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Katzy - Last Episode


Katzy - Episode Twenty- Eight

By Amah's Heart.

I stood watching Julie say "I do" to her long time boyfriend.

She was married and looks very happy. Julie was faithful to him for three years, she was selfless and kind.

She deserves everything good because Julie is a lady with a large heart.

I felt tears rolling down my face I quickly wipe it off.

I wasn't crying because my bestie is married and I'm left behind.

I was crying because my whole life looks so messed up.

Thinking of the havoc I caused in the eyes of Mr Desmond makes me want to cry even more.

I did exactly what I was avoiding, the things I hated the most which was never to hurt him.

Dominic came out unexpectedly and swept me off my feet with his cuteness.

He worsen it by proposing to me. One thing I did right was not to jump at his proposal with open arms. If not I would have regretted it big time.

He called me a liar forgetting that he was the biggest liar for never telling me about his daughter and baby mama.

He wronged me and still broke up with me then used the following week to ask me to forgive him and accept him back.

His excuse was because he was angry with me for coming with Desmond to the fancy restaurant and getting all intimate with him which was the main reason he went home with Rexy and slept with her just to see if he can forget me.

He dumped me and later came back begging which gave me the opportunity to dump him right back.

I feel so stupid to have even fallen for him. My only consolation is that I didn't allow him to sleep with me.

With the way I was feeling for him I could have given in if not for safe discipline.
"God... i hate Dominic...I hate myself even more...

I said mainly to myself.

"Hey Kat.. where have you been? Is time for pictures...come on... Julie is asking of you...
My younger brother who I went with came to call me from where I sat alone thinking about my life.

I went to Julie and there she was smiling to the camera with her husband and squared.
She conered me aside and whispered to my me as I stood by her side.

"Have you been crying Kat? Is it a tears of Joy for me or a cry of regrets for Desmond? If I don't know you better I could have said that you are not happy for me but thank goodness I know you like my palm and I definitely knew you have started sucking again like a child. Get over it girl. You made a mistake...is not the end of the world. You have apologised and went over to see him but the security said he wasn't around and even if he was he doesn't want to see you. Is time to move on. Dominic was a bad choice in the first place. I could have stand with Mr Desmond any day any time over Dominic but I wanted you to make your choice and follow your heart. I never knew Dominic will turn out this way. Well, end of the long sad tale... maybe your future partner is none of the "D's" it could be a "B" who knows hahahaha. Kat move on with your life... someday and I hope soon your whole efforts towards life will be crowned with joy. Be happy for me... let go of sadness and rejoice with me. Is my big day and being married or not will not change our friendship goals. Your heart is pure Kat and I'm very proud to be your friend. Your own big day is on the way... don't loose hope... alright?

I nodded as emotions runs through me.
After the Julie's big day, I and my brother went home.

I tried to resume my normal life but every now and then my mind keep traveling to Desmond.

"Where is he? What is he doing? Is he well, can he ever forgive me? Does he even thinks of me sometimes... maybe the good side of me. During his recovery process when we were like great friends talking and laughing at each others lame jokes before I started catching feelings even without him knowing. He used to be very difficult to handle not until he saw that I wasn't ready to give up on him, I believed he was going to walk again and he did. I'm glad...so glad that he slowly believes in me even though he never wanted me to betray the wife's orders but he was ready for a change... and I did everything possible to make sure I see him smile. Desmond slowly became so loving and caring towards me. I thought with the way he loves Erin that won't be possible but he broke free and i became everything to him and I loved him dearly not until Dominic sweet looks swept me off my feet. I was initially worried about Erin's name being mentioned most times by Desmond, my thoughts was that he still have feelings for her and my plans was to find a way to reunite them so that I can also be with Dominic. But I was all wrong Desmond was done with her and Erin wasn't really a changed person like she claims. I destroyed my hardwork with stupid attitude. I wish I can make amend but is too late. Desmond hates me and sees me like Erin. He will never trust me again. That's the only part that is Killing me... Mr Desmond.. Desmond...

