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Just Us Episode 24


Just Us Episode 24

THEME: (Do You Believe?) 



"if the necklace is wearing off then it means, your blood that has been imprinted on it, is wearing off and it's losing its life with yours, and the moments it wears off permanently, you'll… Well it's bad, and you shouldn't let that happen." Fynn said.

"What? I don't understand." I said. I was completely lost. Isn't it a good thing if the necklace is not imprinted to my life. Why would it be bad if it wears off permanently. 

 "But if it wears off, isn't it a good thing." I asked to be very sure. 8 was super confused. 

"No it's not a good thing. The moment it wears off, it's like it will switch off it's life and switch off yours too, well the necklace has some certain rules. But don't worry I'm here to always help you out." Fynn assured me. 

"Of course why wouldn't you help me out when you are the cause of this." I rolled my eyes. 

"Yeah I'm sorry about that," he smiled and I suddenly remembered our kiss from last night…

 I looked away shyly but heard his shocking words. 

"You don't have to feel shy about it, I understand it's your first kiss but you--

 Fynn stopped talking when my head snapped at him. How the hell did he know I was thinking about the goddamned kiss…

"What?" he asked as his little smile faded, he was referring to my bewildered stare. 

"How did… 

I couldn't even bring myself to ask him, how the hell did he know i was thinking about the kiss. 

"How did I what?" he asked. 

"... Nothing!" I sighed. 

  "Uhm okay." he shrugged. 

It's not like he can read minds or something, how the hell did he know i was thinking about the kiss. 

 Fynn told me we would talk more about the necklace during lunch when a teacher walked inside and I just agreed with him, with a slight nod.

  Cause I need to know what's wrong with me and this stupid necklace. Everything is just being paranormal around me. 

  After having four subjects we made it out of the class and to the cafeteria for lunch. Just the two of us. 

 We both ordered our food and start to eat quietly until I asked. 

"Okay then, can you be more clear on the necklace part". 

"Well… I Still don't know if what I'm thinking is right, but maybe when I get home I'll check" he nodded…

"Home?" I scoffed. "You mean the tree?" I asked and he looked up at him…

"Yeah what's wrong with the tree being my home." Fynn asked.

"Nothing, but just the fact that it's a tree." I laughed. 

"It's actually a real house okay, the tree is just like a camouflage overtaking the real thing there." Fynn explained. 

"Oh Really?" I raised my brows. 

Fynn smirked "Don't give me that look, do you want to come over?". 

"Uh no thanks." I quickly said. 

"Why? Is it because of the fact that it's a tree or--

"Of course" I interrupted "the fact that it's a tree house is making me feel." 

"You don't have to feel anything" Fynn interrupted rolling his eyes and for real that was the first time I've seen him rolled his eyes. 

And it was funny but cute at the same time. His glossy eyes were no joke. Honestly. 

"I told you, the tree is just like a camouflage" He sighed. "You know what, why don't you just come see for yourself". 

"Whatever" I shrugged. 

  Suddenly we all heard a great roar coming from a corner from the cafeteria, containing the school's jock and cheerleaders smiling around with their short skirts. 

"What's happening over there." Fynn asked. 

"Who knows." I shrugged. 

"We are having a game of truth and dare." a girl suddenly said behind me and I turned to see one of the cheerleaders. My eyes somehow envying the purple uniform. 

But wait! Truth or dare in the cafeteria, we were all supposed to eat in peace. 

  The girl smiled at me and then looked at Fynn. "Fynn bear, why don't you join us?" The girl said. 

"Hey Valerie" Fynn gave her a smile. 


What the hell. He knows her name too? 

"Yeah why don't you join us." the so called Valerie repeated and Fynn looked at me, then at her. 

"Join you on what?" he asked. 

"Our game of truth or dare happening over there." Valerie said and pointed to the table the game was happening. 

"Oh" Fynn said. "What's truth or dare?" fynn asked. 


"Huh? You're joking right." Valerie starts to laugh. 

"Joking about what?" Fynn was lost. 

"You seriously don't know the truth or dare game?" I had to ask. 

"Is it a bad thing not to know." Fynn laughed nervously. 

Valerie sighed. "And being innocent makes you even more cute." 

 I almost rolled my eyes but I refrained myself. 

"Okay so the game  Truth or dare? is mostly a verbal party game requiring two or more players. Players are given the choice between answering a question truthfully, or performing a "dare", both of which had been set for them."  Valerie explained. 

