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Just Us Episode 13



Just Us Episode 13

THEME: (Do You Believe?) 


I looked at Fynn…
"What's happening. Why can't I take it off" my tears was filling up my eyes.
"Cause it's you." Fynn said..

"It's me.! What do you mean?" I sniffed.

"The necklace imprinted on you."

 Imprinted on me??

"Look Bella I know all this sounds weird and I know it seems hard to understand, I didn't mean to get you into a situation like this, but just calm down it's not actually a bad thing." Fynn said and I glared at him.
"It's not a bad thing?" I scoffed and rolled my eyes.
 I cleaned my tears before saying. "My life is in the hands of a stupid necklace."

"Look it's not stupid and I can explain." he sighed, getting frustrated. Oh he's getting frustrated. I should be the one getting frustrated.
"Okay then. Explain." I said folding my hands across my chest.

"Okay" he sighed and started.
"When your blood touched the necklace, it like… It Ignited and it's life became yours, I was given to it as a keeper by my mom I didn't know this would happen to you I'm sorry,".
"Stop saying you're sorry cause I'm going to take this off." I threatened.
"Don't take it off, you know what's going to happen, and you can't take it off. Never." Fynn shook his head.
"Nope I am going to try my best and take it off, this shouldn't be happening to me." I said and a tear dropped from my eyes.
"I'm so sorry." Fynn said lowly.

Okay now that word is starting to make me feel very mad.
I'm sorry
"Okay… Okay, I take the necklace off, I choke to death, okay then can you please leave.!" I sniffed.
I can't even take it off anymore. What sort of bad dream is this??
"Are you sure do you want me to leave."? Fynn asked.
Of course, I'm starting to get pissed.

"Yes I'm very sure." my voice was thick and he nodded sadly before slowly walking to my balcony.

 He turned to me. "You don't know but that necklace is about to bring--
"Leave Fynn." I yelled and he sighed before jumping off the balcony, that startled me but I remembered he isn't human, I mean I remembered he's 'gifted' and can probably land on the ground properly.

 I shut my balcony doors and my tears kept coming.
 I cried silently and immediately start to clean my tears when my door open and Jane walked in.

"Bella…" she called slowly as she walked in.
"What's wrong.?" her voice was calm.
I shook my head negatively. "Nothing." I sniffed.
"Are you sure?" she walked in and closed the door dropping the dress she held on her hand on the bed and walking up to me.
"Yeah. I mean" I faked a laugh,
"I was about to open the shopping bags and I suddenly got excited with all the dresses I got I mean. Well I started with these tears of joy" I laughed, she smiled too, but I wasn't sure she bought my fake lie.
But she pushed it aside and pointed at the black dress she brought inside my room.

"i couldn't fit in that" she said.
"Oh." I nodded and she nods too.
"So I brought it here for you" she added.
"Thanks." I breathed.

 Jane walked to the door. "Okay then good night." she said before smiling and walking out.
 I walked up to the door, locked it and went back to my bed.
 I laid on my bed and sighed heavily.

How could my life turn out like this.
I sighed again as I gazed at the ceiling.
I couldn't see anything all I could see was a white smoke, it was swallowing the whole place, I didn't even know where I was or what was happening.
 Suddenly I started to hear a familiar sound from afar.
 I couldn't decipher the sound I was hearing but somehow it was making the smoke go away and as the sound became loud  I suddenly woke up.

 I looked around my room and turned to my alarm,
Oh. Yeah. The familiar sound was my alarm…
 I turned of my alarm and quickly got ready for school.

 As I brushed my hair in front my mirror and stare at my reflection my eyes met the necklace around my neck and I sighed depressingly.
 So what now?
Is this my fate.
 I gave this necklace life and now my life is on the line.

 I packed my hair into ponytail, wrapped it up in a neat bun and dropped my brush before walking out of my room.
 I got into the car with the twins and their dad drove us all to school.

  I was sad, someone, anyone could tell.  I walked inside without acknowledging anything or anyone in the class.
  I got to my seat and slowly laid my head on the desk.

 I stayed like that for a while before hearing the sound of happy cheerleaders walking into the class.
 I slowly raised my head up and like I guessed, it was Fynn. He didn't look happy but the cheerleaders around him and some other non-cheerleaders looked extremely happy to see him.
 We made eyes contact but I removed my eyes and laid my head back on my desk.
I felt his chair move beside mine and I felt him sit down.
  I could smell the different cologne coming from the girls around Fynn.
And their noise and chattering were unbearable

"Is it just me or does Fynn look even more cute after the weekend" one of the girls said and I sighed.

 They gave Fynn a whole lot of compliments without him saying anything and I was glad when the bell was rung for morning lesson.
   Classes were boring cause I wasn't too excited like always with any of the lesson. And when It was time for lunch break I walked up to Sophie and she told me to go without her, that she'll be there in a few minute.
  I went to the cafeteria alone, ordered my food and went to seat on our table.
  While eating the case about the necklace appeared on my mind and I dropped my fork and just once I decided to see if I could take it off.
 I placed my hands on the necklace and before I knew it I was unhooking it and the necklace came off.
And he said I couldn't take it off.
I stared at necklace in my hand and sighed tiredly.

