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Just Us Episode 14


Just Us Episode 14

THEME: (Do You Believe?) 



 "sophie!! Sophie!" I called and she sighed and turned back as we made it out of the cafeteria.

"What? I'm heading to the bathroom" she yelled.
"Well… we can go together I have to pee too." I lied and she sighed and starts to walk away, I trailed behind her and we made it to the school's bathroom together.

I don't get the reason for her anger though, is it because of the necklace Fynn gave me. But he gave her hers too, why is she mad about just a necklace, I could give her the one around my neck if my life wasn't on the line right now.
  I don't want to fight with Sophie.
 Well after peeing, I didn't actually pee, I just stood in front of the sink looking at the bathroom mirror and waiting for Sophie.

 Sophie came out from one of the bathrooms and walked up to the sink to wash her hands.
   She rinsed her hand under the running water and I handed her the tissue so she could dry her hand.

"So… Why did you follow me here, you clearly came here to do nothing" Sophie scoffed.
"Well… I came here to ask..
"Ask what?" she snapped interrupting me.
"To ask about this… I don't get why you're so mad. I mean did i do anything wrong?" I asked.
She sighed and looked away.

 She remained quiet for a while before turning back to me and glancing down at the necklace around my neck.
Oh boy!

"Well." she looked me in the eyes.
"I really hate myself for doing or saying this, but I think I'm jealous." Sophie sighed..

"Jealous?" I repeated and she nodded.
"Fynn clearly said he can't take off his necklace or let alone let anyone touch it. And then I asked him to get me one and well he got me one and gave you his, when you never asked for his necklace" she rolled her eyes. "I mean don't you think I deserve that, I mean I asked for it".

"Well.." I scratched my head. "It's a bit Complicated, Why do you want this necklace so much. What's in it that you want so badly that you're jealous?" I asked calmly.
"Well what are you doing with it?" sophie snarled. "You're possibly not using the necklace for anything and I asked for it first, okay fine. Why don't we switch necklaces, take the one Fynn bought for me and give me fynn's" Sophie said and I gently move back saying a loud "No".

"Oh great" she primped.
"But Sophie you're not like this, I don't understand, you want to go this far just for a necklace".
"Yes." she nodded…
"Well why?" I asked.

She paused and looked at me for a long time.

"I think I like Fynn" she sighed.
Shutting her eyes then opening them back.
"You think or you do." I had to be sure.
"I do" she said lowly.

"Well, so… Why do you have to hide that. I had no idea and I'm really sorry about the necklace, can we just stop this. Make up and maybe you can go tell Fynn how you feel about him, liking someone doesn't mean you have to be mad at me!" I shrugged and she let out a relieved smile.
"Well I am sorry, for acting so childish, Fynn doesn't even know I like him. And look at me being all stupid just because he gave you his necklace. I'm really sorry, I don't really fall for boys that much, but I don't know with Fynn, it's just different!" sophie shrugged. I smiled,
"It's okay it's not a bad thing to like someone. Everyone does that." I added.
"Yeah I know" sophie shrugged and took a step closer to me.
"But you" she narrowed her eyes at me. "You haven't really liked anyone since you started schooling here."
I laughed. "Well I like my books, and they don't give me time to look at others and fall in love"

"Good for you, I'm so sorry for acting stupid." Sophie said and gave me a hug.
"But…" she started as she releases me from the hug.
"Let's not keep secrets from each other."

Well that is going to be hard cause there is a lot of things I must keep from her…

"Oh.. Okay sure." I nodded.
"Now tell me, what did Fynn whisper in your ear?" she asked.

Really.?? Wow she must be some sort of jealous freak, he just told me if I take off the necklace I might die but I can't tell her that.
I started cooking up lies in my head not knowing what to tell Sophie.

I finally talked
  "He said I shouldn't take off the necklace. Like ever.".
 And that was what came out of my mouth.
"Really?" sophie looked at me suspiciously.
"Yes, because he broke my pen today at biology… And...And… and he's using his necklace to compensate me for the pen," I Lied.

"He used this expensive looking necklace to compensate you for just a pen?" sophie wasn't buying the lie.
"Well it's not just a pen, it's a rare pen from Switzerland my dad bought me before he…
"Oh…" sophie quickly said and nodded with the sentence "I understand"

I gently apologized to my dead father for using his name to lie and save my friendship.

"Okay, I understand, let's forget about this and let's just… Let's just forget about the necklace." Sophie smiled.

We both walked out of the bathroom and before walking into the cafeteria Sophie stopped me.
She began. "So do you think I should do it?"
"Do what?".
"confess to Fynn." she breathed out.

"Well yeah… Now if possible cause you know those cheerleader girls can take him any time." I said making Sophie laugh.
At least I made her laugh.

 We both got to our table and seeing fynn's face I remembered the situation I was in and I almost cried.
Well now, I don't think I have a choice now but to live like this. Cause Fynn  can't do anything about it.
I don't think he can.

If he hadn't come to me yesterday or if I hadn't let him in my room, if he hadn't let us play the spy game on Sophie I don't think any of this would have happened.
Well they say everything happens for a reason…
For my situation, what reason could it be??
I slowly tuck the necklace inside my shirt as Sophie and I sat down and fynn gave me the "I'm sorry look.".
He's been giving me that since this morning.
 I gave him the "It's okay" look and he suddenly turned to Sophie who called his name.

"Yeah?" he answered.
"So… I have something to tell you." Sophie said.
"Okay go on.!" Fynn said and somehow he didn't seem to sad again.
 Sophie looked at me and I nodded and gave her the "Go-on" look. She nodded back and turned to Fynn.

