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Just Us Episode 20




Just Us Episode 20

THEME: (Do You Believe?) 



 I heard a knock on my door. And realising it would be Jane or somebody else I yelled. 

"Come in" 

 I got down from my bed and when I looked up, I saw Fynn slowly closing the door. 

"How did you get in?" was the first thing I asked. 

"Obviously through the front door." He replied. 

 Cause he normally uses the balcony. 

"What are you doing here anyways?" my tone changed and it was harsh. 

 Sophie called to apologize and now Fynn is here too, to apologize too? 

They've got to be kidding me, not talking to me all day and now trying to act nice to me. 

"I'm here to talk to you!" Fynn replied. 

"Talk to me?" I scoffed. "Sorry but I don't think I can."

"What? why?" He asked cluelessly. 

"Why?" I huffed, he's asking why. I can't believe this dude. 


"Yeah why?". 

"Well fine. If you want me to tell you, all day in school you didn't talk to me, or even try to eat lunch with me, Sophie too, I don't know what I did wrong to the both of you but I'm sure you guys were pretty happy with the silent treatment you gave me and now you're here to apologize to me, you're both bird of the same feathers."  I blurted..

"I'm sorry, the silent treatment?" Fynn repeated. "Yeah the silent treatment, even when school was over, I thought we all go home together but you guys left without me.!" I was practically yelling. 

"What? Okay now Bella listen, Okay I did not give you the silent treatment, I was busy all day, cause during lunch, I was preparing to go have lunch with you cause you already left before us, just as I was about to call Sophie and give her a heads up, she came to me instead and said the gym teacher needs my help, and then I left, I couldn't say no to what he asked me to do when I got there, it was some paper work, organising some names and all that and I didn't know it'll take me the whole day and when I got to class, you and Sophie had already left I didn't know what to do, so I grabbed my bag and went home to." Fynn shrugged.

 I paused and calculated everything in my head. 

 So Fynn didn't avoid me all day but was actually busy. 

"And Sophie? Was she there with you at the gym?" I asked. 

 Fynn shook his head. "No, she said she was going to have to lunch with you, didn't she have lunch with you?" Fynn asked. 

I scoffed. "That bitch" I rolled my eyes. 

"Bitch" Fynn was confused.

"She didn't have lunch with neither did she wake me up when school was over, cause I fell asleep in class immediately after lunch and she left me there sleeping and went home without me. She practically avoided me all day!" I explained.

 Fynn was speechless. 

"But you avoided me too." I turned to him. "When did I?" he was ready to defend himself…

"When we made it out of the clinic during the first period, in class you wouldn't talk to me, you acted a bit awkward and it was annoying, I thought you avoided me the whole day looks like you've got better excuse with the gym stuff." I sighed… 

"No I was really busy, it's just that morning, during first period, yes I do agree I was being awkward with you, yeah because I was mad at you."  Fynn expound. 

I laughed angrily "Mad at me. I should be the one mad at you."

 "No I was mad because you were actually being unfair to me, back at the clinic I was actually being nice to you as a friend, asking you about your incident but you were yelling at me telling me it's nothing and I shouldn't get worked up, don't you know that's unfair, and then when I lent you my jacket, you weren't even willing to wear it, you were looking at Sophie, your eyes asking for permission, I mean it's my jacket and when I lent it to you It was meant to be worn, but why would you have to get permission from Sophie. That made me so mad, I wasn't happy with you at that moment but I couldn't stay mad for long. " 

 Fynn narrated and I looked away as I bit my upper lip. 

Looks like I should be the one apologizing, I get his point 

"Okay fine sorry, I'm sorry," I sighed. 

"It's okay. But why would you ever need permission from Sophie when it clearly belongs to me." fynn's tone sounded hurt. 

I moved my hair and walked up to my bed to sit "You being in a relationship with each other, like what belongs to you belongs to the other person and also Sophie's really a jealous person and that's why I need her to see things clearly between us before reacting jealous. She's my… friend and I know how she is. " I said..

"She doesn't need to see things vividly for all I care. Just because we're in a relationship doesn't mean you need her permission to do or say anything to me. And for your information I don't think I can continue this relationship with Sophie, cause it's awkward, I can't force myself with someone I can't be with." Fynn yelled…

"Fine. Whatever, break up with her I don't care." I yelled back... 

 "Did something happen between the two of you?" Fynn asked…

"You're seriously asking that?" 

 He nodded cluelessly. 

 I moved my hair back in fuastration and started. 

"Okay. This morning at the clinic she got jealous just because you were asking how I was and she was the reason I was being that way, I didn't want to ruin our friendship, well it's ruined now cause she didn't talk to me all day and minutes ago she called me wanting to apologize, but we both ended up yelling at each other and opening up." 

"whoa." Fynn said. 

