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Just Us Episode 16


Just Us Episode 16

THEME: (Do You Believe?) 



  My morning alarm woke me up and before I knew it I was coming out of the bathroom and drying my body and wet hair. 

 I got dressed for school and as I brushed my hair in front of the mirror my eyes landed on the crystal necklace again and I sighed. 

I touched the necklace and remembered Fynn. He said there's a way, and I shouldn't lose hope. I should always be positive my life isn't going to end up in a necklace. 

    I let my hair down and and grabbed my backpack before joining the girls in the car. 

 I got to class and made it to my seat, I started to study and while studying Sophie came to me, she sat in fynn's seat and we both studied together. Fynn walked inside the class finally without his cheerleaders around him today and I could see Sophie feel nervous all of a sudden. 

"Hey." he said with a small smile. 

"Good morning" Sophie smiled back. 

"HI?" I replied without looking at him. 

"Don't mind me sitting here, I just wanted Bella and I to study together" sophie said standing up. 

"Well it's okay i can take your seat for now." Fynn said nicely. 

Sophie smiled. "Thanks" before sitting down. 

"Okay then I'll be off" Fynn said. 

"Okay," Sophie smiled and glanced at me with a smile. 

"Bella." Fynn called and I looked 

up at him saying "what?". 

"Nothing" he smiled, shook his head negatively and starts to head ro Sophie's seat. 

I shook my head negatively, what a weirdo, I glanced at Sophie and she was busy smiling to herself. You know that feeling when someone is in love. Oh she looks so cute. 

"You should see your face right now." I laughed. 

"What? Is it obvious that I'm way happy Fynn is here." Sophie asked touching her forehead "wow I must be sick". 

"Lovesick you mean." I rolled my eyes and she playfully nudged me smiling from ear to ear. 


Hours later our math test started and fynn and Sophie had already switched seats. 


 The whole class was quiet and every student faced their papers and our teacher, instead of watching us, stood in front of the window enjoying the cool breeze and heavenly view. 

"And I'm done." Fynn said quietly dropping his pen. 

"What?" I whisper-yelled. 

"Are you sure you did everything correctly?" I asked in a whisper. Fynn nodded with a smile and I sighed and focused on mine. 

 It was remaining twelve questions for me to go through and they all looked easy.

As I was attempting the second question from the remaining twelve questions, I felt a light touch on my shoulder and I turned cause it was Fynn. 

"What do you want?" I whisper-yelled. 

"I'm bored." he pouted. 

"SO?" I Rolled my eyes and turned back to my papers. 

Fynn gently tapped his hands on my papers, making me turn to him angry. 

"What the hell Fynn, let me finish this first!" I said. 

"Want to see magic?" he winked at me. 

"Get lost" I said and turned back to my papers. 

 Fynn suddenly starts to climb on his desk and I gasped. 

"What are you doing get down. You'll get in trouble." I whisper yelled but he ignored my words and stood straight on the table. 

 I was panicking but everyone was still focused on their test even the teacher noticed nothing. 

 Suddenly Fynn yelled. "I AM BORED!!!" his voice echoed through the whole class and my heart almost fell out. 

 But I paused. It was like no one heard him, or could actually see he is standing on his desk. 

 I looked around still surprised by the fact that Fynn yelled but no one heard a thing. 

"What's… What's going on?" I was surprised…

"You see" Fynn started and jumped down from his desk. "What the whole class is seeing is the two of us writing but they can't actually see what we're really doing." Fynn said and I looked at him awkwardly. 

"What?" I was lost. 

"Come on." he said grabbing my hand. 

"What are you crazy, if the teacher.--

"Like I said no one can hear us or see what we're doing right now. Well they can see us but what they will be seeing is the two of us writing they won't know we're actually having a conversation right now or me even standing up or holding you" Fynn explained. 

"B..but how?" I was surprised. 

"You shouldn't be surprised you know I'm gif--

I interrupted him. "Yeah yeah you're gifted I get it." I rolled my eyes and he laughed and pulled me up. 

"Now come on" He said as I unwillingly stood up. 

"But I'm not done yet." I said referring to the test. 

"But you are." he said with a wink and I looked down at my papers to see I've completed my tests. 



"I did not do this!" I said dropping my pen angrily. 

"You did but you don't know." Fynn smiled and grabbed my pen. 

"Now come on let's have fun." he said dragging my out from my seat. 

"What fun? Seriously Fynn we're having a test," I sighed. 

"But we're both done. And I'm bored so, come on let's see what's Sophie's doing" Fynn said and pulled me to Sophie seats. 

 Sophie was still busy with the test, she seemed focused and I was surprised when she couldn't even see us or hear us. 

"Look." Fynn pointed to her papers. "she's almost done. Should we help her?" Fynn gave a sly grin. 

