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Just Us Episode 11



Just Us Episode 11

THEME: (Do You Believe?) 



 Sunday morning was as usual as always, didn't do much and after taking my bath and having breakfast by myself. I did nothing else but locked myself in my room.
  I stared at my phone not knowing what to do with, no one to call, no once to text, that's what happens when you don't have friends.
 Well I do have friends… Only Sophie… And she's maybe probably busy right now.
     I sighed as i shoved my phone under my pillow and sighed. Well I'm used to boredom so I shouldn't act like it's new.
 The knock I heard from my balcony door startled me and when I looked at the door, Fynn was standing outside.

I slowly walked to the closed glass door and when he saw me he smiled and waved.
I suddenly remembered last night and my heart skipped a bit.
I remembered him telling me about being a magical being, well he proved that before he even told me, he made me laugh without me actually wanting to. Like he controlled my mind and made me laugh.
Isn't it strange?

 I slowly open the balcony doors and he smiled even more.
"Good morning" he smiled.
"Good.. Good morning." I said.
"So… I was bored had no one to talk to and since we live close by I decided to come by." he smiled…
I was bored too but honestly he's the last person I want to talk to
"So you live around here?" I arched my brows.
"Actually… You don't know my house but we live really close but can I come in?" He asked…
I shook my head negatively. "My aunt or anyone can come into my room and seeing you they would flip and I don't wa--
"It's okay. They won't." He gave an assuring smile and I sighed and let him in.
I told him to close the balcony doors and I went ahead and locked the room door, in case my aunt or anyone who's about to barge in will have no choice but to knock.

 Fynn looked around my small room and I kind of had a feeling he was looking for where to sit. My room has nothing but just a small drawer a huge hamper beside it, a small table where I study and a bed.
 "You can sit on the bed." I sighed feeling a little embarrassed.
"You don't have to feel embarrassed my room doesn't have chairs too." he smiled..
I looked up at him. "Yeah yours is totally different I'm very sure this is worst." I said.
I walked to my study table and sat on it. I mean he's the guest he should take the good place.
 The study table was opposite my bed and we both looked at each other quietly, not saying anything and the tension was really, really weird.

"So…" I started after a short while. His eyes danced on me as I continued.
"About last night." my eyes met his and he nodded.
"About last night…" He repeated.

"Everything you told me and showed me… Is… is it real?" I asked.
It wasn't a dream right?
"Yes it's real. I'm not like you, I'm not normal, not normal in a good way I think." He said.

I sighed. "Okay then, can I ask you some questions, will you answer them fully and honestly.?"
"Uhm… Sure." he said.

"Okay so now. Where do you really come from? Were you born here or--
"I can tell you about that later but I wasn't born here I'm not even from this world." he laughed.
He thinks it's funny and I find it scary.

"Uhm okay…" I said and stayed quiet I didn't even know what to think or say anymore.
"So… Do You not have anything else going on in here?" Fynn asked looking around.
"What do you expect me to have?" I shrugged.
"I don't know maybe like… I don't know…" he shrugs.
"Well I know my room is small tight and uncomfortable and it lacks a lot of things girls should have in their room, I'm sorry but I can't change a thing about that." I said.
"It's not that." he laughed.

We both remained quiet again and I almost died, I can't come with any conversation to begin with am so boring I want to jump out of that balcony.

Finally I thought of something to say, I didn't know if he'd agree with whatever I had to say but I decided to go for it anyways.

"So Fynn." I cleared my throat and his head snapped up at me immediately.

"So you said you're gifted right?" I asked and he nodded…
"Okay then it wouldn't hurt if you show me some of your gifted… You know…" I shrugged.
 Fynn stood up and smiled.
"You want me to show you what I can do right, my magical abilities?" he asked and I nodded. Well looks like he's really eager to show me.
Well this will be fun and trust me when I say this isn't something you see everyday.
I mean. Magic.
Come on.

