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Just Us Episode 12



Just Us Episode 12

THEME: (Do You Believe?) 


I Ignored my bleeding thumb and picked up the pieces but Fynn stopped me, grabbing my hands and letting the glasses I've picked up fall back.
"Do you want to get hurt again." he said and the way he moved my hand made my red shiny liquid blood splash on his face and his shirt a little and I pulled them away from his grip.
I started to yell. "Just leave me be I can fix everything I don't need yo…. Suddenly my voice starts to seize until I couldn't speak anymore and I suddenly start to choke.

 The shocked expression Fynn gave frightened me more than the choking, I couldn't breathe properly and all I did was cough,
"Oh no…" Fynn suddenly said. He immediately pulled out his necklace and I saw my blood stain on it. The necklace suddenly glowed and fynn immediately removed it around his neck and placed it around mine. The blood. My blood on it suddenly vanished when the necklace landed around my neck and I immediately stopped choking and what shocked me was the immediate way my cut from the mirror closed and healed up immediately.

 I was completely speechless as my eyes fixated on my thumb,
"What the hell just happened?" my voice was low.
"Look… Don't freak out!" Fynn said to me "Calm down." he added.
"What the hell is going on" My voice shook.
Minutes ago I was choking but then he placed his necklace around my neck and I stopped choking and also my thumb which was also bleeding a while ago has suddenly healed up.

"Look I can explain, now just breathe and put down your thumb." Fynn said and I stared at him before slowly putting down my thumb
 I was damn speechless.
"Look" he said and pushed his hair back.
"That necklace is… It's enchanted. And well you see I don't really use it for anything I just wear it as the keeper, but then your blood touched it when you waved your bloody thumb around in the air, and from just that little drop of blood. The necklace called and craved for you and I had no choice but to give you the necklace, cause once it craves for someone and the person doesn't have it, that person dies." Fynn explained.

"Wait… Slow down, are you joking with me or what?" I scoffed, what was all that bullsh*t he was just saying.
My blood spilled on the enchanted necklace and it craved for me and now I have superpowers. Or what the hell is he saying?.
This sound like a freaking child's play book.
"I know it'll really sound weird but just believe me, I can tell you everything you want to know but that necklace now belongs to you, you can never take it off and it also has---
 A knock suddenly came at my door interrupting Fynn.
"Bella open up it's me…" Jane's voice yelled from the outside.
 I quickly turned to Fynn.
"You can explain this later, but for now, leave.!" I quickly said pushing him towards the balcony.
"Okay" he paused and turned back to me, "Don't think about what just happened too much I'll be back to tell you every single details." he said and walked out of the room. I quickly hurried to the door and opened it.

"Jane…" I said.
"Why did you look the door.!? Are you doing something bad in here?" she teased and I forced my self to laugh. "Oh please" I said.
"Well you're not Jennifer. Anyways, we're going to the mall with dad." Jane started.
I know not once have they missed going to the mall every sunday to get, new clothes, new shoes, new hairpins, anything they want… When their parents are stinkin rich my cousins don't lack anything.
"And?.." I said.
"Mom said you could join us this time and get what you want too." Jane replied…
No way……..!!! My voice screamed inside my hair.
"Uhm okay  that's so nice of her" I couldn't help but smile.

Jane started "And dad said we'll be leaving in a Minute, so leave whatever you were doing and come with me."
 I nodded and walked out of my room closing the door.
  Jane and I sat at the backseat of the car while Jennifer sat at the passenger's seat at the front beside the driver's seat.
The car was quiet cause the twins were busy with their phones and only the sound of their father humming a creepy tone could be heard.
 But suddenly his thick voice filled the air.
"Girls you know how we always do it on Sundays like this."

