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My boss wants me-Chapter 4



My boss wants me-Chapter 4
Theme: ( He's a sex freak )

By Simrah Saeed

Restricted Content: 20 Years +
Coarse Language. Nudity. Sex. Violence..

Ah! I messed up again, I wanted to tell her I changed from being the sex addict I am so as to gain her trust but I think I have practically messed up everything just now.

Mine is natural , I just can't do without sex and I can't bring myself from enjoying all this stunts that flaunt themselves around me any ways ..

" Bab.."

"Get the fuck out of my office now " I yelled at this whore beside me while she hastily and fearfully put on her dress and head out .
I'm a tough boss that gets what I want or you kiss your job good bye though most of them are gladly giving me their wide p**sy to fuck..

" Shit" I muttered as I ran my hands through my hair creasing my forehead which i normally do when I'm confused ..

I need to do something very fast, why am I feeling guilty as if I just wronged her by sleeping with another woman..

I resumed back to work and oh my ! I totally forgot what I actually went there to do. Now the meeting is just in ten minutes.

I can't risk to go back there or I should just give him a call instead. Perfect!
I took the phone and dialed his office number which he picked after 3rings
Go.. good morning sir
Yes any problem Jeanne ?

No sir , you will be having a meeting with the Director of Jones industry in 5
Okay get ready, we will be going together.

He said and hung up. Can i really have peace in this company?

How do I face him after seeing him that way earlier ?

I will just avoid any eye contact with him then . That's what I have to do .
"Where is the meeting holding?" He asked as he came out of his office

" In the conference Hall sir " I replied and shook my head

" Let's go then " he said and walked past me into his elevator while I he
ad to the general one ..

" You can join me here so we can get there together I can't be waiting for you" he said while I sigh . What else do I have to do?
He pressed the elevator and we both entered as I went to the other end avoiding him .
We were almost close to coming out when the elevator stopped.

Jeez! Can this day get any better ?
Stuck in the elevator , it became dark .

My breathe hitched as I was trying hard to breathe but it wasn't walking...

I slowly began falling to the floor when Mr Xavier cut me ...

" What's wrong with you Jeanne ?" He asked holding my head up and I couldn't reply him .
" I... C...c.. can't breathe " I managed to say ..
Why did this attack has to come when I'm all alone with xavier ?

" Oh you having a panic attack , I could have known earlier" he said and laid me on the floor but held his hand . I hate darkness and I hate being stuck in a place that's the cause of the attack ..

" I'm not going, now close your eyes and count to ten " he said

" Say it one.."

" O..one, t.two, t.three, ffour, fi..ve, sixx, seven , eight.., nine.."

" Ten " we said simultaneously and by now I regained my breathe . It really did work , God what if I was alone ?

" You okay now ?" He asked helping me up

" Yeah, thank you " I replied looking away .
 This is really more than embarrassing .

" I'm glad you are fine now " he said and I nodded . I don't want to start any conversation with him right now , not now !
" Uhhm about uhhm few..."

The elevator door opened and I sigh in relief as I quickly came out

I'm sure he wants to talk about what happened earlier in his office....

Does that concern me? I don't think so why will he tell me about it?

He has been like this and everyone knows so what...
" Sorry we are late , the elevator stopped" he apologized to Mr Jones and his secretary
" It's no problem Mr Xavier we haven't arrived that long" he replied while we sat ..
We exchanged greetings then the meeting began .

I brought out my note pad and began jotting their discussions.

That's my boss for you , he's always serious and focus when it comes to business and I at least like him for that ..
The meeting finally came to an end ah!
" It's nice doing business with you Mr Xavier Rong " Mr Jones said bringing his hand for a handshake.

" Like wise " he replied and smiled at him before him and his secretary head out as we followed suit

I increased the pace to my office to avoid boss Xavier but as God has to do it
" Jeanne wait " he called while I stopped abruptly.

" I was saying something when the elevator door opened" he said and paused maybe giving me time to talk ..

" The discussion in particular is non of my business so why bring it up?" I asked glaring at him

" I just feel I owe you an explanation" he replied and shrugged .

" And I believe you don't owe me one , I mean does it concern me ? " I asked

" Yeah because I'm tryna make friends with you and I want to prove to you that I am changing please" he said

" We can't be friends Mr Xavier , please let me be and it's your life not mine " I said and walked away when he got hold of my hand . Ah!

" Please I promise it won't repeat itself again " he said as I turned to look at him before jerking my hand away

" Then prove it " I replied and walked away .
All he's saying is all fallacy and I can say I'm sure of that .

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