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Just Us Episode 19


Just Us Episode 19

THEME: (Do You Believe?) 



 "Nothing??? Look at your shirt it's looks more than nothing." Fynn yelled. 

"Why are you getting all worked up. I said it's nothing." I yelled back. 

"Yeah Fynn, she said it's nothing, why are you getting all worked up." Sophie's voice said from nowhere and then I saw her walk into the clinic angrily. 

  Fynn and I turned to Sophie. 

"But look at her, why won't anybody get worked up.?" Fynn said to Sophie. 

 Sophie looked at my shirt and gasped. 

"Oh my God, what happened to you." 

So she didn't see it. 

"Well, it's was just as accident it's nothing." I said. 

 She touched my shirt, "An accident that involves blood isn't nothing.". 

"It was from my nosebleed, but it's fine now." I said. 

Now they're both getting worked up. 

"You had a nosebleed?" They both said in unison and glanced at each other. 


Such chemistry. 

I bit my bottom lip as I gave the two of them a sad look. 

"Can we stop talking about this and go to class, I'm sure first period will start aytime soon." I said about to walk past them when Fynn caught my hand. 

"You can't possibly go to class looking like that." Fynn said. 

  Sophie looked at our hands before looking at me. "Yeah you can't.".

Seeing the look from Sophie's face, I pulled my hand from fynn's grip and sighed. "So what do you want me to do, I don't have any extra clothes."

Sophie started "The school has a-

"Here! you can cover up with my jacket." Fynn interrupted Sophie taking off his jacket and handing it to me. 

"Are you sure?" I asked looking at Fynn, then Sophie. 

"What should I be sure of, I'm just lending you my jacket, I'm not asking you to take it." Fynn said and his tone sounded a bit rude. 

"Well thanks." I said a little rude too. Before putting on the jacket and covering my body. 

 Sophie cleared her throat. "Well we should all probably get to class now.". 

"Yeah we should.!" I said and walked out of the clinic. 

Class was boring, cause I wasn't even listening to the teacher, Fynn and Sophie were in a mood, they suddenly switched into an annoying mood, And I think that mood is for me. 

And what the hell did I do wrong!!. 

 Fynn kind of seem angry with me cause when my pen 'happened' to fall and rolled towards his shoes, I asked him to help me pick it up and he was like. 'Why would you be so careless making just a tiny pen' and his rude tone made me scoff, I Had to make sure I picked the pen myself. 


  Finally it was lunch time, I didn't ask Fynn or Sophie to eat lunch with me since they're acting like…. That around me, suddenly building a shield for me… 

Well good for them cause I'm better off alone. 

 I sat down eating and trust me eating alone is the best. You get to feel the taste of everything your mouth touches. Instead of listening to two annoying voices, I was angry, yeah, like I see no reason for them to act like that, I just told them my accident was nothing and all of a sudden their act suddenly changed towards me…

 And Sophie. 

Ugh. I shouldn't just start with her. Like what the hell did do wrong, every time she acts like I'm wrong, I'm always wrong when it comes to Sophie and I. I mean I have the right to get angry too. She can give me the silent treatment but I can't give her the silent treatment. What the hell..!


"Eating alone?" I heard a familiar voice and looked up to see almost my face. 

Well we do look alike a little bit sometimes I See my dad's face in hers and I look like my Dad a lot. 

"Jane," I called. 

"Mind if I join you?" she smiled sitting down already. 

"Sure." I said. 

She started. "Why eating alone. I always see Fynn and Sophie here with you!?". 

"Well turns out they aren't hungry today!" I scoffed. 

"What do you mean.? Did you guys fight?" Jane raised up her juice box and stabs the straw spot. 

"I don't know actually." I shrugged. 

"Okay… Your answer isn't really… You know what, I'll stop prying, I always eat with Sean and his friends and my friends but today I didn't feel like being with them." Jane sighed. 

"Are you crazy?" I primped. 

"That's a first." Jane scoffed surprised by my sudden insultive question. 

"Just because the two of you broke up doesn't mean you should be avoiding him or his friends. Go over there, show him you're strong, show him a little breakup can't make you act like a child okay?" i expounded. 

"But I… I.. You're right" Jane sighed and stood up. 

"Now go over to there." I said pointing to her table, way over the other side of the Cafeteria. 

"Uhm okay, thanks." she smiled at me before walking away, turning back and throwing thankful smiles at me. 

  I was done eating and before I knew it was in class without lunch break being over. The class was empty as usual and I suddenly starts to feel sleepy and gently I closed my eyes and before I knew it, I drifted off to sleep.  

