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Just Us Episode 9



Just Us Episode 9

THEME: (Do You Believe?) 



"Matthew please follow me to the party." I said pouting my mouth.
"I don't want to. I don't trust her one bit." He replied staring at her and her friends were they sat.
"Matthew she just came to beg us, that means she is really sorry." I said.
"Dora you are too fragile." He said looking at me.
"Please, for friendship." I said holding his hands.
"Okay fine, you win." He said and I moved to kiss him on his cheek.
"Thank you." I said blushing as he smiled at me in shock.
The classes were over soon and I was so happy Matthew didn't go unconscious this time around.
Faith and her friends even came to bade us Goodbye and I felt happy knowing she has really changed.
Matthew packed my bag and his and pushed my chair out of the class heading outside.
"So we are going to my house right?" He asked.
"Hmm, I don't know if mother is coming to pick me today or she is busy at work. If she comes, I will tell her and I am sure she is going to let me." I replied smiling.
"Okay I pray she comes, can't wait to show you to father and mother." He said sounding happy.
We got to the compound and we both looked at where mother always waited for me but she wasn't there.
"I guess our plans didn't work out." I said sadly.
"It is okay. I can take you home if you want." He said smiling.
"No, I will be fine." I said smiling. He was about replying when I heard someone call my name.
I looked up to see Mother come down from a very beautiful car.
"Mother!" I called happily wondering who brought her with the car.
"Theodora!" She said running to me and kissing my hair.
"Matthew, thank you so much." She said kissing him on the cheek.
"Who brought you here mother?" I asked looking at the car. Mother looked back and waved at the person in the car.
The door opened and a very handsome young man came down from the car. He smiled so sweetly walking up to me.
"Hi Theodora." He said kissing my cheek.
"Hi Sir." I replied smiling. I looked at mother and she smiled understanding exactly what I was trying to say.
"I will explain better when we get home." She said smiling.
"Ma'am please I need a favour from you." Matthew cut in.
"Anything Matthew." Mother said smiling.
"I want to take Theodora to my parents today, I want her to be my private tutor." He said smiling, she looked at me and I knew she won't let me go easily.
"Please mom, you know he is my only friend and I want to help him ." I said pouting my mouth.
"Let her go Florence, she will be fine right?" The man asked facing Matthew.
"Yes she will, please ma'am." He said again.
"Okay okay, but come back very soon." Mother said smiling.
"Thank you mother, you are the best." I said happily.
"I will take you home now." The man said to mother.
"Okay, I love you." She said to me as she went with the man.
"Finally, let's go home!" Matthew said happily.
           MATTHEW'S POV

We moved to where my dad's driver always waits for me after school. I got there and stopped in front of our car.
He opened the door for us to come in and I saw Dora hesitate.
"You have a car?" She asked.
"Yes Dora, he comes to pick me up everyday." I said smiling.
"But, I can't go in with my chair." She said sadly.
"Yeah that is true, then you will have to go in without your chair." I said looking at our my driver who kept staring at us in confusion.
"You help me put the chair in the boot." I said trying to lift Dora from the chair.
"Wait! What are you doing?" She asked in shock.
"Carrying you into the car since your chair can't go in." I said not stopping.
"Like seriously! Carry me?" She said but I didn't maid her, I carried her into the car and closed the door.
I moved to the other side of the car and sat inside it. The car started and zoomed off.
I looked at Dora and I saw her look away shyly.
"Thank you." She said blushing.
"No need for formalities, you are my only friend." I said smiling.
Soon her eyes became teary and tears rolled down her cheeks.
"Dora, are you okay? Did I say anything wrong?" I asked moving close to her fearfully.
She looked at me and to my surprise pulled me into a hug.
"Thank you for seeing me as human." She said tearily.
"I will forever see you as an human Dora because you are one. Never mind anyone who rubbish you, they are just jealous of your beauty." I said brushing her hair backwards.
She nodded cleaning her face and staring at me.
"Can't wait to see your mother, I am sure she is really beautiful." She said smiling.
"I bet she is." I said winking making her laugh.
I placed her head on my shoulders patting her like a baby. I just feel whole around her.


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