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Just Us Semi Final



Just Us Semi Final
THEME: (Do You Believe?) 



"Okay I'm not a good guesser" I said and slipped my hand out of his grip. 

"Okay. My wish, is to be in a world where it's just the two of us. Actually the three of us. You me and Jojo," Fynn grinned. 

"Just us?" I blushed.

 Oh Good lord where did he learn how to make me feel like this.

 "Okay everyone to your seats" we heard the teacher's voice behind us and everyone in the class groaned. Well except for us. 

Cause I was glad the teacher walked in. Who knows, I would have blushed to death. 

  Fynn sighed and made it back to his seat. 

  We had math first and then biology, English and Spanish before it was time for lunch break. 

 The student all breath a sigh of relief cause Spanish wasn't a class you call fun.

  "Come on!" Fynn said and pulled me up from my seat before I could even balance my eyes that was staring at the board trying to turn to Fynn. 

"Aren't you hungry?" Fynn asked. 

"Not really" I said. 

For the first time I wasn't hungry… in school. 

Well that's a first. 

"You're not hungry?" Fynn smiled. 

"I'm not!" I replied. 

"Okay then come on." He said, pulled me out of the class and we both found ourselves running through the hallway. 

"Where are we going?" I asked. 


"Where do you think.?" Fynn turned to look at him. 

At least if we stop running it'd be okay, cause I'm almost out of breath. 

"Don't reply my question with a question." I grunted angrily 

 Fynn stopped running as we made it to the back of the school's building and I let my hand slide from his group and stood straight to catch my breath. 

"Wow you're pretty lazy." Fynn teased. "Just a little run and you're already tired." 

"Don't make me hit you!" I threatened and he laughed. 

 "Anyways, let's go home, we'll be back before lunch break is over" Fynn said as he got close to me and kissed me, Before I could even catch another breath. 

 Okay, him kissing me without my permission is kind of… Well it's surprising and makes my heart twitch a little. 

  I opened my eyes from the light kiss and surprising kiss Fynn gave me. And I was surprised to see the both of us standing in his room, like inside his magic home or whatever it is. 

 But we were just standing behind the school's building minutes ago, and now we're in his room..?

 Fynn read my confused expression and sighed. "You're not going to ask how we got here do you?" 

 "I was but… No Need, I get it, since you're gifted." I said lackadaisical and he laughed. 

"So why are we here when we're supposed to be in school and what if lunch break is over and we can't get back to school in time to join the others in class." I said. 

"Don't worry and relax, everything is fine and will fall back in place, I just wanted us to have fun and be alone here for a while, like I was getting devasted seeing other faces in class, I just wanted to see yours and be with you alone" Fynn poured out and my legs became weak. 

"Do you really like me that much?" I didn't know why I asked that cause his face suddenly went pale, like I shoved a burning dagger right through his chest. 

"You don't know how much I like you, do you want me to explain how cause I'm ready to." Fynn said and I couldn't help the warmth that filled my heart. 

 Someone likes me this much. 

It's such an honour. 

"No it's okay." I smiled. 

"And Bella.," Fynn smiled. "I want to have that kind of relationship with you!". 

"What kind of relationship!" I asked. Though I know what he's talking about but I wanted him to be specific. 

"The kind you wanted me to have with Sophie, The kind where I get to kiss you whenever I want to, hold you, be with you all the time and definitely cuddle you whenever and also place my hand around your shoulder" Fynn said and my heart started to beat faster than normal. 

This dude doesn't know but he's killing me slowly… 

His words. 

"So what do you say?" Fynn asked and I turned to him. 


I was lost. 

"So can we? Be in a relationship like what I just talked about?" Fynn asked. 

Why not! 

I mean yes!!! 

 Someone who likes me like this, this isn't something you get to see everyday, so why not!. 

 I was literally screaming yes in me when I haven't said a single word on the outside. I guess I am really a quiet and shy person like my dad had said.

"So?" fynn's eyes was literally begging for my answer and for it to be positive. 

  I nodded shyly and his smile almost killed me. 

 I was surprised by the way he suddenly lifted me up in his grasping hug and I smiled and let my lips kiss his forehead. 

 So we're currently in a relationship now. 

 How happy I am. 


 We both shared one of our best and warm kiss before being interrupted by a young boy who seemed to be around nine Years old. 

"Jojo, please! Can you just remain a dog whenever she's here" Fynn sighed. 

"I didn't mean to interrupt you guys I was searching for the red book I was reading earlier."  Jojo's voice was tiny and was like a normal nine year old boy. 

 I'm still wondering how my mind is still so calm blending in with all this magic and stuff. 

"You can check my room, but do not leave it messy" Fynn warned and Jojo shrugged and walked passed us. 

  Time seemed to pass slowly as Fynn and I spent every minute together laughing at the comedy we were watching, we stuffed our faces with popcorn and all sort of chips. 

 Like I was so happy, it was like a closed book was opened up in my chest that has laid in there for a long time, I mean the feeling was just unexplainable. 

 I was happy being with him and still not knowing why he likes me, I could see the reason I liked him. A likeness I couldn't see before, Jane had to tell me about it, I'm just too dumb to see things I like or hate in front of my eyes. 

   A strange bell started to ring all of sudden and honestly it made my heart jump. 

 Fynn laughed as his eyes looked at mine. "Don't be scared, it's time we get back to school." he said and I breathed out a sigh of relief. 

What a genius, so he devised a way to know when to get back to school. 

Well he's gifted after all. Gifted in everything. 

I mean he's great at his studies, his looks is A-plus, and goodness he's crazily good with words. 

 Why didn't I think of being with him sooner. I'm so dumb. 

"So the only way to go back to school is if we… 

" Kissed? " I rolled my eyes at him and he chuckled cutely. 

"That's why you're so smart, you get a hang of things too quickly" he complimented and I laughed. 

   The two of us got close together and I immediately kiss him. 

 I see why those cheerleaders are always around him. 

 You lose it when you're with Fynn. 

  He gently moved his lips away from mine and smirked. "It doesn't work when you kiss me. But it works when I kiss you" 

"And what is the damn difference?" I stated and he laughed. 

 He bit his lips and slowly clashed it with mine, and slowly my eyes closed on it's own as I enjoyed the warmth that followed our lips and my body.  

 It was so good. I never wanted to stop but I felt Fynn's lips left mine and heard his sweet laughter followed. 

 I opened my eyes to see us at the back of the school's building. 

 "Why don't we just go back home since you seem like you want more than this kiss." Fynn said flirtatious like and I almost melt. 

"let's head back to class." I said. 

 I heard fynn's laugh behind as we made it to the class. 

  We made it to class and we were Just in time, before the period teacher walked in. 

 School was… Okay. 

 I couldn't almost breathe with the smile Fynn gave me anytime I turned to him. 

 We were both being a flirt to each other in class the whole day, well he started it and rubbed it off on me. I would either with a flirtatious smile and then he would make his even more deadly. 

 School was finally over, I made sure I had to give the car key to Jane and decided to take the bus with Fynn. But nope we didn't take the bus. We made one of those magical trip to his house. 

T. B. C 

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