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Just Us Episode 2


Just Us Episode 2

THEME: (Do You Believe?) 



It was nighttime but I couldn't seem to fall asleep, I kept sighing, tossing and turning, I didn't know what was wrong but It was awkward I kept feeling uncomfortable…
    I suddenly shivered when I felt a cold Breeze against my body and I glanced at my balcony doors to see them open…
Again I forgot to close them, I sighed as I thought about standing up, and walking to the doors to close them.  I glanced at the door again feeling lazy to stand up, when all of a sudden something small sprinted across my room in full speed, I gasped in shock and sat on my bed.

'What was that"? I asked no one in particular as I slowly came down from my bed and turned on the light.
 The light gave my room full brightness and I looked around to see whatever had gotten into my room. But it was still the same. I saw nothing.

I glanced at my balcony and walked up to it.
'Had one of those tree squirrels walk in my room?' I thought as I shut the doors of my balcony.

I shut my eyes as I thought of whatever animal might have sprinted across the room. I am so dead.
What if it's a snake? No a snake doesn't look like that, perhaps a cat, a chipmunk?..
 I sighed as I started to look at every corner of the room that's fit for any small animal to hide.
 Aunt had told me before moving here to always close the balcony doors since it's close to a tree that any animal can find it's way in here and now.. Today… Why did I forget to close the door.

   I sighed tiredly as I opened the doors again to the balcony,  Whatever animal came in here, must be trying to leave so… It Must leave from the balcony.

I closed the door again when I thought about another animal finding it's way in here again…
 I walked up to my bed and gave the most tired yawn ever, whatever animal came in here, I'll just have to deal with it till I get back from school tomorrow, it's just 11pm and I'm very sleepy.

 I turned off the light and fell on my bed, and before I knew it I was fast asleep.
 The next morning I woke up feeling… Well the same as always, not so happy about school but still yet, have no choice.
 After my morning routine I was in the car with my uncle and my twin cousins, I was quiet as always and they were the ones talking, since they own the world now. And I'm kind of not allowed to talk.
 I got to school and sadly went to class, didn't talk to Sophie that much, we just had lunch together and went to some classes together. But besides that I was alone all day, as always.
 The day went by slowly and finally school was over.
 I took the bus as always, Sophie and I sat together but we didn't have any conversation, till we got to the bus stop and said goodbye to each other.
Lame friendship. Well it's not like we have anything to talk about though.

 I got home and Jennifer and Jane were already home cause I could hear their arguing voice from their room.
They argue every time and it's just unbearable to hear.
 I got to my room and tired on my bed,  I tossed my backpack aside and stared at the ceiling for a minute before standing up and heading to the bathroom to take a shower.
   Taking a cold bath really helped my aching and tired body and after wrapping a towel around my body, I walked into my room drying my hair with another towel when I heard a strange sound coming from under my bed.
 I paused to listen carefully. And yes it was a strange but familiar sound.
 I froze when I thought about it being the strange animal that entered my room last night.
 I slowly dropped the towel I was using to dry my hair and quietly walked to the side of my bed.
  I slowly bent down and looked under my bed, it was dark but something green was glowing…
  Immediately something jumped out and landed on my face causing me to scream and wiped whatever hairy that had landed on my face.
 I breathed heavily as I stood up to look at what I had pushed away from my face to see a whimpering brown puppy with a fancy looking Dog collar around it's neck. It was too cute.
 I gasped and Knelt before the whimpering puppy.

"Oh my…"
I gasped as i raised the puppy up to stand on it's feet.
 "I'm so sorry I pushed you too hard.." I said as I moved my around around the puppy's little head.
 It gave a light bark and it's eyes sparkled right at me.
It was so beautiful.

"Where did you come from?" I asked the little puppy as I touched the collar around it's neck and raised up the green looking pendant, it was a glow in the dark pendant,
  A name was written there and it was "JoJo".

"Jojo" I called with a smile, the puppy barked but I shunned it saying "Shhh" and placing my finger over my lips.
 It's like the puppy understood and stopped barking but he was seemed happy cause his tongue was out and his tail was wagging side ways happily.

"Okay…" I carried the puppy… Jojo… Up and walked to the balcony door.
 I opened the door and walked to the balcony.
"Did you come from here?" I asked Jojo and he barked twice.
"Okay… I don't know if that's a yes or no… But I know you must have an owner and you need to get back to your owner, so now go back to wherever you came from."  I smiled at Jojo as I dropped him on one of the tree branch that had circled around the top railing of the balcony and I tightened my towel around my chest.
"Okay… Now little body go.." I smiled but he barked.
 "Sorry… I don't speak dog but you can leave now…" I said pointing at the tree, maybe it could understand what I mean by pointing to the tree.

 Jojo barked again but I rolled my eyes… "Look it's your owner." I gasped pointing at the tree but he wagged his tail happily instead.  Not planning to go anywhere.
 Honestly I would have taken this dog, if my aunt would not chop off my head and if it didn't have a dog collar, now I know it belongs to someone, and I'm not going to be accused of what I didn't steal…
 "Jojo… Leave… Go… follow the branch and get to the tree, that's where you come from right?" I said and sighed when I realised again that I was talking to a non-human.
 Soon I'll find a really big saw to cut off this thick tree branches crawling around my balcony railings to prevent any animal from crawling from that tree to my room.
  God I hate this place.

 Suddenly Jojo barked and before I knew it he ran away, following the branch and disappearing into the tree leaves.

"Finally" I breathed out.

I made a turn about to step into my room when I heard his barking again. "No.. Not again" .I said and turned to see Jojo jumping and running up to me.

 "No no go back." I said to the cute puppy in front my eyes…

"Come back Here you …
 i heard another voice call out and I looked up to see a boy coming out from the tree with some sticks and leaves stuck in his hair.
 He paused when he saw me looking at him…

"My… mine…" he was suddenly speechless but managed to say that as he pointed to Jojo but kept looking at me.
  The boy was… I don't know how to put this. He was strange looking, like strange, but in a beautiful way. I know it's weird saying this but he and Jojo had the same kind of glossy eyes.

"Is he yours?" I suddenly asked referring to Jojo.
"Mine." he managed to say still looking at me.
 Why is he looking at me like that?
 I thought,
I gasped when I realized I was just in my towel.

"Okay… Okay Jojo is yours you can take him and leave.

I said walking inside my room and closing the doors.
"Wait!" he said immediately crawling over the branches and almost jumping down my balcony when I stopped him.
"What are you doing?" I yelled..

"I'm coming to meet you!" He smiled.
"No… What? Who are you? You know what… I Don't want to know please get out!" I rushed my words closing the doors, locking it and placing my curtains to cover the doors.

What the hell…
Who is that,? Is he some kind of pervert or what?

T. B. C

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