock and I looked at the guy smiling.

He nodded and walked away.

"Touch my face." I said again.

"Is he watching?" She asked happily.

"Sure." I replied smiling at her.

I checked my wristwatch and we have used 30 minutes already.

"Time to move." I said holding her hands and walking out. I had a strong feeling Bernard wanted to talk to her.

Later on, he will have no choice than to ask her on a date.

We rode back to the campus in my car.

"Hinn you are amazing! He finally noticed me." She said happily.

"My Job Linda. And remember, don't pick up his calls or reply his text messages till I ask you to. And we are couples for now." I said smiling.

"Check." She said happily.

"See you next time." I said as she walked out of the car happily.

I zoomed off and I was back on the road. I switched on my phone and I saw Tara's message.

"BE HOME AT 6PM. DINNER IS READY." I read smiling.

Tara is my friend. She is also my friend's crush. You know, it complicated😄.

I drove home and parked my car in front of the house before walking in.

"I am home!" I said hanging my leather jacket on the hanger by the door.

"You are 2 minutes late Hinn!" Tara yelled angrily."

"I am sorry! I will go take a bath!" I yelled rushing up the stairs to her room.

Actually this isn't my house. It is my friends house. I have my house where i sqat with my friend Barry but most times you find me at Tara's house.

I removed my clothes and walked into the bathroom to have a shower.

I was done and I came out tieing her towel.

The door suddenly opened and my towel dropped to the floor.

"Ah! What are you doing here?" A beautiful lady yelled making me smile.

"I should be asking you that. This is not your room nor house." I said standing akimbo with my unclad body.

She bent down looking away from my body.

"We changed rooms." She said looking away.

"Tara!! Is it true this lady is now living here? In your room?" I yelled still naked.

"Yes! She is the new rommie!! Hope you are not acting stupid again!" She yelled back.

"Ah sorry." I said sighing picking up the towel and wrapping it around my waist. I heard her sigh and I walked out of the room laughing.


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