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Katzy - Episode Twenty-four


Katzy - Episode Twenty-four

By Amah's Heart

I picked up my bag and was about to get down from the car but Mr Desmond held my hand.

"Don't go.

He said while looking straight into my eyes.
I was speechless as i look past him to Erin who was still standing and watching us with fury in her eyes.

I gently removed my hand from him, opened the door and stepped down.
I wasn't a violent person in nature. I can't even remember fighting with anybody not until I came to live and work in Desmond's resident.

Natasha pushed me to the wall and gave me reason to retaliate.
But now, Erin was ready for a fight and deep within me I'm not sure I want to fight her.

But if she attacks me I may likely come right back at her in a hard way.
And just as expected she launched towards me as I started moving to my quarters.
I paused ready for whatever she was bringing.

"You bastard... how dare you? You acted like a saint and tagged me the devil but not knowing that you are a cheap whore. Your interior motive was to deceive my husband with your so called "good deed" and corner him into your web of lies. I don't know why my husband is so naive...he didn't see the motives behind all those your caring attitude. I was only gone for a week and few days and you are already warming my husband's bed...

She raised a hand to strike me but I saw it coming and was about to dodge it when Mr Desmond suddenly held her right in the air.
I didn't even notice when he walked up to us.

He held her hand and did not let go of it immediately
Erin began to struggle to free herself from Mr Desmond.

"Let me go, you liar. How could you do this to me...I thought you truly love me? I just traveled to see my aunt and I didn't spend the two weeks as I planned to. I ran home hoping to surprise you but instead you surprised me. You are having an affair with a common staff. Even if you want to do something like this why didn't you go for celebrity or someone way better than me. How can I be sharing you with a common staff. I hate you Desmond... I can't believe you will do this to me. I can never believe that you will ever do a thing like this to me. What do you want in a woman that I don't have.... is it beauty, class or care...I possess it all. How could you hurt me this way... what have i done to deserve such treatment. All I did was to love you and respect you at all curse yet you disrespected me and gave my right to a pig...I won't forgive you for this...I won't I promise you.

Desmond let go of her hand and she started going inside still cursing and sobbing.
"Where are you going to?

I thought he was referring to me but the obvious question was for Erin who was also shock at the question.

She stopped and looked back at her husband.

"... you are going to be spending your remaining days at the quarters. You are no longer welcome into the main house. I will ask the staffs to send all your loggage to you. My lawyer will be coming a day after tomorrow with the papers... which is why I want you to spend the rest of your remaining days in the quarters after which you can take your leave...

Erin wiped a tear off her eyes as she took few feet closer.

"What are you talking about? What papers is your lawyer bringing...I don't understand you Desmond. You are supposed to be going on your knees right now, pleading to be forgiven, promising me heaven and earth... that's what men caught in the act does not the opposite. I don't understand this strange attitude you are trying to put up....
I don't also understand what was going on.
I watched Desmond smile mischievously before saying.

"You said that you hate me.... likewise me so that makes us even. I no longer feel safe living under the same roof with you Erin. You are a big threat to my life and i can't take another risk with you again. I have been sleeping with one eye open for a long time now but that is changing starting from this moment. My lawyer is coming with the divorce papers. I have lodged company at the medical board concerning your lover Silas and is just a matter of time and he will be behind bars. I don't have the heart to watch you rot in jail...I have enough evidence that will send you to prison but for some reasons I will spare you the torture and just let you go free. So, pick an empty room at the quarters and wait there your things will be sent to you. You threw my love to the dogs Erin and I should be the one saying that I won't forgive you for it... you don't have any right to say those words to me. Erin your game is up... I hope Silas makes a good and loving husband like i was to you.

I swallowed hard because I didn't see this act from this Desmond coming.
Erin opened her mouth and closed it.
She try saying something but no words were coming out.

"Did you have anything to say or cat has suddenly caught your tongue? Well...so I thought. You are a devil with no horns. Kay is the angel God sent to rescue me from your claws... she fought hard like her entire life depends on it. I owe her everything and I can never pay her for all her good deeds. I'm standing on my two feet and taking back my life because of her. Your plans to push me off the cliff and watch me fall either to my death or back to the wheelchair will no longer be possible Erin because if I or Kay sustain even the tinniest of injury you will be persecuted for it. My lawyer has the tape and I sent another copy to the police but I told them that I don't want to press charges yet. You should be grateful that you are not in handcuffs and heading to cell right now. It took me alot of struggle to come in terms with all this but I have accepted my new life which you will no longer be part...

Erin looked over to me with tears in her eyes. She looked at her husband in a confused state.
She does not know what to do.

Enough drama for one night. I started moving towards my lodge quietly.
Mr Desmond called me to stop.

"Kay.... Kay please move into the main building.... Please. you deserve the entire building for all the risk you took for my sake. With this few days that I have spent with you have been one of the happiest moment of my life. I can't love you enough Kay...I love you more than you can imagine. I may not have said it or express it in a I should but with time I will do more than just talk. Give me the chance Kay. I need you in my life...I feel very safe and truly loved whenever I'm with you. That's the best feeling for me and it means everything. Please move into the main building... that is where you belong... no longer at the quarters. The staffs will arrange your needful things and bring them over by morning. Take my hand... let's go.... please.

He stretched out his hand and I was transfixed at that moment.

I did not expect the turn of event tonight.
I looked at Erin who was trying to come in terms with reality.

I guess she thought is all a dream.

As Desmond stretched out his hand towards me.

Erin clapped her hands together as if she was pleading.

She shakes her head strangely, she didn't want me to take his hand.

I told Mr Desmond that I can't just move in just like that.