"What is wrong with me? Why do I keep thinking about him. Why can't I just focus on the bright side and also forget about him like he did. Oh no... why is my head filled with his thoughts. Julie is right...is time to move on. But how do I move when Desmond occupies the largest part of my life...

I was talking to myself alone in my bed at night. tossing and turning and wishing for the good old days.

He respected my body and never asked me to get into bed with him, he probably wouldn't have said no if I offered but I chosed to let him finalised with the divorce first.

I and Julie believes in modesty before marriage. I'm happy she had an understandable man who cherished and respected her wishes.

That was the main reason I resigned from the Cole's leaving my paycheck behind. I can't sell my pride for money or pleasure.
Mr Desmond was a noble man unlike Nick who almost tore my clothes just to have his way. I'm glad he never succeeded.

I tossed and turned until sleep came knocking.

The following day makes it complete three weeks that Mr Desmond ended things with me.

Erin was sending me messages and threatening me initially.

She doesn't know that Mr Desmond is already aware of me and Nick.
I ignored her, with time I guess she got the message and left me alone.
After preparing breakfast for Dad before he leaves for his shop he said to me.
"You can't continue to live like this. Why not go over and see if he's ready to talk. Make it right if you truly feels something for him. I have watched you struggle for days is high time to make him listen to what you got to say. Clear your good name in his bad book, even if he still doesn't want to have anything to do with you is better you maintain a good name rather than a bad reputation.

That was the push I needed and after my Dad said it, I quickly got dressed.

I picked one of my favorite dress that he loves and went over to see him.

I called an Uber driver and went over.

The car he bought for me was just parked in my compound with no one driving it.

I can drive a little but I haven't entered the car ever since the break.

Maybe I will just take the car key along with the pretense that I came to return back the car maybe I will make him listen to me.

When I finally got there I was surprised with the way the security allowed me in.
I was told that he was in his lounge.

I went over, he opened up and let me in.

I wondered where Erin is, probably they finally reconcile and continued as husband and wife.

I won't be surprised if she comes out from Mr Desmond's room and start laughing at my face and telling me how much of a failure that I am.

We sat opposite each other, he toned down the volume of the soccer game showing on the screen.

He was looking at me and I can't really tell if he's happy or angry.

"I returned back the car key... I don't know how to drive it all the way down I could have....I...i

I sound like a broken record, I wanted to ask how he was doing and several other questions but Instead i continued talking like a confused person.

"Maybe I don't really deserves it... the truth is I don't really know why I'm here. I just can't get you off my head but I know time heals all wound...

He looked up at me without a word then take his eyes back to soccer game.

I sat not knowing what to do or say again.
I became so pissed and stood up to leave, I started moving to the door, thinking he will call me back but he did not.

I opened the door still hoping he will but when he didn't make any move to call me back

my angers erupted, tears blinded me that i couldn't find my step again.

I ran right back to where he sat and said.
"I used to think I messed up big time. I thought you were right and I'm wrong. I just realized that opposite is the case here. Your pride has blinded you and makes you not to be able to know right from wrong. this will be the third time I will be visiting and it will also be my last. I'm done asking for your forgiveness, I'm done trying to prove to you that I'm different... I'm done trying to prove anything to you Desmond. I wanted to still give it another try to see if luck will be on my side but everything is ending today. I will no longer explain myself either to you or anybody because it doesn't worth it. I love you and heaven knows that I do. All I want was only your happiness. I thought you were still into Erin with the way you keep mentioning her, I decided to focus on Nick hoping you and Erin will get back together but along the line I realized that Erin may still hurt you again if cares are not taking, I was already into Nick and did not know how to tell you. I did nothing with Nick except maybe few kissing. I'm sorry...I deeply regret my actions but is okay if you choose to remain harden. I just want you to know for the last time because this will definitely be the last time I will be crying over this in your presence. You don't owe me anything neither do I. I only acted as it was placed in my heart and took the huge risk just to see you back on your feet. The opportunities that I missed... like my modeling dream which means everything to me, going on a date with Silas just because I wanted to find out the kind of drugs he was using on you and many other things does not count...my happiness is that you are alright again. If you choose not to forgive me or trust me ever again...is totally fine by me but don't compare me with Erin... I'm different in a good way. I don't even know if I'm making Sense... just take the part you wish to pick and leave the nonsense out. I...I...well..I knew you were going to go back to Erin and I wasn't mistaken...it was my fear and it finally came true. is totally your choice and whatever comes after is none of my business. I just wished you all the happiness that you deserved...

