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Just Us Episode 26



Just Us Episode 26
THEME: (Do You Believe?) 



I stared at the ink and I didn't even know when I asked.. "Can I touch it?" 

. Fynn laughed… 

"S..sure." he stuttered. 

 My hand reached for his body and my fingers went numb when it came across his packs… 

Wait what am I doing? 

  The door to my room opened and Jane walked in. 

  Fynn and I Turned to the door to see Jane looking at us blankly… 

 My hand quickly left his body and I sat back on my position. 

"I'm sorry to interrupt on you guys again." Jane laughed nervously as she walked out my room. 

 Wait.. She better not get the wrong idea since Fynn is shirtless. 

"Hey.! Jane wait up" I said as I ran after her. 

 "What?" Jane laughed when I caught up to her halfway on the stairs. 

"It's not what you th--

"It's not what I what? Think? I'm not thinking anything, what makes you think I'm thinking about anything."  Jane folds her hand. 

"Well… You saw Fynn and… 

" And? " Jane beckoned me to continue. 

"Bella."  she called and I looked up. 

"I'm tired, I'm going to go to sleep now and I did not see anything" Jane said and before I knew it, she was gone. 

  I sighed and made it back to my room to see Fynn with his shirt on. 


"So why did you run up to Jane like that!" Fynn asked standing up from the floor. 

"Cause…"  I sighed. "She might get the wrong idea about us". 

"Get what wrong idea?" Fynn smirked. 

"She has already misunderstood the situation so…" I shrugged. 

"Misunderstood what situation I'm lost." Fynn asked. 

"Well I can't explain." 

"What's there to not be able to explain?" Fynn asked. 


"What? You were about to touch my birthmark when Jane walked in and you suddenly chased after her isn't that something very explainable." Fynn smirked and I rolled my eyes at him. 

 Did he just call that enormous tattoo I saw on his stomach a birthmark, cause that is more than a birthmark. But since he was born with it I guess that's what he'll refer it to. 

 With a smile Fynn started. "I have to go, Jojo's probably hungry by now." Fynn said as he walked to the balcony. 

"So You're leaving now?" I asked not knowing my voice would betray me by sounding so sad. 

"Yeah looks like our game of truth or dare will be continued till next time. Why? You don't want me to leave?" Fynn smiled. 

 Well honestly yes. 

"Well… If You have to go, I'm not stopping you." was what I said. 

 I hate how I can't come clean with what I actually mean. 

I have to learn to be more open and specific about a particular thing. 

"I'm going home and it's not far from here, it's just here!" Fynn said and pointed to the tree outside my house 

"You mean the tree?" I asked. 

"Yeah. And don't make it sound like I actually live in a tree" Fynn stated. 

 I laughed. "well you do" 

"I don't." he sighed. "Well fine, why don't you come with me.!" He made it sound daring. 

"Fine. Let's finally see the boy's tree house" I laughed and he rolled his eyes. 


 "I can't possibly climb down this tree." I said as I watched Fynn made it past my balcony and used the branches of the tree to go down the tree easily. 

"I can't believe you're that lazy." Fynn retorted coming back up. 

"I am not lazy, I'm a girl okay, and girls don't go on climbing trees like monkeys, it's inappropriate." I ranted. 

"Oh so boys are monkeys." Fynn asked as he jumped down and into my balcony. He was standing so close to me but for some reason I didn't move back a bit. 

"I don't know are you one?" I threw back the question. 

 He smiled. 

 His eyes looked down at my lips and my heart skipped a beat. His eyes travelled back up to my eyes and he asked. 

"Do you have any phobia" 

"What? No… Uh" before I could reason his answers clearly his hands travelled around my waist and before I knew it we were on the ground . 

 I gasped and rolled out of his hands 

 I looked up to see my balcony above my head and to see the tree's full body. 

 "How come… How did we get down here so quickly?" I asked. 

"I can't believe you're asking that." Fynn said and took my hand in his. "C'mon" he said and pulled me in front of the huge tree. 

