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Just Us Epilogue


Just Us  Epilogue
THEME: (Do You Believe?) 


  Sadly I've been moving on with my life living like nothing had never happened, well nothing really happened except the way too much dream I had, 

 The dream about Fynn and Sophie everything has just been sad.  But this is my real life and I have to face the reality that my life is really boring.

  It's been two weeks since my… well weird dream. 

 But I'm starting to get over the dream though, I mean it was just a dream. A dream that seemed too real. People have dreams like that all that and it's just so painful when you wake up and see it not real. 

 Reality hurts sometimes. 

But this… Well my dad has been like the best Dad of all. Doing all he can for me. My cousins has been staying with us and their mom is slowly making progress in the hospital she's getting better. 

The three of us has gotten real close during the past two weeks and we'll they are exactly the Jane and Jennifer in my dream. But Jane is actually Jessica. 

Looks like my dream did tell me some things and still left some other things out. 

 Well that's just that. 

  This is my life, I have to live it. 

  On the other hand Flynn, who lives next door and looks exactly like my Fynn, got along with me and my cousins too. Sometimes without looking at him and just listening to his voice, I almost lost it thinking it was actually Fynn but when you look him in the eyes. He's not the Fynn. 

 The Fynn in my dream has light glossy brown eyes, while Flynn has Hazel eyes and a tiny dimple under his lips when he laughs. 

  My dad didn't like him that much at first, but now, I think they are  inseparable, Flynn and Jojo… Joseph hangs around in our home like they own it and Jojo is just so sweet. 

 Jennifer and Jessica aren't always home cause they're always in school, they're both in their final year, and Flynn and I would always be the ones hanging out, it wasn't hard talking to him cause it was like talking to Fynn, they both had the same vibe, the same aura, the same voice, it was really like he was still there. 

But the not so magical one. And this Flynn talks dirty too much. 

 They both tease, all the time. 

 It was Sunday evening, I was alone in my room rearranging my stuff for college. Yeah I got into one of the best college in town. And my dad has been so proud. 

   As I zipped the last bag of my stuff and placed it among the other luggage, I tired on my bed and sighed heavily. 

Finally after two weeks of preparing, I'll finally be a college student and well that's a whole new world. 

 I heard a light knock on the door and sighed. 

"Come in."

    The door opened and Flynn walked in, just like I expected, he always shows up before my bed time. 

 Just like Fynn. 

 "What are you doing?" he asked looking around my room. 

"What else would I be doing by now!" I retorted. 

"Oh yeah, you're a college that's why you're giving me that kind of attitude right?" he scoffed. 

 I just sighed in return and said nothing else. 

"What's wrong?" he asked. 

"Nothing, just having college-phobia" I said and he laughed.

"What? That's not a thing, and don't worry you'll do great, I know you." Flynn said. 

"You've known me for just two weeks, so you don't really know me." I smirked. 

"Two weeks.? Then how come it feels longer?" he narrowed his eyes at me. 

"Cause your brain is too weak to calculate the weeks we've spent knowing each other." I rolled my eyes and he laughed… again

I've strangely Gotten so used to that laugh. 

"Wow I can't believe you calculated the days we spent knowing each other. Wait! Bella do you have a crush on me?" Fynn asked narrowing his eyes at me suspiciously. 

"I can't believe you're at it again." I scoffed. Honestly I think Flynn likes me and he's not trying to hide it. 

He laughed. "I was just joking with you.".

"You always are, you are never serious" I shook my head negatively. 

"That's Flynn for you. Anyways your dad asked me to help you out with your stuff. So are you having problem with anything?" Flynn asked.

"No not really, I'm done packing, so you can leave." I said. 

"How rude of you, but I can't, your daf asked me to stay for dinner" Flynn said. 

"Okay whatever" I sighed. 

Flynn sat on my bed beside me "Looks like your body Is still going on about this college-phobia, but don't worry I have something to cheer you up" Flynn said as he poked my nose with his index finger. 

 Well I am a little down and  nervous. 

And so bored. 

"Okay what have you got,?" I asked. 

"let's play truth or dare.!" he smiled. 

 You've got to be kidding me. 

 "No thank you" I said as I lay on my bed. 

 He sighed. "Come on, it's a fun game, or you don't know how to play, don't worry I'll teach ya" Flynn smiled.

 I look him in the eye as I sat up and blurted. 

"I know how to play but I don't want to play" I tell him, 

  I got down from my bed and made it to the door. 

"Hey where are you going?" he asked. 

"To take a walk, I need fresh air, my mind is actually clouded right now." I replied. 

"Mind if I join you?" He asked. 

"Sure" I don't mind at all

  We both made it down to the living room and then saw my dad, he asked us where we were headed and we told him and left. 

 Flynn and I walked down the quiet street, we were only three blocks away from our houses when I asked. 

"Hey Flynn, do you believe in magic?". 

 "Uh… i don't know, do you?" he threw back the question. 

"I don't know either." I giggled nervously. 

"Then why did you ask me." he laughed. 

"I have no idea too." I said shaking my head at myself. 

"Well honestly… I think everyone should believe in magic, cause I think magic isn't just when you flick a wand or say abracadabra, I think magic is everywhere around us. I mean when we watch the sun set, isn't that always beautiful and magical to watch. When the sun shines after a rainy day, isn't that magical, how oceans creates waves, how moon light gives the water beautiful tides at night, isn't all that magical, that is magical enough for me." Flynn explained. 

And wow. This is the first time I'll say he's making sense. 