I wiped off another tear from my face and looked at him.

He was watching me all through.
He made attempt to say something but suddenly stopped.

I turned and started walking to the door and I finally heard him speak.

"Please marry me Kay-se... will you?
I turned and he was standing on his feet.
It looks like an expensive joke, maybe he was trying to mock me, I refused to fall for it.

I ignored him as he was about to say something else and left.

I went to my Dad's shop, he asked me how it went.

I only told him that it was a total disaster and a waste of time.

I told my Dad that I regret going over to see him, if I know I could have just accepted my faith and try to move on.

"Sometimes it hurts to love because the one you love may choose not to love you back. That's not the end of the world, find your footing and move right ahead. That was what I did when your Mom left. It cut through me and hurt so deeply but not again. Time heals. I know you made a mistake and learnt your lesson don't beat yourself again... whatever that will make you happy refocus on it... I'm always here for you...

We later went home. the following morning while I was making breakfast there was a knock on the door.

My brother went to answer it. I later heard him calling me that I have a visitor.

I wondered who that might be.

Lo and behold it was Mr Desmond.

I was surprised to see him in my home that early morning.

He joined us in our small table to have breakfast.

Him and my Dad were engaged in politics talk like old buddies.

My heart beat increased as I washed the dishes.

I got dressed and came out that was when he stood.

He walked up to me and repeated the same question with one knees down.
"I love you Kay-se Lukas... and in the presence of your Dad and brother will you take me as your husband...?

Before I could asked the question hanging on my lips he answered me.

"Erin has signed the divorce papers and got her share of the properties. She talked about settling down with one of her former runway colleague...whom she called Richard. I just wanted to be certain that you truly love me Kay. I was afraid of the unknown and didn't want to go down the same lane I did with Erin. I'm sorry for taking this long to come to you. my entire life is bared...so empty without you in it. I don't want to talk about Erin, Nick or anybody that doesn't count in our lives. You are all that matters. I know if I leave my entire life in your custody you will take good care of it for me. You did it before without me asking you to...I have nothing to be afraid of. I love you Kay...I truly do. I will always appreciate everything you did for me. I owe you my life and I want you to be part of me forever. So... what do you say... please feel free to answer me. If getting married to me won't make you happy then don't go on with it. if you need time to think about this... please say so and I will give you all the time you need. Kay-se Lukas... What do you say?

I don't have anything to think about.
I looked at my Dad and brother and they were smiling, they both nodded urging me to go ahead.

I said yes to Mr Desmond and watch him slide the ring into my finger.
I didn't just say yes to him in my living room right in front of my Dad and brother, I also said yes to him on the alter, in front of the officiating priest, handful of family, friends and well wishers.

Julie was so happy for me.

Just a month after getting married to Mr Desmond I conceived.

The pregnancy process was hectic.
Julie was also pregnant during then.
Desmond was very happy that he was finally going to be a Dad.

I gave birth to a baby girl and Desmond was the happiest man alive.

Julie gave birth to a girl too.

We both hope the friendship bond between us will continue with our daughters.

Desmond is a great father and husband.
His love for me is magical and I love him with every fiber in me, who wouldn't love such a sweet caring soul.

One single mistake could have caused me so much.

I'm lucky or should i say blessed that life still favored me this way.

I know not everyone that traded the same path ended up like me.

My name used to be Katsy Lukas but not again. I'm officially Katsy Desmond or Mrs Desmond.

I played the card life threw at me and found myself swimming in love and floating in wealth.

This is my story, it was indeed a long tough journey before I finally arrived at my destination.


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