  It was now dark and the light from my room brightened the top of the tree. 

 "Okay… i can't believe we're actually going into your tree house, finally" I teased. 

"It's not a tree house." he  rolled his  eyes. 

"Okay, whatever" I laughed, it's so fun to get on his nerve, though I've never seen him get angry before, he just keeps up with his smiles. 

"Now would you prefer to close your eyes or just leave them open cause we're going to walk in the tree" he instructed. 

"I'll leave them open." I said, he held my hand tight as we walked closer to the three, like wait! Are we going to walk through the tree. We're not going to bump into it right? 

 I was panicking as we got close to the tree, I closed my eyes tightly and continued walking with Fynn and I felt him stop. 

"I thought you said you weren't going to close your eyes." I heard his voice said and I opened my eyes to see a door in front us, instead of a tree. 

"Well I couldn't help it, I mean we were walking right into the tree how could I not close my eyes." I scoffed. 

 Fynn smiled and said "We're here anyways so…"  

 He let's go of my hand and I suddenly felt empty. 

  He opened the front Lonley door in front of us and pulled me in. 

 I gasped when I came into an actual huge house, and I suddenly felt like a great force rushed into my body leaving me at my most energetic state. The concept of the house was green and black, the cushions were to die for, it was wide enough to fit a million people, I looked around and found a huge piano at the side of the room. 

 "And no. I don't play. The piano has always been there." Fynn answered like he knew what I was about to ask. 

"Oh wow." I said as I saw the TV, it was another model and out of this world. 

"This is definitely more than a tree house." I said…

"I told you the tree was just a camouflage" Fynn smirked. 

  Suddenly I heard a familiar barking and Jojo came out from under the chairs, and jumped into fynn's hand. 

He barked at Fynn and Fynn glanced at me. 

 "Yeah, she's finally here." He smiled. 

 He understands his dog. 

I can remember when Jojo made me understood him, that was creepy as it was fascinating. 

Back then I didn't know Fynn was a magical being, I didn't understand how I could understood a dog, thinking about it now, it all sounds so funny and now look at me, feeling and being like one of them, I am gifted now. 

 "HI… Jojo." I said lowly and he barked. 

"I don't know what you meant but nice to meet you again" I smiled. 

 "do you wish to understand him?" Fynn asked…

"No thank you." I laughed nervously. 

Fynn eyed me and dropped Jojo down.  "Jojo make yourself understandable to her." Fynn said to his dog as it ran through a door.

 "Just so you know." Fynn started and walked up to his window and the heavy curtains that covered the window took me by surprise it was super thick… "Everything you're seeing here is magical" Fynn continued. 

"No kidding, how much is this curtain it must be pretty expensive." I said as I walked up to him. 

He laughed. "You're pretty funny." 

 He opened the curtains and the bright sun hit my eyes. 


"But it's nighttime." I was shocked. 

"Yeah, at your world, it's day time here" he replied.

"My world.!" I was super confused. 

  Look, I don't know how, but the time here and your time there doesn't work the same way. In here it's two days faster than yours.

"Whoa," I looked around. "So you've been living here all by yourself." 

"With Jojo, I got to study more about this place and everything when my mom disappeared, living my little self and Jojo to the world."  Fynn explained and I looked around. 

 "Wow. This place is beautiful anyways." I giggled. 

"Of course. And in here, anyone who comes in here feels a great wave of energy," Fynn said. 

"Oh yes, that's true, I did feel like the most strongest coming in here." I said and fynn smiled.

  "I also feel at my most powerful coming here. And in here, you just get to see the sun from the window here, you can't actually go outside, cause there is only one door, the door to your world."  Fynn said and pointed to the door. 

 Wow so many things to catch up with. 

"But…  whoa." I was speechless as I look around. 

"So you mean there is no outside world, but just your house. And a door to my world, this is confusing." I tell him. 

"Well you'll get a hang of it soon." Fynn assured me. 

 The door Jojo walked in earlier opened and a young attractive man walked out of the door. 