Well nothing is happening to me. Well nothing should happen cause Fynn said as long as the necklace is close to me still being close to my blood nothing will happen to me.
I can't believe this bullsh*t

  I placed the necklace back around my neck, and honestly I'm afraid. Afraid of what happened yesterday to happen to me again when I take off the necklace.

 I Continued eating and suddenly a female figure shadowed me and my food, I looked up to see it was Sophie and fynn behind her.
"Hey…" she smiled.
 I looked at Fynn and she smiled even more.
"I met Fynn at the hallway and invited him to join us" She said. Dropped her tray of food and sat down and fynn did the same thing.

"Hey" Fynn said to me.
"hi." I replied lowly without looking at him.
 "SO… Ready for math test tomorrow?" sophie asked.
"Yeah I guess so" I shrugged.

"What… what's wrong?" sophie asked me.
"What?" I stared at her blankly

"You look gloomy and you sound… Not so happy is everything okay!??" sophie asked.
"I am very fine." I said through gritted teeth and glanced-glared at Fynn who looked away guiltily.

Sophie didn't notice the brief glare though.

Sophie starts to grab her fork "Well I'm really prepared and I'm going to ace that test". She said. Stabbed one of her turkey wrap and smiled up at me.
 She suddenly paused and put down her fork.
I noticed her eyes on my neck and I figured it must be the necklace.

"That" she scoffed.
"Did you ask Fynn to get you that too. If he has given you yours then he must have mine." Sophie said, smiled and Turned Fynn.
 She glanced at Fynn's neck and turned to look at mine.
"I don't understand." she said as her smile faded.
"Did you ask Fynn to get you the type of his necklace, cause I remember being the only asking him to get me one when he failed the quiz game we did at your house."  Sophie explained.

"And fynn." she turned to Fynn. "Is that yours?" sophie asked pointing at the necklace on my neck.
Fynn nodded hesitantly and she scoffed.
"But I thought you said you couldn't take it off, you didn't even let anyone touch it" sophie was practically yelling. "Then how come Bella's wearing it."

"Well it's…" Fynn started and sighed tiredly glancing at him.

"Well it's what? Cause I was the one who asked for a necklace like yours, and you promised to get me another one but exactly like yours since you couldn't give me yours saying you can't let anyone have it or touch it, then how come Bella's wearing yours when she didn't even ask you to get one for her." Sophie was getting angry and honestly I don't see any reason for her to get angry.

"Oh it's okay, cause I got yours too." Fynn said and gently pulled out exactly the same necaklce from his breast pocket but to me, the crystal pendant looks a little bigger than mine, I mean. than Fynn's.

  Sophie slowly took the necklace from Fynn and sighed.
"How come I want the original one." Sophie scoffed.
"What do you mean original, they're both the same." Fynn replied.
"Well they're the same but, I wanted yours first, but now it's on Bella." Sophie said quietly as she placed the necklace around her neck.
Why is she being weird.

Sounds like she's jealous or something.

"Well I wish I can take it off and give it to you b--.
"No you can't." Fynn quickly interrupted me staring at me deeply.
"Well guess what.? I took it off few minutes ago" I Said Fynn.
"Bella… I'm." he sighed and moved closer to my ear…
"I'm serious you're actually playing with your life."  he whispered and I gently pushed his shoulder away.
"I don't care..!" I said angrily.

 Sophie scoffed and rolled her eyes.

"You got me in this mess. Get me out. I really hate this" I said to Fynn and he sighed.

"Okay… Ok..Okay." Sophie laughed angrily. "I'm lost. What are guys talking about."

 I looked at her. "Well…
I glanced at Fynn. I can't possibly tell her what's going on.

"It's just something between us" Fynn said.

 Sophie paused and then glanced at the two of us before sighing.
"Okay… is there something going on between the two of you like… You know." Sophie looked at me weirdly.

"Something going on between us? No way." I scoffed…

Well something is going on between us, something huge and i hope it ends soon.

"Then what did Fynn whisper in your ear?" sophie asked.

Okay I don't get why she's being like this today.

"I said nothing." Fynn quickly said.
"Oh really?" sophie glared at me.
"Yeah." I nodded.

"Why do I feel… You know what I'm going to head to the bathroom first I suddenly lost my appetite." Sophie said standing up and walking away.

"Look Sophie already knows something is going on between the two of us and sooner or later I'm going to tell her." I said to Fynn.
"No you can't, secrets about the necklace, secret about me being gifted you have to keep it to yourself please." Fynn pleaded.

"I can't. And you shouldn't have told me in the first place." I said standing up and walking towards Sophie who was speeding up and walking even more faster.

I don't know why she's mad… At Me but I hope I get to know why.

T. B. C

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