"Sometimes I don't understand your type of fun" I said before heading back to my seat. 

"Look I don't know how you made us unnoticeable but can you please make us noticeable again let's just get this test over with" I said crossing my hands over my chest. 

"You're no fun at all" Fynn scoffed before walking up to his seat. 

 Suddenly the teacher facing the window turned to the class and immediately we all heard the bell. 

"That's the bell. Everyone that's it for today's test. Pass your papers to the front of go out of the class" the teacher instructed. 

  Sophie told me to go eat lunch without her that she has a word to say with fyyn. 

And we all know what she wants to talk about. 

 Eating alone was kind of good if I would say, my food and drink took it quiet time to dance and sing as they made their way to my stomach and I enjoyed the savouring taste. 

 Almost done with my food, as I took the last bite and ended it all with water. 

 "Hey..!" I heard Sophie's voice behind me and I turned and smiler at her as she held on a smiley face and sat in front of me. 

"What? You're already done with your food so fast."  Sophie gasped. 

"I was really starving" I smiled.

Sophie sighed and said. "Guess what?" 

I'm guessing Fynn happened.. 

"I'm not a good guesser tell me." I Lied.

"Well starting from today Fynn and I are… well… dating." Sophie smiled. 

"No way.!" I gasped like I had no idea about the whole thing. 

Well she's happy. 

"Yes way!" sophie said.

"So how did it go and where is Fynn!" I asked. 

"Well he said he had to check on something first and actually it went like this, I became more specific about the message I was trying to pass to him yesterday, and just when I wanted to ask if he'd like to go out with me, he didn't let me finish he immediately asked me out, like Fynn is so romantic, oh you should have been there." Sophie said smiling from ear to ear.

"Oh well good for you, you nailed your test you got a boyfriend, wow dream come true" I said playfully and she laughed. 

 "Anyways I'm done eating, and I'm going to head back to class." 

I said standing up. 

"What? But you can still--

"You can eat with Fynn he's coming towards here already, I don't want to be a third wheel, You two can eat alone." I said and made it to class… 

 Alone in class I decided to read anything that I touch first when I open my bag. Well I brought out one of my book but I couldn't see which book it was, my sight was suddenly blurry and I didn't know what was going on. 

I dropped the book and my bag and looked up at the empty class and I couldn't detect a thing cause everything was still blurry. 

 I shut my eyes and opened them again but nothing happened.  

 Everywhere still remained blurry and I started to panic, I couldn't stand or yell or do anything, if I should stand I would fall cause my sight is totally ruined and if I should scream for help no body would understand my situation. 

   I heard the school's bell which means lunch break is over and before I knew it, students starts to walk back into the class. 

  I remained in my seat and my legs became shaky. I was freaking out, I could hear students walking into the class but I couldnt see a thing, and each time I open and Close my eyes. My vision became worse. 

What is happening to me! 

  Now I could see nothing but totally whiteness, it was like a thick smoke was placed in front of my eyes…

 Tears started to gather in my eyes. I wanted to reach out for help, I wanted to yell, but I was also confused, I didn't understand what was happening to me. 


 "Bella.? What's wrong?" I heard fynn's voice and a tear dropped from my eyes. I felt him seat on his seat and I turned to him. 

"Fynn." I sniffed, "I can't see" I said. 

I was facing him but I couldn't see his face,

"What? What do you mean you can't see!" His voice sounded so distant that I thought he was going away, 

 "Fynn are you there.?" I asked placing my hand around his desk to feel his hand and see if he's still here. 

I gently felt his hand against mine as he said. "I'm here." 

And immediately, his face came into view. 

I gasped.. 

"Oh my God" I breathed happily as I dried my tears with my hand. 

"Are you okay?" Fynn asked again and I looked around the class and breathed out a sigh of relief when I saw everything clear and complete. 

"Yeah. But a minute ago I couldn't see a thing, everywhere, everything became blurry and when I shut my eyes and open them again it became worse and now my sight is back."  I explained briefly and fynn adjusted in his before glancing at my… His necklace and then me. 

"You're having a.. Uh… How can I put this… Side effect? Yeah side effect." Fynn said. 

"What? Side effect!" I almost yelled. 

"Yeah you see, the necklace it contains good stuff and also bad one and it--

 The teacher who walked into the class made Fynn quiet as he yelled.    "Okay everybody less talking". 

"I'll tell you everything later"  Fynn said promisingly. 

 I huffed and turned to the teacher. 

He better tell me later.

Side effect. Like what the hell? 

I didn't sign up for a life like this. 

 Fynn didn't have the time to tell me till school was over and even when school was finally over, Sophie came up to him and they both just started to act like they're the only ones dating. 

 Well my problem was the only thing I cared about. The word side effect couldn't leave my head and I couldn't stop thinking about my blind moment in class. 

T. B. C 

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