I needed time to think it through.
Mr Desmond walked up to me and grabbed my hand.

He began to speak to me in a very calm manner.

Erin moved closer so that she can hear clearly
"Kay...don't be afraid or worry over anything. Moving in doesn't mean we will be sharing one bed or one room together. Yours is different and so is mine except if you feel otherwise. You can think whatever you want to think in your new abode. Come and give me the honor to introduce you to your new room. I should I have done this earlier than now. Once the divorce papers are signed and filed then we can take all of this to another level. You complete my world Kay... please I want you close at all time even if is just a day, a week, a month or even a year. I want you Kay... Please don't turn down my offer...

He began leading me into the main building.

Erin followed behind, Desmond suddenly paused and called the two new corporate security that he recently employed.

I did not pay much attention few days ago when I noticed the two new additional security.

I was wondering why Mr Desmond will employ them when there's already two old security available, now I understand the reason behind the change.

He asked them to take Erin to the quarters but Erin was ready for a fight.

She scratched and kicked untill she was whisked away like a dog.

Mr Desmond showed me to my room and it was breath taking.

Five master bedroom was in one role, Mr Desmond's room was next to mine after which Erin's former room followed by two empty ones.

I couldn't sleep the entire night, I keep rolling from end to end. I put on the television, increased the air condition and entered the duvetyne.

I did anything I can think off just to sleep but sleep wasn't forth coming it was towards the morning I was able to sleep.

Erin's boxes were all sent to her in her quarters while mine was brought to me.

The whole turned out was still unexpected.
I really can't predict Mr Desmond because I never knew what he was upto.

He did not mention it to me. I was taking by surprise and I know Erin will be more shock than I am because she thought her dear husband will never find out of her mischief.

Erin did not stop begging and sending messages to me to kindly plead on her behalf.

I know I wanted her to suffer for her evil deeds but I was feeling bad already for her.
The divorce papers arrived but Erin refused to sign them.

Mr Desmond asked her to sign it or she should move out to somewhere else.
Erin asked Desmond to kindly give her a month to make up her mind.
Desmond strongly refused, even his lawyer refused.

She asked for few days and he agreed.
She sent message to me asking me to beg her husband to give her a month to get her emotions in check first before she can sign the divorce papers.

I agreed and told Mr Desmond to kindly give her two months instead.

He didn't agree at first and told me he wanted to get over with Erin so that he can move on with his life.

Along the line he agreed.

He said it was becoming very difficult to deny me anything.

Erin was grateful when I messaged her letting her know she has the entire two months to get her emotions in check before proceeding with the divorce.
She was acting like a humble staff to me.
She does not go out and ever since she returned I haven't seen her car anywhere within the compound.

I never care to know whatever happens to it.

Mr Desmond took me out for lunch at the fancy restaurant.

I was stylishly looking at the entire place for Dominic and was happy when I sighted him coming towards us but another waiter was already attending to us.
Nick greeted Desmond and he responded kindly.

He asked how I was doing and I assured him that I was doing great.
Mr Desmond didn't feel indifference, he seems to be a happy mood for over a week now.

Nick later left and returned back with our orders.

After the whole eating and drinking it was time to leave.

Nick came over, Mr Desmond gave him a tip but he rejected.

He said it was against the restaurant rules.
No staff is allowed to accept any tip rather if a customer feels the need to give there was a box in one corner of the exit door, the box has an inscription on it which was for orphanage.

Mr Desmond did not take offense he walked over to the box and dropped the money instead and that was the period Nick dropped something folded into my palm.
It was a paper. He made a phone sign. Asking me to call him.

I nodded before joining Desmond.
I called Nick the same night, while I was alone in my room.

Even after two weeks we were still calling each other.

He called me one night and wee spoke expensively and I didn't want the call to end but a knock on the door brought me back to the present.
We said goodnight and I rushed to the door and behold it was Natasha carrying a tray with tea cup in it.

"Kay-se...I thought you might want some tea so I brought you this.

She said with so much calmness
If not that she was standing right in front of me I could have doubted if she was still the same person.

"Why are you suddenly bringing me tea and acting all nice Natasha?

She moved closer and said.

"I learnt that you are going to be the new madam. Erin is even at your mercy how much more me. But I know you are nice and you are my friend. Atleast I helped you at some point in life when you asked me to keep Mr Desmond treatment a secret. Even if you can't remember I know we used to be best of friends...

I quickly interrupted her.
"Natasha....I don't need tea. Thank You.
I was about shutting the door to her face when she said.

"You called me "Natasha"? I once told you that my friends calls me Tasha and since you are my friend please can you be calling me Tasha from now onwards?

I scuffed out at her guts.

Is she pulling my legs or she is really serious with us being friends.

"We're not friends Natasha.

I jammed the door to her face.

"Natasha is a real life clown"
I said it to the empty room as I returned to bed.

She just interrupted my call with Nick.
I frowned at the thought.

There is a way Nick makes me feel that Mr Desmond doesn't.

Seeing Erin's sorry face while going out with Desmond makes me feel guilty.
I was growing cold with Desmond while he grew hot for me.

My attention now is on Nick but at same time I don't want to hurt Desmond as Erin did.

Nick has asked me to go on a date with him even after telling him about being involved with my boss.

Mr Desmond deserve to be happy and I will do anything to make sure he achieves that.
There was another knock again.

I went to the door and it was Natasha asking me if I need anything.

I told her I don't need anything and asked her not to disturb me again.

I shut the door and return to bed.

Why is she acting all guilty, she probably thought I will ask Mr Desmond to fire her.

Mr Desmond asked me to do whatever I pleased with her.

Now I understand why she was bringing tea for me and asking me to call her "Tasha"

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