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Katzy - Episode Twenty-Six


Katzy - Episode Twenty-Six

By Amah's Heart

I came down from the car and asked the driver to wait.

I walked into the fancy restaurant. Immediately I entered I began scanning the whole place in search of Nick.

I have decided to surprise him by coming over for lunch.

I saw him talking to two ladies seated in a corner.

As I got closer I quickly recognized one of them.

She was the same Lady that was calling Nick to come over to their table the day that me and Mr Desmond visited first.
She was even holding his hand while Nick was saying something to her.

I wanted to sit and wait for him to finish with them but looking at the position Nick was with the lady made me walk up to him.
The lady saw me first and said something to Nick which made him turn.

He was surprised to see me. He quickly walked up to me.

The lady did not hide her discomfort in seeing me.

"Kat... what are you doing here? I mean I wasn't expecting you... you didn't call to let me know that you are coming over today.
I smiled and told him that I just decided to surprise him.

He tried to smile but I can read in between the lines.

He wasn't really pleased to see me.

"You know I'm on duty...I can't really be with you until I'm off for the day.

I watched him looked over the lady's table, she was looking at us and saying something to her second.

"I'm only here for my lunch. You don't need to worry about me. Go ahead with your duty.

He nodded and asked me what exactly I wanted.

After telling him, he left to bring my order.
I looked over the the lady's table, they were obviously talking about me and wanted me to know.

She deliberately pointed at me while saying something to her friend.

It was very rude of her yet I didn't care.
After all it was me that Nick proposed to not her.

So she absolutely means nothing to him.
I ignored her after flashing her a fake smile.
After I was done with my half eaten lunch, Nick offered to walk me outside.

As I got to my car he asked me who's car it was, I told him that it was for my boss.

That he asked his driver to bring me.

I didn't want him to feel less of a Man because he can't give me all the fine things that my boss was giving to me.

He bent over and kissed me and Just in that seconds something like a camera flash hit my eyes and disappeared immediately.
I looked round but didn't see anything suspecious. I wondered if somebody was somewhere taking pictures of me with Nick.
I waved off the idea as Nick asked me to come out tomorrow which will be his off day.

I agreed and entered the car and the driver zoomed off.

I spent the following day with Nick and silent my phone.

We visited his family house, the house was huge and we spent time out with his friend.
He later took me to his friend's fine and well furnished apartment.

His friend drove out, leaving me and Nick alone.

I didn't go with the car, I was happy cruising round town with Nick.

When we were alone, we had a good kiss but Nick wanted more and as he tries to force my clothes off, I caught his hand and stopped him immediately.

I might be in love or whatever this whole thing is called but I wasn't stupid.

"Kat... you are my woman and I love you very much. I know you love me too, why are you still holding back. I want you my love. My whole body yawns for you... can't you feel it. Please Kat...

He tried forcing himself on me again but I gently pushed him off and stood
"Am I not handsome or rich enough for you? What do you want me to do just to prove my love and I will do it. Kat, i don't just want you now...I also want to spend the rest of my life with you I'm only waiting for your consent. Don't you love me Kat....?
I gasped out and said.

"I love you Nick but I'm not ready to have sex yet. Please, try and respect my decision.

He sat quietly without a word but after sometime he walked to the fridge and took drink.

"Maybe you don't love me enough because I'm not wealthy. What if I say I'm not really just an ordinary guy, what if I say my Dad owns the fancy restaurant and I'm pretending to be a waiter because I want to prove a point to my rich Dad that I'm humble and ready to take over from him since he he was a servant leader himself. What if I say I own this building but asked my friend to claim ownership because I want real love from my woman not the fake thing that goes on this days... If you truly love somebody Kat, you will want to do anything and everything with the person"
He said all this with a raised voice while looking straight at me with a mean face. he gulp down his drink and dropped the bottle loudly on the deck.

I began to feel bad with the whole thing.

He was obviously tryin to guilt trap me with his attitude so that I can give in but I wasn't going to fall for that.

"Nick... I'm sorry. I don't care if you are rich or poor. I don't care if you own the entire country. None of what you have or don't have moves me. I love you and I mustn't do "everything or anything" just to prove it. Maybe I should leave so that you can get yourself together.

He looked at me and saw me taking my bag and heading to the door.

Nick rushed up to me.

"Hey... hey are you mad at me? I'm sorry...
I probably went out of line and said more than I was supposed to say. I forget to respect your decision and that's not gentle manlike. I'm sorry Kat, please don't leave like this. Remember we have the whole day to ourselves... let's not because of little disagreement and ruined it all. Alright... please smile for me.

I breathed in and smiled.

We left but I just thought of all he said inside and why he decided to pretend even to the extent of asking his friend to act like he owns the house.

I'm not a gold digger that falls for men's riches. I once treated Mr Desmond with all the money I had saved up with no hope of getting it back but I never cared.

Mr Desmond will never try to force himself on me or guilt trap me with his riches just because I said no to him.

Nick just did all that but I won't take it to heart because they are both different people.

I took him to my dad's workshop and introduced him as a friend, my Dad was quiet surprise to see me so close to another man aside Desmond which was why I told him that Nick was just a friend. I don't want to start answering questions that I'm not prepared for.

I walked Nick out and we sat out talking until the night came.

He later left but not after apologising again for his outburst of anger earlier on.

After he left I turned on my phone and saw Mr Desmond's messages.

He has been trying to reach me just to know how I'm doing.

I thought of calling him but waved it off.
His call came in and I picked up.

He was worried and wanted to know how my day went.

He asked me to come over the next day but I told him I will be around by Weekend which was in three days time.

I had enough time to spend with Nick before the week ends.

