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Just Us Episode 15


Just Us Episode 15

THEME: (Do You Believe?) 


"I want to do all that with someone else." Fynn smiled.
"Okay that girl is going to be so dead cause Sophie. You know how she is. Anyways you have to tell Sophie without making her sad okay!" I reprimanded and he laughed.
"Don't you want to know who the person might be?" Fynn smiled.

"Well I don't" I shook my head negatively. "Just hope Sophie doesn't feel sad or… I Don't even know what to say," I shrugged and we both start ro walk again.
  I said goodbye to Fynn as I got in front of my aunt's house and he waved back.
 I got inside the house and it was empty as always.
 I quickly took a shower and ate an early dinner by myself.
 And then I started to study for tomorrow's test.

  After studying for hours I decided to call it a day cause it was nighttime already, the house was getting noisy too, because of the twins.
They just wouldn't stop swearing at each other.
 I got up from the floor and stretched my body before lying on my bed.
  I could feel sleepy already, I 1smiled as I snuggled under my blanket ready to fall in the hands of the beautiful sleep ready to take over me when I heard a knock from my balcony door and immediately it was like I could perseve him.

"Fynn?" I said as got up from my bed to see him standing behind the close doors of my balcony.
 He waved at me and I opened the door a little, stuck my head out and asked.
"What are you doing here.?"
"Uhm… I'm here to see you, what else." he shrugged.
"But I'm about to go to sleep." I said.
"But it's just 7:34pm" Fynn said.

 He just knew the time even without looking at a clock or a watch
Wow he must be pretty gifted.

"Well you know me. That's how I sleep and I must be tomorrow to prepare for the test" I said.
"Haven't you studied enough already? You just dropped your books like few minutes ago" he scoffed.
"Nope… And How did you know I was studying and dropped my books few min.." I suddenly gasped. "Were you spying on me?" I asked walking out of my room and walking up to him angrily.

"What? No!" he quickly said moving back.
"Then how did you know?" I asked.
"I don't know. I just know! I promise I never spied on you." He said.
I sighed. "Whatever I'm going back in." I said about to turn but he grabbed my arm.

"You can't just go in like that, I'm a guest here." he said and I pulled my hand away from his grip.
"You're not my guest, I don't like guests, especially the ones who traps my life with necklaces" I said and he suddenly looked sad.
"I'm sorry" he said.

I sighed. "whatever." I was about to go inside but I paused and turned to him.
 "Fynn." I called and he looked up.
"Isn't there anyway to stop this?" I asked referring to the necklace.
"I...i don't know." he stuttered.
I sighed and glanced at the cold night.
"I don't know. I think there is a way but I don't know." Fynn added.
"So… Are you saying there's still hope for me to not die after taking off a goddamned necklace.?" I asked.
"Well my guts tells me there's a way but I'm not sure. I don't know." he said lowly.
"Well sooner or later you have to really listen to your guts and know how you can take this curse away from me." I said walking towards the balcony railings and resting my elbows on the top railings.
 Fynn walked up to me. "The necklace is not a curse." he said.
"Well it is to me, how can you possibly take it off and choke to death." I scoffed.
"Well I don't really know much about the necklace but I know it has good source." Fynn explained.
I turned to him "Good source.".
"Yeah that's what my mom always say when she gave it to me".  I said.
"Your mom… I thought you live alone, with your dog actually." I said staring at the tree in front of us.
"Well she gave it to me before disappearing." Fynn said staring at his long fingers.
"Disappeared?" I repeated.
"Yeah I was five then, I just woke up one morning and she was gone. She didn't leave a note, or anything, she just left me and Jojo here,"
"So… Wait, you grew up on your own since you were five?" I was surprised.
"Well Jojo has been with me." he shrugged.
 And he grew up to be one charming person.

"Okay so since your mom left, how… Where have you been living?" I asked.
"There." he pointed and I followed his hand to see he was pointing at the tree opposite my balcony.
"The tree.? Like you're serious?" I said looking at him strangely.
"Yeah, it may be like a tree on the outside, but it's my home." he smiled staring at me.

So he lives in a tree.
Should I run back inside my room or jump down from this balcony.
 If i should run inside he might run after me and if I should jump down he'll catch me so I have no choice but to stay where I am.
 And he has no problem having this conversation with me so why should I run away. Even though he sounds really weird.