I woke up feeling a little strong and better. I adjusted fynn's jacket on my body and looked around the class to see it almost empty. 


I turned to the boy sitting beside me to see him shoving his books in his bag and playing with his phone at the same time. 

I touched him lighty on his shoulder making him turn to me. 

"Yeah, sorry, is school over?" I asked. 

"Yeah about seven minutes ago." The boy said. 

 I gasped and quickly got up from my seat, so I've been sleeping for so long and no body woke me up even when the teacher… I can't believe this. 

And fynn.! Seriously… He Couldn't even wake me up. 

   I walked out of the class with my bag and hurried to the school's bus stop. 

 Thankfully buses comes to the bus every ten minutes and I got there in time. 

 I walked home alone for the first time and got home earlier than I expected. 

  I tired in my room and dropped my bag on the floor beside my bed. 

 I removed fynn's jacket and let it fall to the ground and samw thing to my remaining clothes. 

 I took my bath before changing into something more comfortable and taking a little more comfortable. I felt really energetic and I decided to my laundry… All my laundry because of the blood stain shirt. 

 After laundry, Jane had already texted me saying she'll be back from school in any minutes from now and wanted to have dinner with me again. 

And I started to prepare dinner. 

Okay so Jane and I had dinner together before I descended back to my room. 

 I was on my bed doing nothing, thinking actually. 

About today and how Jane and fynn treated me. 

 It was unfair. 

 Suddenly my phone started to ring, and Goodness I almost ran out of the room cause I'm used to being phone-less. 

 "Sophie?"  I said recognizing the voice that said a weak. 'hello'. 

 "Yeah it's me." she laughed nervously. 

"And I see no reason for you to call me, you've not talked to me since first period this morning," I snarled. 

My anger counting from one to ten taking some moments before striking. 

"I'm sorry," she apologized. "I have no idea why I acted that way." she said sadly. 

"You have no idea. I think I might have the Idea you don't have" I said angrily. 

"You don't have to get mad--

"I don't have to get mad?" I yelled. "Sophie. I got an accident this morning and I could see the pain in your eyes when Fynn lent me his jacket, and after first period you won't talk to me anymore, Fynn too, I ate lunch by myself and fell into a strange sleep in class and when I woke up school was already over, you couldn't even wake me so we could go home together, everytime you act like you know it all but you actually know nothing, you act like a child in every situation, everytime we fight I have to be the one apologizing even when I did nothing wrong, we've been friends for just two weeks and you're already throwing your bad side at me. ". 

There it was I was releasing all the anger she had made me feel since the first day. 

I was locking it up before, but now I'm going to let it all out, I can't hold it out anymore. She needs to get a piece of my mind.

"Oh sorry, Bella, I never knew I was childish to you." Sophie snapped angrily. 

"Yes… Yes you are. Things you were supposed to talk to me about you keep them to yourself and give me the silent treatment. I know you're mad about Fynn in the clinic being nice to me and then he lent me his jacket, I mean it's not like we're kissing or whatever. And do you know you're such a jealous freak? " I yelled. 

"Jealous freak?!!" she yelled angrily. 

"Yes you tend to get jealous too quickly and everyone can see that, just because you're dating Fynn doesn't mean he can't talk to me. I mean we're friends aren't we?". 

"If you like Fynn say so. And he's my boyfriend so what?" Sophie grunted. 

"I don't like Fynn and you're not the only person dating, so stop acting like a child." I yelled. 

"You know. I never knew you had this side of you Bella." Sophie scoffed. 

"I never knew too, until you opened it." I tell her. 

"You bitch" she said through gritted teeth. "And yes, I tend to act like a child and yes I get jealous too, why? Cause he's my boyfriend and I am supposed to get jealous whenever I want to."  

 I rolled my eyes, well she can't see me but I did roll my eyes. 

"I'm not trying to steal Fynn from you or anything, infact." I stopped my self and held my tongue. I was just so close to telling her I was the one who asked Fynn to date her. 

"As if, Like who wouldn't like to have Fynn, well he's mine and you know what, I called to apologize but with this bitchy attitude of yours. I take back my apology cause you don't deserve it." Sophie yelled. 

"Like I care." I said and we both hanged up on each other at the same time. 

And there it was. 

 I sighed and sitting on my bed, I hugged my knees and buried my face in between my knees.   

 I was feeling a ball of uneasiness around my chest and I couldn't breathe properly. 

I've never really fought with anyone this way.

Somehow I was sad. 

But somehow I felt relived. 

 I heard a knock on my door. And realising it would be Jane or somebody else I yelled. 

"Come in" 

 I got down from my bed and when I looked up, I saw Fynn slowly closing the door. 

T. B. .C

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