"Dad seriously are you going to that bar again?" Jane yelled.
"C'mon Jane, don't be like your mom." Her father rolled his eyes.
"Well duh… sooner or later mom is going to find out and you're going to be dead meat." Jane stated.
"She's never going to find out, not until one of you tells her."
"And even if mom finds out. Dad's not going to be dead meat. Mom's not the boss of dad!" Jennifer added glancing at Jane.
 Suddenly their dad starts to laugh. "Actually Jen. She's the boss of me. I married a bossy woman and gave birth to twins, one who will later be like my wife and the other one who will later be like my mom. Wow!".
"What the hell dad, are you regretting something or what?" Jennifer scoffed.
"No I'm not regretting any thing i love my wife. I love my kids." their dad laughed nervously.
"You don't love us, if you love us you wouldn't have said one of us acts like mom and the other one acts like your mom, that's an insult dad!"  Jane stated.
"A really big insult." Jennifer added.
"That is not an insult." their dad said.
"Oh okay, which one of us acts like mom and which one acts like your mom.?" Jane asked and her dad hesitated before replaying saying Jane acts like her mom and Jennifer acts like his mother. They all starts to argue and the car got noisy but suddenly I couldn't hear a thing, I was suddenly lost in thought.
 I touched the rare crystal necklace around my neck and I glanced at my thumb.
 I mean all that's suddenly happening is driving me crazy but I just didn't have the power to react.
 I mean it's freaking me out and it seemed impossible but then again it's possible…
Where the hell is this necklace from, no wonder he didn't want to get it for Sophie when she asked first.

 I was thinking about the whole thing not known the twin's dad had pulled over in front of the mall. Not until Jane tapped me and I snapped out of my thinking state.
 We all walked out of the car and the my aunt's husband walked in front of me.
"You're the oldest, you get to hold this" He said giving me his credit card.
"Uhm okay." I said.

"Girls. I'll be at… You know where… Text or call me when you're done shopping let me drive you home." The twin dad said with a wink and starts to walk away happily.

"Sometimes. I get embarrassed by dad in public I don't know why" Jennifer sighed.
"Sure he's our real dad?" Jane sighed too.
"I don't know I think so cause you look like him." Jennifer said.
"Whatever." Jane rolled her eyes.
"come on, let's go inside the clothes aren't gonna buy itself, I'll make sure this black card runs dry today" Jennifer said snatching the card from me and heading straight to the door.
"Come on Bella." Jane said as she followed her sister.
  I sighed and trailed behind her.

 While the girls shop for clothes shoes and other stuff I just walked around with them still thinking about the impossible that happened to me.
  Jane and Jennifer took almost every clothes on the shelves and hurried into the fitting room trying each and everyone of the outfit.
  I stood still and decided to try something, what if I take this necklace off..

"cause once it craves for someone and the person doesn't have it, that person dies."
  I remembered Fynn's voice and I rolled my eyes.
That can't possibly happen.

I unhooked the necklace behind my neck and slowly took it off, it came of my neck and rested in my palms, I suddenly smiled because nothing happened. I wasn't chocking neither was I dying.
 Oh my God, Fynn was just being dramatic and I was over thinking.
 I smiled and shoved the necklace inside my pants pocket, I'm going to return this necklace to him when he comes back.
 I suddenly start to feel happy again.
 Jane came out of the fitting room with a plain blue dress that hugged her body.
"I look fat in this don't I?" she asked.
"No actually you look great!" I shrugged.
 Jennifer suddenly came out from the other fitting room.
"it doesn't look good, you don't look fat. But your boobs looks pressed and your ass looks flat" Jennifer explained making Jane gasp.
"I'm taking this off." Jane quickly said getting back into the fitting room.
"But that looks really good on her." I said to Jennifer as she smoothen the skirt around her thighs…
"On Jane?. No way, it's too tight, someone like you can wear that and there might still be room for another person." Jennifer said before picking up another dress and walking into the fitting room.

 Is she indirectly calling me skinny?. I rolled my eyes as I looked at my tiny wrist.

