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Just Us Episode 8



Just Us Episode 8

THEME: (Do You Believe?) 


   Jennifer walked out of the kitchen smiling and Jane scoffed.
"Don't be surprised." Jane said. "She's always like this, so she's joining the study group because of Fynn, don't be surprised by that because that how she is." Jane expound.
"I'm not surprised!" I said.
"Oh good, we both know what devil she is inside" Jane said before walking out of the kitchen with her orange juice while I followed with the juice boxes in my hand too.

  Jane and I walked into the study room to see Sophie and Fynn getting along laughing and joking about… whatever they were talking about.

"Here." I said giving Sophie one of the juice, she looked at the juice box before shrugging and stabbing the straw in it.

"Okay so we're complete. Let's start studying then." Sophie said and everyone took a sit around the circle desk in the middle of the room.
"I'm here." we suddenly heard from the door and Jennifer walked in a totally different outfit. This one hugs her body.


"Oh, Jennifer. I had no idea you would be joining us!"  sophie said, befuddle.
"I had no idea too but I live for studying" Jennifer grinned as she walked in the room and took the empty seat beside Fynn and Sophie looks at me with a smirk on her face knowing why she was really here.

"Okay so I know we're not in the same class right now, but we can actually try doing something that doesn't require being in the same class or not and maybe history?" Jane suggested.
"I like how you think." Sophie breathed a smile and Jane shrugged shyly.

"Okay so, History it is," I said taking out my history text books.
"History? Come on, I'd prefer biology to history" Jennifer rolled her eyes.
"Sorry but majority carries the vote, we're working on history" Jane said.
"No. Fynn hasn't decided so let's hear what he chooses." Jennifer said angrily.
"But the majority already took the vote, Sophie, Bella and I against you. Even if Fynn supports or not we're having history" Jane said glaring at her sister.
Jennifer ignored Jane. "Well let's just hear what he has to say".

Everyone looked at Fynn and his eyes met mine.
"everyone's having history so history it is" Fynn shrugged.
"Right? Since everyone's having history we should too. What was I thinking?" Jennifer said, starting to laugh cutely.
Oh this is fun to watch.

 We all started to work on history, we decided on quizzes and also decided to count points, like if any of us gets the answer corrects whenever it's our turn will be given a whole 5points and if we fail the answer we lose the five point and at the end of the quiz, we calculate all the points we've gotten and the loser with the lowest point will have to do something for each of the other members.

 We started the quiz well and the first round we all got our five points, using the text books to ask ourselves questions, we got to the second round, where Fynn lost a point. Jennifer was being all "Oh it's okay Fynn, you're just too smart you forgot the answer".
  Jennifer didn't want to loose, but the lost at the third round and so did Jane. Sophie and I still took on the high score and I was seriously happy about it, my studying did pay off.
That's how we took turns asking each other questions, Until we finally came to the end of the quiz.

"Okay now time to calculate the scores. Bella why don't you calculate it while I get a glass of water my throat is dry." Sophie said standing up.
"Yeah me too." Jane said and they both left while I grabbed the papers and started to check the points.

 Sophie and Jane came back after having their glass of water, Jennifer seemed lost with her phone, but no one cared,
Sophie asked. "So you put it all together. Who took last place?".

"Jane." Jennifer said looking at her phone.
"What I took last place?" Jane almost yelled.
"What..? No you didn't, Jennifer's just joking, she didn't even look at the points," I said calmly so Jane would stay calm.
"Fynn took last place." I Said shrugging at him.
"He scored 15 points, Jennifer 18 points Jane 16 points, Sophie 22 and me 22" I said as I dropped my pen.
"Wow. Fynn I never thought you'd lost that means you have to do something for everyone one of us here." Jennifer grinned dropping her phone.

"Yeah I lost, bummer!" Fynn rubbed his neck. "But do something for everyone, I don't understand."

"Like a--
"You know." Jennifer interrupted Sophie. "do something, like any one of us can ask you to do anything for us, well like a favour but only once, you know, run errand or hold their backpack, buy then what they ask for, you know that kind".

"And no matter what that person tells you, you must do it at all cost" sophie added and Jane smiled.
"Should I go first I know what to ask from Fynn" Jennifer said.
 She's going to ask him to date her, everyone could tell. Or even kiss her. Jennifer is so obvious.

Jane quickly cut in "I'll go first Fynn my first request from you, is to not talk or look at Jennifer from now on."  Jane said and her twin gasped loudly.
"Fynn can't do that."

"Sorry that's the rule, he must do it" Jane said and Sophie nodded in agreement… I smiled at their teamwork.
 Fynn slowly moved away from Jennifer adjusting his chair and Jennifer growled staring at Jane.
"But I haven't ask my request yet, so he can't stop talking to me." Jennifer snarled.

"Well see Jen, the only way Fynn can talk to you is for you to ask him with your request, that's it or you have no choice" Jane smiled. I just love it when the twins get at each other.

"Fine" Jennifer huffed. "Fynn, my request is for you to talk to me again." she rushed her words and Fynn smiled at her.
"Done." he said.

