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Just Us Episode 25


Just Us Episode 25

THEME: (Do You Believe?) 


 "Okay then truth or dare?" I asked. 

 "Truth… Uhm...Uhm. No dare… 

"Can you just pick one. " I said picking my phone up  to see what the truth has to reveal or what the dare had to reveal. 

"Okay fine. dare!." Fynn sighed and I unlocked the dare to see what it said.


 "Dare you to tell everyone an embarrassing story about yourself." I read out loud and looked up at Fynn to see him looking at me blankly. 

"Well?" I shrugged at him. "An embarrassing story about yourself."

 "Well… I don't think I've ever had an embarrassing moment before." Fynn replied and my jaw dropped. 

"What the hell are you saying? Everyone's had their embarrassing moment." 

"Well I haven't," He said calmly and I sighed. 


"You know what. Let's pass it on to me. So ask me." I said and gave him my phone to see the truth or dare written challenges. 

He smiled "Truth or dare?" 

"Truth." I replied without hesitation. 

"Okay." he said and without looking at the phone he said. 

"Have you ever had a crush on someone that your best friend has dated?". 


 I paused. And then looked at him. "No." I replied. 

"Are you sure?" he questioned. 

"Wait.? Did you read that from my phone or you just made it up?" I asked. 

"I read it from the phone. Look at Truth number four." he said and pointed out for me to see where he read it. 

"Okay fine." I said and took the phone from him. 

"Truth or dare?" I asked. 

"Truth." he replied. 

 My eyes searched my phone for a suitable question and I found one and asked. "What would you do if you lived in the body of someone of the opposite sex for one day?". 

 Fynn laughed. "I would… I… I don't know, that question is creepy." 

"What's so creepy about that, just answer it" I laughed. 

"Well I'd date me." he replied and I rolled my eyes saying "Lame." 

 Fynn took the phone from me and asked. "Truth or dare?". 

"Truth." I replied and he glared at me. 

"Just fire the question" I rolled my eyes. 

"Who do you find most attractive in this room?" Fynn asked. 

 And I looked up at him. 

Well no doubt he's handsome. We're only two in here and I'm pretty sure he's prettier than me… 

"You" I replied honestly and his lips curved up into a smile. 

"Really?" he asked and I nodded. 


 I grabbed the phone from him. "Truth or dare?" I asked. "Or wait. Pause! Are you with your phone?" I asked and he nodded and pulled it out from his pocket. 

"Instead of my phone going back and forth in our hands. I'll just open the website with your phone and you can ask your own truth or dare from there." I explained and Fynn nodded. 

"Good idea". 

 I opened the same website on his phone and gave him the phone. 

"Okay now. Truth or dare?" I continued. 

"I'll go with dare?" he shrugged. 

 I looked down at my phone. 

"I Dare you to leave an R-rated voicemail for an ex." I said and looked up at him see to him looking at him blankly. 

"What?" I scoffed. "Don't tell me you don't know what R-rated or Ex means. Since you've basically been living inside a tree, cause I won't take that as an excuse." I warned. 

"I know what R-rated means and I know what ex means I'm not dumb. Sophie's my ex." he sighed. 

"Good you know. Now take your phone and leave an R-rated voicemail or voice message for her. It's simple as that." I shrugged and his face went blank. 

"It's not that simple and I don't know how to talk dirty" he closed his eyes which made me laugh.

"I don't believe you, cause everyone has that dirtiness in them" I tell him. 

"I don't." he sighed…

"So are you going to do the dare or pass the dare and face the consequences." I asked. 

He sighed. "Leaving a naughty message for Sophie? Nope I rather face the consequences. What was it again?". 

"Take off whatever you're wearing, that's what we agreed on." I said and prayed mine without come to me taking anything off.

"Oh well. It's better than leaving a complicated message for Sophie" Fynn said and took off his jacket. 

 He's wearing a jacket. How lucky of him. 

 I'm just in my baggy t-shirt and a sweatpants. I should end this game soon. 