"Okay so… I'm not good with this kind of stuff, so I'm just going to tell you, whatever ways it comes out from my mouth," sophie laughed nervously. "Fynn I like you." Sophie finally said and I tried to hold my smile.

Fynn didn't look surprised or anything he just said "Thank you."
 Sophie looks sad from his reply so she said. "Okay well you're welcome. But.. Don't you get my message!".
"What message?" Fynn said taking out his phone.
And he was being serious. Where the hell is he from.

It's not everyday you see a girl confessing to a boy.

"What?" sophie laughed. "I'm not talking about messages you get from phone." sophie said bringing fynn's hand and phone down.
"Then what message were you talking about" Fynn was lost and Sophie and I could see that.

"Well it's okay, just forget about the message." Sophie laughed, she looked hurt but she said nothing and continued eating and so did Fynn.
I sighed and continued eating too.

 Lunch break was over and we all went back to class.
 When Fynn and I settled down on our seats at the back of the class he turned to me and asked.
"Bella. What was the message Sophie was talking about that I couldn't understand."
I sighed. "She said you should forget about it, okay, so just forget about it" I said, and he nodded and turned away.

 Afternoon lesson started and I started to feel hot and uncomfortable, my body started to burn inside but when I touched my neck and forehead it was normal but I knew what I was feeling inside.
 My heads starts to pound and the teacher's voice sounded so distant I could barely concentrate.
 I started to breathe heavily and I heard fynn's voice and it sounded so distant.

"Bella are feeling okay!??" He said trying to touch my hand but I pulled my hand away and stood up from my seat.

Now I could barely see anybody cause everyone and everything was blurry but I knew the teacher Turned to me when I stood up from my seat.

"Yes… And what do you want?" Our teacher asked.
"Can.. Can I go to the bathroom." I said and I think he nodded.
 I slowly start to walk my way out of the class but suddenly everything went blank.
"Ouch" I said and touched my head, my eyes opened and I saw our school nurse and Sophie in front of my eyes.

 I sat up. "What happened?" I asked.
"You passed out in class." Sophie said.
"I did.!" I said and she nodded.
"And according to the school nurse nothing was wrong with you and she doesn't know why you passed out, isn't that strange?" sophie gave me a look
I shrugged and sat properly.
"Well I'm okay now." I said.
"Well that's good." the nurse chipped in.  "You can leave now, since you're fine." she smiled.

"Okay," I said and came down from the bed and was also shocked to hear the school's bell.
"And school is over." Sophie announced.
"What? How… How long was I lying here."? I asked her.
"You were here for two hours. Girl I don't know what wrong with you gut make sure you go to a real doctor when you get home."  Sophie said as we both made it to the door.
"So you're saying I'm not a real doctor?" the nurse said taking off her rubber gloves.
"No… I didn't mean that!" sophie laughed and shoved me out of the room before walking out too.

 We both hurried to class, and I still felt a bit weak. But I was okay.

"Oh Fynn." Sophie sighed and I turned to her.
"Fynn?" I asked.
"Look at him. He's waiting for us.!" sophie said and from afar Fynn could be seen in front of our class with our backpacks on his hand and girls around him, they were all laughing and talking happily.
"He's so nice. Do you think he was pretending not to know I was confessing to him and wants to be in a relationship with him or he really didn't get the message." Sophie asked.
And I replied. "And I don't think he got the message. Isn't he a little weird."
"He is… But in a cool way" sophie sighed.

We got to Fynn and he smiled at us and handed us our backpack making all the girls around him look at us with anger.

"Come on… let's hit the road." Sophie said to Fynn and he apologised to his "Girl-friends" for leaving them before walking up to us.
 The three of us made it out of the school gate and made it to the bus top. Fynn kept asking me if I was really okay and I just kept saying I was fine.
 The bus stopped after minutes of driving and Sophie said goodbye to us as she took the path she normally takes him. Leaving Fynn and I to walk home together since he leaves "close to me."
"So where exactly is your house.?" I asked Fynn as we both walked on the Lonley road.
"It's three blocks away from yours. Do you want to come visit?" he asked getting excited.
So he really does live around

"Who do you live with?" I asked.
"Jojo." he replied.
"You mean your dog… your familiar?" I asked and he nodded.
"Oh okay." I said and we both remained quiet again and I suddenly remembered Sophie which made me start to think about her confession moment.

I looked at Fynn and he paused and looked at me too. "What?" he asked.
I sighed. "Look I know you want to know what message Sophie was going on about."
"Of course I do. I feel so lost" be laughed nervously.
"When she said she liked you, she meant she really like really likes you and wants you two to be in a relationship." I expound.
"A relationship?" He repeated.
"Well yeah. Don't you understand the type of relationship I'm talking about?" I asked.
He must have been living in a cave.
"For example when a girl or a boy confess to the person they like. Okay so… Those two people starts a relationship, a relationship, like being there for each other all the time, sharing the same warm feelings toward each other, and also do things like hugs, kisses. Don't you get it?" I was feeling uncomfortable explaining all this.
Fynn laughed.
"What's so funny?" I asked.
He shook his head negatively "nothing actually. But what if I don't want to do all that with Sophie but someone else." His gaze was suspicious.
"Well you have to tell Sophie that… But without being too harsh or making her feel sad. But what's wrong with sophie. You don't like her?" I asked.
Sophie is going to be so mad.

"No, I do like Sophie but… I don't see myself doing all those things with her." Fynn said and I sighed.
"Well… I don't even know what to say." I shrugged.
"I want to do all that with someone else." Fynn smiled.
"Okay that girl is going to be so dead cause Sophie. You know how she is. Anyways you have to tell Sophie without making her sad okay!" I reprimanded and he laughed.
"Don't you want to know who the person might be?"

T. B. C

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