 Jennifer glared at Fynn, she stood up angrily. "And why do you have to be so gorgeous." she barked before leaving the room.
"And that is what I wanted" Jane smirked making Sophie and I laugh.
"Are you two always like that?" Fynn ask Jane.
"Like what?"
"Always hating at each other." Fynn added.
"Hello. Jennifer is a witch, I wish she's not my sister, cause how can your own sister kiss your boyfriend behind your back, if this was the olden days that would have been called treason. Ugh now you just reminded me of the memory and it hurts" Jane sighed,
"I'm sorry" Fynn pulled a sad face.
"It's okay actually, you know she was flirting with you right?" Jane said.
"Yeah everyone could see that" I said and Sophie and I laughed…
"Well a really good advice for you is to never ever fall for her." Jane said and stood up.
 She looked at us and smiled. "Oh I didn't know studying could be fun, now if you excuse me I'm exhausted and I need to lie down."  Jane said walking away.

"Okay so before we continue studying Fynn, I know what to request from you." Sophie smiled.
"Uhm okay…" Fynn buckled himself up.

"I saw a glimpse of your necklace… I like it." Sophie smiled.
"What…" Fynn looked down at his chest. "I thought I hid it pretty well."  He mumbled lowly but I heard it.
He looked up at Sophie and bit his bottom lip. "I can't give this to you."
"I'm not asking you to give me yours, it's rare and at the same time magnificent, I'm asking you to get me one, if it's expensive I'll give you half of the money" sophie explained.
"But this isn't what you can buy!" Fynn said.
"What do you mean?" Sophie's voice was dark.
"This is… I got this from someone, as a present." he said.
"Wow." Sophie sighed.  "I mean it's just so unique. Bella you should see this." Sophie said, wanting to take the necklace out from Fynn but Fynn moved back
"Sorry I can't let anyone touch this."

"What is it some kind of sacred necklace or what?" sophie said sarcastically.
Fynn shook his head with a smile. "it's not sacred it's just what I'd like to call… Well you know how girls work with charm bracelet, I work with this."

"Wow. You're weird."  Sophie rolled her eyes.
"I'm not weird." Fynn quickly said.
"Don't worry, I'll get it for you." Fynn said and Sophie's eyes lit up. "Really?"

"How much should I pay then. Cause that looks expensive, is it?" sophie asked.
Fynn shook his head, "it's okay, I'll get it for you."
"Wow… thanks" sophie smiled.

"Bella." Fynn called and it sounded strange hearing my name from his mouth.

"Yeah." I looked up.
"You're the last person. Aren't you requesting anything from me?" He asked.
"Oh well…" I sighed looked at his wrist to see if I would see anything I can ask him to buy since he decided to buy for Sophie.
But honestly I don't need anything.
"Well?" sophie pushed. "Or do you want the same necklace?"

"No… I don't really like necklace. They make my neck itch" I said with a small laugh and turned to Fynn.
"Well I don't know what to ask of now, maybe if I do later on, I'll tell you" I said and he nodded.
 "Well then, let's continue studying, and Fynn I thought you were smart, how come you took last place in such a friendly quiz." Sophie said closing all the history books.
"Because I wasn't really prepared". Fynn shrugged.
"You're lying." Sophie laughed.
"I'm not." Fynn smiled.
"You are!  fine, you and me. Let's go for another round, this won't be a friendly quiz" sophie said…
"Fine let's go." Fynn said and the game started between the two of them while I just watched and I felt like a third wheel.
 I took excuse of being thirsty and left for the kitchen.

 I met Jane in the kitchen and she asked why I was there, I told her about Sophie and Fynn quiz and she laughed and said Sophie is too competitive and it's hundred percent true.

"But did you suspect the way Jane was towards Fynn, don't you think she likes him?" Jane asked.
"I don't think so" I smiled. "Sophie doesn't really  fall for guys that easily."
"You're talking like you've known her for years, you came to live with us, three weeks ago, so your friendship isn't that intense or long enough for you to know who Sophie really is." Jane scoffed.
I shrugged. "As long as our hearts are warm towards each other, what could be more if not friendship."
"Whatever, I'm just saying she has a thing for Fynn, look closely and you'll tell." Jane said.
"She should like whoever she wants. I don't really care." I shrugged, took a glass of water and left.

 I walked into the study room and I saw Sophie and Fynn laughing.
Laughing to what?
Who cares?.
 I joined them and asked. "Who won? Is the quiz over?".
"No body lost." Fynn said.
"Okay seriously Fynn wasn't prepared during the first round and he's really competitive and I almost lost to him." Sophie said happily.
"Well good thing you didn't" I said and let out a loud yawn.

"What? Are you bored.!?" sophie asked.
"Not really, I don't know why I'm suddenly feeling sleeping" i said with another yawn.
"What but we haven't really stud--
"Then you should go to sleep" Fynn smiled at her and when I looked at him in the eye.
He looked too familiar.

Too familiar my head saw him in another outfit, smiling at me.

"Have we met before?" I asked and he suddenly paused.
"Why do you think so?" he said after his hesitation.
"You know what. Never mind." I said standing up.
   Fynn smiled at me and then turned away.
"Why are you smiling have you guys met before?".
T. B. C
I seriously yawned when writing the word "yawn".
Guys I know I'm slow I want to be better so let me go and start writing the next chapters not to keep you guys waiting

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