 He was deadly attractive. I found myself staring. 

 "Hey Bella." the man smiled at me and gave me a wink from his oceanic eyes. 

"Really Jojo?" Fynn said to the man. 

"Jojo?" I repeated. 

"What?" the man retorted. 

"Jojo has the power to transform into human here, I mean he's a familiar, what can't he do. But don't be decieved, though my familiar can change into any form he likes, but his real form is a puppyc Fynn said and his glare never left the man… I mean Jojo's eyes. 

 "You've left Bella staring, at least you can transform into someone less attractive." Fynn said through gritted teeth. 

 "What?" I laughed and he shrugged.

 Jojo shook his head and made it made a turn going back through the door he came out from. 

 "So… I've looked around your house. I agree it's pretty astonishing but I have to go back, cause it probably past my bed time" I said. 

"Oh seriously Bella. You just arrived and you're leaving at the same time. But don't worry, as long as you're here it's sunny, you won't get sleepy, you can look around or help yourself to any kind of food. Or we can both play games." Fynn said. 

"But we have school tomorrow." I said. 

"So.? It's always day here and night there but somehow I always keep up don't worry you will too, let's hang out a little." Fynn said and pulled my hand. 

 He pulled me towards one of the door and we both walked in, 

 "And this is where i sleep" Fynn announced. 

"Whao." I gasped surprised by the enormous bed. 

"Jojo and I share this bed." Fynn said. 

   I walked up to the bed and sat on it, I looked around the room, it was almost empty with only the bed, a small chair and a reading table.

"I guess you don't do much here." I said. 

"Not really," he said and laid beside me. 

"You know it's really nice having you here, for once the house isn't Lonley." Fynn breathed out a sigh. 

"It's not like I'm doing anything while I'm here." I rolled my eyes.

"You're not, but with you here, the aura in this place is totally different, just us, no one to bother us, it doesn't matter if you don't do anything or you do anything." Fynn said and I rolled my eyes even though I can't help the fact that I'm actually taking all the compliments and actually can't keep up with the hotness of my face. 


  We both remained quiet and not knowing what to say or do. Honestly I want to go back home, Cause the thought of being here and the thought of knowing it is day here and nighttime at home. 

 I mean it's crazy. 

"You don't know Bella." fynn started. "But I really like you."  Fynn continued and my heart started to beat faster than ever. 

 Well thinking about this now. Jane has already gave me a heads up about Fynn liking me. But now he said it himself and I just can't understand why my heart is beating so fast and loud that I secretly prayed Fynn shouldn't hear it. 


"You know when I first saw you, I liked you immediately, I didn't know why but I just did, Jojo always told me about you and then I finally got to see you and I liked you, I've always wanted to tell you, but then you made that deal with Sophie and I, and I lost my chance, I know you didn't like me but I knew eventually I'd get to be with you sometimes I know this all sounds stupid, but trust me, I've lived here all my life without knowing what to do when I found the door to your world but when Jojo came to you and led me to you I knew what I wanted immediately, I wanted you." 

 I was speechless, that was a whole lot of of confession.

Okay, how do girls react to confessions, cause right now I'm so confused on how to react. 

  Hold on a second. Do I like Fynn?. 

 Do i need to like him? 

Wait? I do like him! But not like him like that but I like him. 

I don't know I'm confused. 

Fynn continued "So when I said I don't to be in a relationship with Sophie else but with someone else. That someone else was you.!"  

 I get that point now.!

 Fynn remained quiet for a while before he sat up and turned to me. 

"Why aren't you saying anything?" he asked calmly. 

"What do you expect me to say!" I giggled nervously. 

"Well you don't have to say anything, just let me be with you." Fynn said and leaned closer. 

 Why the hell is he so close. I'm not used to things like this. 

  But still I kept my cool. 

 I turned to him and his glossy eyes held mine firmly. 

"I know you don't know what to say but can I kiss you?" Fynn asked and I felt my chest dropped to my stomach. 

Of course he can. 

 I said nothing as my head slowly reach for his. 


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