 "Okay good. Instead, let's play a game." he said happily and sat on the floor.
"A game." I repeated.
"Yeah, it's a magical game called. Spy" he winked.
Okay his wink is really charming. Bella….. I scolded myself and continued talking to him.
"Spy?.. How is this game you speak of" I asked, folding my hand.
"First, do you have a mirror?" he asked.
"Uhm…" I was thinking deeply and remembered I have a small mirror I don't use under my drawer. I got down from where I was and shoved my hand under the drawer pulling out the mirror.
    I pulled the small mirror out and realised it has been cracked a little.
"Is this okay?" I asked Fynn.
"Well it's fine." he shrugged and takes it from me…
  He moved to my drawer and placed the mirror on the floor allowing the back of the mirror to rest against the drawer.
Fynn turned to me immediately and I moved back a bit realising we were a bit close to each other.
"Now pick a name." He smiled.
"A name…" I looked at him, what sort of Game is this.
"Yes any name that comes to your head." he smiled.
"Uhm… Okay… Okay… Sophie?" I said, she's the only person I think of. Like all the time.

"Okay now…" Fynn turned to the mirror and immediately Sophie and her brother appeared in the mirror making me gasp louder than ever.
 Sophie was having a happy conversation with her brother and I looked at Fynn, he smiled at me.
Why the hell is he smiling, why does he always smile.
"Fynn? What the hell is this… Oh Like is this what the game means? Spy? Are you serious right now. This is called invading privacy, I get you're gifted but you shouldn't do this, spying on her really? It's not fair." I explained.
"Oh I just thought it would be fun." Fynn said guiltily.
"Well it's not fun. We're spying on Sophie how is that fun" I said and immediately the image faded from the mirror.
"Sorry." he sighed.
 I crawled towards the drawer and grabbed the mirror. But then I paused.
"answer me honestly Fynn…" I said.
"Yeah?" he looked at me.
"How many times have you played this game… And who have you used it for?" I asked inquisitively.
"Uhm twice" he said nervously.
"And…?" I gave him a look.
"And I spyed on you." He said the words and I gasped.

"Seriously" I yelled. "Are you crazy? You were really spying on me with… Wow I can't believe this." I scoffed. I was starting to boil. Believe me when I say I don't get angry easily but he has been spying on me.?
 Wait does that mean I don't have privacy when I take a bath… Oh … Oh my God.

" Fynn get out" I said angrily.
"What why?" he said…
"Leave my room please and don't ever come back." I said imagining the smug on his face seeing me… This is seriously getting me pissed off.
"But I'm sorry, I'll never spy on you again, not with anyone Bella I'm sorry". He pleaded and I got up angrily not realizing I was holding the mirror and it slipped from my hand and shattered on the floor…

"I'm sorry I'll help with that" Fynn started but I stopped him and when I bent down to pick the broken pieces strangely one of glass made a huge cut around my thumb.
Double great.
Could this afternoon get any worse?.
 I Ignored my bleeding thumb and picked up the pieces but Fynn stopped me, grabbing my hands and letting the glasses I've picked up fall back.
"Do you want to get hurt again." he said and the way he moved my hand made my red shiny liquid blood splash on his face and his shirt a little and I pulled them away from his grip.
I started to yell. "Just leave me be I can fix everything I don't need yo…. Suddenly my voice starts to seize until I couldn't speak anymore and I suddenly start to choke.

 The shocked expression Fynn gave frightened me more than the choking, I couldn't breathe properly and all I did was cough,
"Oh no…" Fynn suddenly said. He immediately pulled out his necklace and I saw my blood stain on it. The necklace suddenly glowed and fynn immediately removed it around his neck and placed it around mine. The blood. My blood on it suddenly vanished when the necklace landed around my neck and I immediately stopped choking and what shocked me was the immediate way my cut from the mirror closed and healed up immediately.
T. B. C

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