"Do you want me to take you there?" He offered referring to his tree house.
"What? No… It's okay!" I laughed nervously.
"What? Are you scared?"
"No! I just like where I am now, maybe another day, so you've living there all by yourself." I quickly changed the subject.
He knew I was changing the subject but he just laughed., And answered anyways.

   It's really nice having a conversation with him, he seems too cool about everything and he just smiles every now and then, he replies my every question and laughs at every intense question, our conversation was pretty nice I forgot the crap about the necklace.

Suddenly his eyes starts to glow like a neon silver white… I couldn't explain what his eyes were but it got me gasping.

Okay this is so not the first Time I've seen his eyes glow and every time it changes colour.
Okay this is not a dream right?

"What?" he asked as his head leaned closer to mine making me move back a little.
"Y..your eyes." I said.

"What's wrong with them.?" he asked still looking at me.
"They're glowing and…
"Oh" he moved back.
"That's how I'm feeling right now." He gave out that smile again.
He closed his eyes and opened them again, it was still glowing and he laughed looking at me, I was still startled by it.
"What do you mean how you're feeling now?" I asked.
"Well it only happens in the night and my eyes tells out every of my mood."  he explained.
I stood straight staring "Your mood!".
"Yes, it's one of my gifts, when I'm happy, it's silver, when I'm sad it's light brown and when I'm mad, it's full black, and then the blue is… Well I haven't really..
"Wow. I'm impressed" I quickly interrupted him.
 He laughed. "Thanks, Jojo told me all about it I never knew it glowed".
"Well it does and it's really beautiful" I said honestly staring at the eyes like I'm seeing a pot of Gold.
 He suddenly looked away shyly. "I would like it if you could stop looking at me like that" he said smiling.
"Oh sorry, you know I haven't..., sorry" I apologized again.
"It's okay!" He said.

"So you're happy?" I asked.
"Well I guess. I mean I'm having a conversation with someone other than Jojo about my life and well I'm happy about it" He smiled.
 Well that's nice.
 Suddenly a sad tone starts to play and fynn dips his hand in his pocket and pulled out his phone.
 Why does his ringing tone has to sound so sad.

His eyes had stopped glowing and he said into the phone.

 Sophie… Why is she calling him? Is she going to confess through a phone call again.?

"Uhm no I'm with be-

"No" "don't tell her you're with me" I mouthed quietly to Fynn and he got the message.
I just found out Sophie's a jealous freak and if she finds out fynn's with me she might get the wrong idea.

"Okay tomorrow. Okay fine then, goodnight" Fynn smiled before hanging up.
"Why did she call?" I asked immediately.

"Oh she said she has something to tell tomorrow after the test and I have to listen carefully." Fynn said it all.

"Well I think I know what she wants to tell you already" I sighed.
"Really, do you?".
"Yeah it's about what I told you earlier while coming back from school".
"Wait. Is it about being in a relationship with her?" Fynn asked. Wow he remembers nicely.
"Yes…!" I nodded.
"Well I don't want to" Fynn scoffed.
"Nobody's forcing you to, but sometimes we won't actually know who we belong to without being in a relationship with someone." I said.
 I like Sophie and honestly I just want her to be happy.
Fynn is so dumb, Never in the 21st century can you see a girl confessing to a boy and he rejects her.
"I mean think about it, she likes you, why won't you just date her."
"It sounds like you're forcing me to" Fynn huffed.
"I'm not! Date her if you guys don't go well. End it. As simple as that, come on Fynn Sophie really likes you." I said.
"But I don't want to."

I suddenly smiled.
"Fynn." I called.
"You know you're still owing me a favour from our study group we had that day when you failed the quiz and granted everyone a favour, you still haven't fulfilled mine." I smiled.
"Let me guess, your favour will be me being in a relationship with Sophie."
Oh he catches on too well.

"Exactly." I smiled.
"Whatever fine." he sighed.
"Good. Okay then I have to go to bed, you've taken half of my night." I said giving out a great yawn.
"Whoa Bella look over there" Fynn said pointing at something behind me and when I turned I felt him kiss my cheek.
 I turned back but I couldn't find him anywhere.
I looked around but there was no sign of Fynn of if he was here before.
Did he really kiss me or am I just imagining things.

I closed the door to my balcony and snuggled under my bed. My eyes closed immediately and before I knew it I was fast alseep

T. B. C

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