"okay now. It's your turn Truth or dare bella!" He asked. 


"Hell no you can't choose truth three times in a row." Fynn interrupted me. 

"And since when did you become the founder of truth or dare." I rolled my eyes.

"Look at the top of your screen!" he said referring to my phone and I looked at my phone to see the rule at the top about not picking truth three times in a row. 

 What the hell? 

"Okay." I sighed. "Dare!" I breathed lightly. 

He smiled and looked down at his phone and read out the dare. 

 "Dare you to go over to your window and sing twinkle twinkle little star in your loudest voice." Fynn read and his face changed. 

The hell. 

"What's twinkle little star?" Fynn asked. 

"It's a nursery rhyme… Oh I can't believe I'm doing that." I said, stood up and since my balcony is my window… I walked up to it and cleared my throat and in my loudest voice I started to yell. 


  I was already tired and out of breath, my voice was echoing around the whole neighborhood and I could also hear fynn's hysterical laughter coming from behind. 

"Do not stop Bella!" Fynn laughed at me as my shaky voice continued the nursery rhyme. 

"Wow.!" Fynn said and start to clap as I made it back to the room and to my sitting position. Thank Goodness the day was starting to get dark, people wouldn't know who was singing horribly. 

"And I didn't know you were such a good singer.!"  Fynn laughed…

"Oh shut up. It's your turn.!" I said and grabbed my phone. Feeling a little lightheaded for screaming that loud. 

"Okay Fynn! Truth or dare!??" I asked. 

"Dare!" he picked just like I predicted. 

  I read the first number of dare that came in front of my eyes "I Dare you to call your ex and make…" I hesitated. "funny sex moans" I continued. 

That was too much. 

I almost laughed, how blank Fynn face went. He understood what I just said. 

Why did I read that. 

"First of all. Why is it always about my ex and… moans… no thanks" he laughed nervously. 

"Well you know the penalty for not having to do a dare." I tell him and he shrugged. 

"So glad I'm a boy." he said and without wasting time, he pulled his shirt over his head revealing his manly body. 

What the hell… I didn't pay for a private body dripping show like this… 

 With my eyes half way closed, some ink around his packs… And my eyes opened wider. 

 "What is that? Is that a tattoo?" I had to ask. 

 It was a drawing that looked like… I don't know hot to explain it but it looked like two lines trying to touch each other and formed the drawing of a dragonfly or a butterfly. I couldn't tell. But it was beautiful honestly.  

"No it's not a tattoo it's… Like I was born with it. I don't know what it is though."  he replied. 

"Wow the drawing is magnificent. You're definitely not Normal, no human being can be born with such" I said looking at the magnificent art.  

"Of course. I'm not human." Fynn replied and I looked up at him. It was hard taking my eyes off the ink on his body. 

"Then what are you!?" I asked.

"I don't know what do you think I am." he laughed… 

 I don't know what he is but geez, it's amazing. Whatever he is. He's really amazing. 

 Born with a tattoo is one, not being able to fall sick and being extremely pretty is two and now he's also gifted with some sort of Magic…

What the hell?. I feel so useless now. 

 My eyes crawled back to the ink on his body and I don't know it was like it was calling. The way the black ink shown on his body makes it looks even more Sexier…. 

I had to admit. 

  I stared at the ink and I didn't even know when I asked.. "Can I touch it?" 

. Fynn laughed… 

"S..sure." he stuttered. 

 My hand reached for his body and my fingers went numb when it came across his packs… 

Wait what am I doing? 

  The door to my room opened and Jane walked in. 

  Fynn and I Turned to the door to see Jane looking at us blankly… 

 My hand quickly left his body and I sat back on my position. 

"I'm sorry to interrupt on you guys again." Jane laughed nervously as she walked out my room. 

 Wait.. She better not get the wrong idea since Fynn is shirtless. 

"Hey.! Jane wait up" I said as I ran after her. 

T. B. C 

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