  Time passed and Jane forced me to try on some clothes too and seriously it was fun, they moved to shoes. Then bags, accessories, and seriously they must have like thousand of all this cause they do this like every Sunday.

 The shopping bags we were all carrying you'd think we bought the whole store. We've paid for everything ready to walk out the door when Jane freezed.
"We forgot to buy a whole make up kit".
"Make up. For what?" I asked my voice was low.
"We have enough already" Jane said.
"Well we could get Bella." Jane said.
"But I don't need one." I laughed nervously.
"See…" Jennifer looked at me then Jane before walking away and heading to the car.

"Wow we took longer today, the day's already getting dark." Jane said as we walked out of the mall.
  We all head to the car and as Jane and I shoved all our stuff into the car trunk, Jennifer called their dad and he came to us in no time and drove us home.

  Getting home we took all our shopping bags out and tired into the living room.
"Today was one heck of a day" Jane sighed…
"Yeah, nothing is better than shopping you get to see new things everyday." Jennifer said.

 I stood up from the couch and head to the kitchen to grab a glass of water. The smoothie we had on our way back made me even more thirsty, but the water quenched it all.

 I head back to my room taking my stuff I bought with the girls and immediately I shut the door and turned dropping the shopping bags I almost screamed when I saw Fynn standing still.

"What…  I Breathed, my heart was racing, I just made it up the stairs and he scared me just now. Seriously I needed to breathe
"What are you doing here?"  I asked.
"I'm here to tell you ab-- where's the necklace." he was startled as he pointed at my neck.

"Oh you mean this.?" I rolled my eyes  as I pulled the crystal necklace from my neck.
"Yes.. Yes that. Put it back around here neck!" Fynn said gesturing his fingers around his neck.
"Or else what?" I scoffed.
"I'll choke to death?? Guess what Fynn, I took it off my neck. Its been in my pocket since forever and guess what I'm still alive. So don't feed me crap!" I yelled…
"But I'm serious, you need to put it back on your ne--
 I threw the necklace at him before he could finish his sentence.
"I don't need that!" I said.

"But bella.!!"
 I sighed bent down to pick up my shopping bags when my breath seized and I starts to choke again and this time it was worse and happening to fast.
 Fynn wasted no time in placing the necklace around my neck and I was okay again.

"I told you, it's dangerous to take it off." his voice was low.

So what is the meaning of this? I asked myself as I gazed at the floor…
 "So now. My life is the hands of a stupid necklace." my voice was low as a tear dropped from my eyes.

"I'm really sorry Bella.
"What is the meaning of this Fynn" I yelled.
 My tears fell even more and I didn't mind.

"I'm really sorry Bella, I didn't mean to put you in this mess" Fynn apologized his eyes holding so much sympathy.

"So a necklace can take my life in one go? But I took it off at the mall." I cried… like a child.

"Nothing happened because it's still close to your body. It still feels your blood around it. You can have it anywhere near you, around the neck isn't necessarily its habitat, as long as it's somewhere around your body you're safe."
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"I'm safe?" I yelled.
"I don't want to be safe, safe from a necklace, I want to be free, what is all this.?" I cried.
"Bella I had no idea this would happen that's why it's always inside my shirt I didn't know you'd cut your thumb or let your blood on it, I've never predicted any of this, I'm so sorry." Fynn begged walking up to me but I stopped him.
"Stop right there." I said and he stopped.
"All this is just crazy and it's not real, it can't be, I can't owe my life to the necklace, I'm taking it off." I said…
"Bella… No Please." Fynn begged…
 My hands looked for the hook around the necklace ready to snap it open and take it off of my neck, but it won't open neither would it come off my neck…

I looked at Fynn…
"What's happening. Why can't I take it off" my tears was filling up my eyes.
"Cause it's you." Fynn said..

"It's me.! What do you mean?" I sniffed.

"The necklace imprinted on you."

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