"Oh that explains the name truth or dare." Fynn smiled. 

"Yeah."  I nodded. 

"So care to join?" Valerie asked. 

"Why not, c'mon Bella." Fynn said standing up. 

"Huh? Bella? You mean her?" Valerie asked to be sure. 

"Yeah?" Fynn nodded. 

"So… I don't know if she's your friend but I'm sorry cool kids only." Valerie said. 

Oh… ouch… Okay. 

I wasn't really going to go anyways. 

"Cool kids. What do you mean.?" Fynn asked. 

"You see Fynn. She's not like us. She's not fit to be in our league" Valerie explained. 

I smiled. 

 I don't want to ever be. 

"And I see you have no problem saying that to my face." I mumbled but none of them heard of me. I didn't want it to be heard though. 


"Then I'm not in your league either. If Bella's not. Cause we both have a lot in common and we're going to have our own version of truth and dare here, that will be uncool and completely out of your league." Fynn said and sat down. 


He fought for me. 

"No I didn't mean that." Valerie laughed nervously. 

"Then what else did you mean?"  Fynn shook his head. 

"Val, why don't u just leave us." Fynn said. And with one angry look she walked away. 

"Wow you're pretty popular with girls." I said. 

"Is that what you can say. She called you uncool and out of their league" Fynn said. 

"And why do I care?" I rolled my eyes. "Me being completely out of their league is none of my business. And being cool, uncool is certainly none of my business."  I shrugged. 

"Well okay." Fynn laughed. "I like that about you." 

We talked a little before lunch break was over and the truth or dare players had to stop what they were doing. 

 Fynn and I both head to class and immediately Fynn groaned and held his head. 

"Are you okay?" I had to ask. 

"Yeah I'm fine. It's just a slight pain in the head."  he shrugged. 

"Uhm okay. But we can still go to the school clinic." I said. 

"No it's okay, I'm gifted. People like me don't get sick." Fynn protested. 

"But you're having headache isn't that part of, falling sick." I asked. 

"Yeah it is. But this is coming from your necklace. You are supposed to be feeling this pain now. But I transferred all your present and future pain to me, so you'd have nothing to worry about." Fynn expound with one of his eyes closed. I know the headache was too much for him 

I gasped.

  "Why would you do that?" 

"Why not. I'm at fault." he replied holding his head. 

"But still. All my pains. Why would you do that? So you have to feel for what you didn't do to?" I was worried. 

"Well. It's okay. It's nothing." Fynn said hesitantly. 

"It's not nothing." I protested. 

I remembered when he placed his forehead against mine and that's when he took all my pains away. 

Why the hell would he take such risk.


 I moved my head closer to his. "Now do whatever you did the last time to take my pains away, do it again and put them back." I said and despite his headache, he smiled and leaned his head closer surprising me by kissing me lightly on the lips leaving me speechless. 

"There. All the pains are still in me." he smiled proudly 

I pushed his head back with my index finger. 

"Are you crazy?" I asked. My face was burning up. 

I mean for Christ's sake we're in class. 

"For someone who took all your pains away, yes I am. I am crazy" Fynn replied with a smile and he suddenly breathed a sigh of relief. 

"Finally the headache is gone." Fynn sighed. 

Well good 

"Don't ever do that again." I shook my head at him. 

"But we did it last night, and you didn't tell me to stop." Fynn said and I rolled my eyes. He's not possibly saying this now. 


My face suddenly became hot and I got up from my seat, "If you're going to talk like this. I'm switching seats." I said. 

"What?. I'm not wrong." Fynn Said. More students had start to enter the class, which indicates a teacher will be coming in soon. 

"Okay that's it I'm switching seats." I said and grabbed my bag. Is he going to talk about kisses all day. Well okay fine we kissed last night, it happens. Well ours just happened. I have no question about that, I would say we were both into it at that moment. 

  And now he kissed me just a minute ago and I have to question that too but I don't think I have to now… and now he's bringing up last night up. I'm going to blush to death. 

Cause that was my first kiss. 

"C'mon Bella, don't leave." Fynn said as I walked away from my seat…. 

"No." I mouthed as I grabbed my bag too. 

"I can't believe you're going to leave just because I'm talking about how we kissed last night, seriously Bella." Fynn yelled and the whole class turned to us. 

 I'm doomed. 


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