I went over to Desmond's house during the weekend.

Immediately I drove into the compound with my driver, I saw Erin coming out from the main building, from Mr Desmond lounge precisely.

For some reason, I didn't feel good about it.
She waited until I came closer.

"Hello Kay-se Lukas...

She had a suspecious smile on her face.
Calling me by full name means something was fishy.

"Hello Erin, where's Mr Desmond?
I asked while trying to look into the lounge but I saw no one.

"You mean my husband? Oh, he's doing great under my watch. He's still my husband after all and we just had one of those weekend love just like old time. Desmond is mine and will always be mine.
She smiled again before walking away.
I watched her catwalking but she suddenly paused.

"... and another thing you need to know Kay-se is that Desmond can never love you. Even if he thinks of ever doing that I have enough evidence to squash you into pieces. Is high time you go to what you want and leave me with what I most desire and wanted.

She finished her last speech with a wink before walking away.

I wondered what she meant by that.
Just then, the door opened and Desmond came out.

I went to him. He was obviously Happy to see me but I looked disturbed
He ushered me in. I wasn't happy and I didn't hide it.

Immediately I entered, he turned to me and said.

"I saw Erin talking to you, listen Kay... do not take to heart whatever she said. I don't know what exactly she was telling you but I know Erin must have said something that changed your mood. She was here asking me to reconsider and take her back, she was reminding me of the good old days that we used to have and how much she misses me. All I was focused in was the divorced paper right on that table, I needed her to sign it so that I can move on with my life but she keeps prolonging the issue. Maybe is high time I think of another strategy. I'm very happy to see you Kay, you look

He drew me into his arms. At that instant I know Erin was only trying to mess with my head.

Mr Desmond has never lied to me before.
I can see the divorce papers lying carelessly on the table.

I always enjoy his warm arm, I placed my head on his broad chest as he gently strock my back in a loving way.

I wondered why Nick doesn't have such a special features like Desmond.

I hate to compare but Desmond may be martured but he gives me a special kind of care.

Nick is young, very handsome and I have to make sure he's not staring back at some of the women admiring him whenever we are out.

He knows he is the ladies man and feels so proud with that.

I sometimes see him looking back at some ladies with those cute smile of his.

He will tell me that he only has eyes for me and none of the other Lady matters to him.

Such words makes me feel special and proud but Sometimes I have fears.

Desmond wanted to say something else but mistakingly mentioned Erin's name again.

Maybe Erin was right, he truly loves her and I may just be a healing balm at the moment.

This time I reacted as I pulled away from his arms.

"Is obvious you still want Erin...why not try to reconcile things with her so that all this long story can have an ending. This is no longer funny... you practically mentions Erin's name almost Everytime during our conversation. She wants you back and you also want her but acting like you don't. I feel sick to my stomach having to come in between and...

He walked to me, try to draw me to himself but I resisted.

He didn't give up, he held me closely and his heart was beating so fast. His fine cologne was making me relax even more.
"I'm such a fool Kay. I could have been a dead man if not for you. Mentioning Erin's name is only because she was part of me for 7years. There's nothing...I mean absolutely nothing that will make me accept Erin back. She was a big threat to my life and I will never feel safe with her ever again. I love you Kay and mean every word I just said. You spent your entire saving just to save me from that wheelchair, I also know You took many risk including risking your modeling career and going as far trying to get an evidence of what Erin and Silas were up to. Kay... you are God sent to me and is okay if you don't want me...I will forever love and cherish you because ladies with your type of heart are very few. I'm not promising that Erin's name won't pop up to my lips coincidentally but I will try to be extra conscious of that.

He cupped my face and for that instant I thought he was going to kiss me but he didn't.

He just looked into my eyes and asked me.
"Don't you love me Kay? Wait... before you answer me think it through and make sure is a sincere answer. If there's another man don't fail to let me know now . Is better you tell me than for me to find out by myself or someone else tells me
I looked at him and couldn't concentrate. I quickly looked away because i can't get to tell him about Nick and watch him get hurt over again.

I saw myself clearly in his eye balls.

I was selfish and did not think more about his feeling, I was only thinking about my own feeling and what makes me happy.
Mr Desmond is good man, he was only unfortunate with true love.

Whatever I say now will either makes him happy or sad.

When I looked back at him he was still staring at me and wasn't going to rush me with my reply.

He wanted me to take my time.

He wasn't smiling or frowning, just the serious type of look.

How did I get myself into all of this. I'm in between two sweet men.

Nick was handsome, young and has one of the most cute smile that will make a lady rushing over him.

Mr Desmond was matured and one of the most caring and loving being that i have ever come across.

I still wonder how Erin couldn't see all of that.

He has done many good things for me and my family and I can't help but love him for who he is.

"I love you dearly and there's no other man. Is just you...

I swallowed hard after saying it.
He wasn't looking convinced but he didn't push further.

" Thanks for your honesty Kay"
That was the only thing he said before going to take his car key.

he left me be without further questions.
I needed fresh air because I suddenly felt hot all of a sudden.

I just lied to his face and he looked me in the eyes and thanked me for my honesty.
Who does that, why didn't he prop me further maybe I will end up telling him about Nick.

As I was walking to the car I saw Erin coming towards me and my heart beat increased but I didn't show it.

"I'm giving you just a week to convince my husband that I have really changed and love him very much, a week for him reconsider me and take me back if not I will give him prove of your other boyfriend or should I say fiance. I have enough picture that will make Desmond hate you forever and will not want to have anything to do with you. Remember is just a week and your time starts now.

Immediately Mr Desmond came out of the house Erin quickly ran off leaving me in a State of dilemma.

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