"Yeah." I sighed…

"And now what are you doing here. Can you leave cause I am about to fall asleep" I said laying on my bed. "And also how did you get in. I can't possibly have visitors, my aunt is going to kill me if she finds out you came to visit". 

"Jane let me in, she promised not to say a word to anyone." Fynn smiled.


"Oh okay fine. You're here, you' apologized, we're okay good bye." I said. 

"Why are you always wanting me to leave just at the moment I came." He asked.

"Cause right now I need to be alone." I said. 

"Why is it because you and Sophie broke up" he asked with a smirk.

 I sighed. "It's not that!" 

"Are you sure, cause you seem pretty worried even still trying to hide the fact that you don't care about fighting with her, but deep down you're sad." Fynn said. 

"I am not sad" I tried to protest. 

"Don't try to argue." Fynn smiled shaking his head. 

Why is he right. Of course I'm sad.. And relieved I fought with Sophie, well mostly sad. She's the only person I talk to, talk about when an introvert makes a friend and then end things with the friend. 

Who's left to talk to. 

"I'm not arguing, now leave!" I said still trying to defend myself. 

"Well okay I won't argue with you, but I'm not leaving." He said. 

"Then stay, I'm leaving!"  I said standing up, but gently laid back on the bed unwillingly. 

What the hell. I didn't do that. 

   "You're not leaving." Fynn smiled. 

My head snapped at him. 

"You did that didn't you?" I glared at him. 

"I had to." he shrugged. 

I can't believe he controlled me, to lie down back on the bed. 

"Just because you're gifted doesn't mean you have to use it on me." I said angrily adjusting on my bed. 

Since he won't let me leave.. Fine were both going to be here… I closed my eyes and muttered  "I'm going to sleep now. When you're tired you can leave." 

 We both remained quiet and my eyes remained shut. 

I could still feel he was inside the room and I felt him walk to my small study table to sit.

I guess he's not leaving any time soon. 


Finally after a moment of silence and my eyes getting familiar to the closeness and making me close to sleep. 

 I heard fynn's voice. "Bella. Are you okay?" 

"Why would I not be okay?" i said with my eyes still closed. 

"The incident from this morning" he added… 

Oh that, I can't believe he's still worried about that. 

 "I'm fine." I sighed. Well at least someone really cares. 

 My eyes opened and I quickly sat up and turned to him. 

I mean he's the only person I can talk to about this.  He seemed a bit relieved seeing me looking at him. 

 I sighed.  "So about the incident this morning" I started. 

"Yeah?" Fynn was listening.

"I actually tripped and fell from the stairs". 

"Really?" Fynn looked all worried. 

"Yeah, it's fine. Well it caused my bleeding nose and gave me a cut around my ankle--

"Really? Where is--

"Fynn let me finish" I interrupted and he stopped talking. 

"okay so with my nose bleed and my ankle cut i went to the school clinic to get treated but was surprised when I couldn't find the cut and my nose bleed already stopped." I explained. 

Fynn looked at me intensively "So you're saying, you had a cut but you couldn't find it after getting to school." Fynn asked and I nodded. 

He smiled. "Well that's okay cause it healed." 

"Healed?" I repeated. 

"Yes, the necklace." He pointed. "Like I told you, the necklace comes with good or bad source after it imprints, it's effect, it comes with one of those two and I think you received a good one and congratulations, you're gifted now. You're not ordinary." Fynn stated. 

"What?" I was speechless. 

"Yeah. You have the ability to heal faster than normal" Fynn smiled. 


That's amazing… 

 I stared at the floor blankly and I didn't know how I felt at that moment…

So I have the ability to heal faster then normal. 

"So what am I indestructible or what?" I scoffed. 

"You're not, you can get injured but can heal faster than normal" He smiled. 

"That's amazing and hard to believe But let's not forget my life is still on the line with me taking off this necklace." I said sternly and he laughed. 


"You'll always be Bella." Fynn said standing up. 

"What do you mean by that." I asked as he walked to my balcony. 

"Oh nothing, I have to go anyways, it's late." he said with a smile. 

"So you're finally seeing it's late."  I rolled my eyes. 

"Yeah, well I have to go now, you seem sleepy, and you're okay, we've talked, I saw you. It's fine now. So I got to go." he smiled. 

He's always smiling. 

"You saw me? What do you mean?" I asked and he laughed nervously. 

"Well…" he begun. 

"Every night I made coming here a routine."

"Huh?" I leaned my head forehead. 

"I can't actually go to sleep without coming here, or meeting you" Fynn shrugged. "it's kind of like a routine," Fynn said. 

"Anyways I have to go, see you in school tomorrow!" Fynn added before quickly going into the balcony and disappearing into the dark. 

 I stared at the floor lost in thought for a while. 

Meeting me every night before bed is like a routine to him?? 


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