Cause all he does is talks naughty or dirty or teases me. And now what he just said is the most beautiful thing ever. And that's not the kind of magic I'm talking about 

"And what's the most magical, i think that's when he dream,  a series of thoughts, visions, or feelings that happen during our time of  sleep it's like an idea or a vision that is created in your imagination and that is not real, but then it feels so real, it's like it's actually happening, I had a dream recently and damn that dream is… Is Just out of this world, it felt so real, it felt like it was my life, and this life didn't exist, I know it sounds weird but I'm serious, Oh you should have seen my face when I woke up."  Fynn said and laughed at himself 

But I was lost. He had a dream and it felt so real to him that he thought the life he's living now isn't his real one? 

I'll be damned.

 I turned to Flynn. 

"A dream? What's it about?" I asked. 

"Well about me, what else, but I don't like to talk about that dream." he shook his. 

"Why?" I asked.

"Cause it was stupid and a waste of my night" He said, pained. 

"But you said dreams are magical. And gave example of the one you had last, so how would something magical be so painful, I thought magical means felicity.!" I expound and he sighed. 

"Well it was worth being called magical cause, it was just… I don't know it felt too real, look I don't like talking about this dream." he rolled his eyes. 

 I was starting to have a weird feeling. 

"Okay I understand you, but now you're making me get really curious about this dream, can you just tell me at least one person in this dream of yours?" I asked playfully to get him to smile, but instead he sighed and stopped walking and so did I. 

"You. You were in my dream, it's strange right, I don't even know who you were, I've never even met you before but suddenly I saw you in my dream, it was strange and you were called belle which awkwardly rhymes with Bella. I know this sound awkward but it's the truth. " Flynn shrugged. 


"it doesn't sound awkward, to be frank, I also had a dream like that too." I poured out. 

"A dream like that?" he repeated. 

"Yeah, you were there! You were called Fynn instead of Flynn"  i said out loud. "You don't mean it." Flynn gave me a look like I was saying gibberish. 

"I'm not joking Flynn." I rolled my eyes. 

"Okay… I'm not saying you are, and I think your cousins were there two and this other girl who I don't know, Stephanie…? No No that's not the name." Flynn said trying to think. 

"Wait. Sophie?" I helped me and he looked at me as his jaw dropped. 

"What the fuck.!" he blurted out. "Okay this is sick.! So are you trying to say we both had the same dream? With the same people?" He was seriously shocked judging by his expression. 

And honestly I was too. 

"I think so,"  I said and he scoffed. 

  So Flynn started to ask me questions about my dream and when I answer them, he runs his hands through his hair and yells "damn" 

And it was shocking we've both had the same dream, everyone was the same. He said I had lived with my aunt and his brother was surprisingly his familiar, which was a magical dog and I was just speechless. 

This seems more than magical to me. 


  Flynn sat at the edge of my bed while I stood beside my window.

"Okay this has been a day, God I didn't know… Like… Like this is just surprising to me, how is it even possible for two different people to have the same dream with the same people in it. The only difference was the way we called our own names and it's a very slight difference."  Flynn said with wonders still on his eyes. 

"This is just paranormal" I said. 

 He looked up at me. 

"Like I just can't believe I'm looking at the pretty Belle in my dreams, just that the dream one is way prettier" He said making me roll my eyes.

Like he should see the Fynn I dated. That one was to die for. 

"But I'd date either Belle or Bella. Both are a spec" Flynn said and I rolled my eyes. 

"Anyways" Flynn turned to me. "So if you're the Belle in my dreams, then you remember everything we had right?" 

 Everything we had. 

"What are you trying to say?" I looked at him suspiciously. 

"I'm just saying we need to--

 My dad opened the door. 

"dinner's ready" 

Flynn sighed hating the interruption but he didn't say anything. 

"Eat more than you've ever eaten. Tomorrow you'll be leaving my house you won't have to eat like this anymore." my dad said. 

"Just because she's being a college freshman doesn't mean she's going to die uncle, give it a break." Jessica… Well Jane. Chimed in and my dad laughed. 

"We're all going to miss you though" Jennifer said. 

"Yeah especially Flynn." my dad teased. 

"No I'm not" Flynn smirked. 

"Yes you are." Jessica said. 

"I'm going back to school tomorrow too." Flynn said. 

"It's not like it's the same college as Bella's" Jessica rolled her eyes. 

"Well it is." Flynn smiled. 

"What?" I looked at him. 

"You didn't tell me you school at the school I got admitted into." I said surprised. 

"I didn't? I thought I did, and I'm leaving tomorrow, I'm actually in my second year though" Flynn smiled. 

"Wow you're really full of stupid surprises" Jessica said. 

"Thanks Jessica." Flynn said and ruffled her hair but she wiped his hand wishing it would leave his body…

 So he and I goes to the same school… 

 After dinner I retired back to my room and Flynn followed me. 

He's just like Fynn. Well he is Fynn. Is he? I don't know. They're both just… 

"So looks like we'll be taking the same bus tomorrow" Flynn smiled sitting beside me. 

"Aren't you going to go home. Its late." I reminded him. 

"My house is just next door, I can walk out the window and get in my room, no biggie" Flynn said. 

  I laid on my bed and Flynn sat beside me. 

"Bella." he called. 

"What?" I  said with my eyes closed. 

"Let's date." He poured out immediately. 

"Wow.!" I said. "That is no way to propose to a girl." I stated. 

Well his word did caught me off guard, I'm just putting on a brave act. 

"Sorry. I'm not the romantic type." he chuckled. 

"Well Fynn is." I teased. 

"Well Fynn is me so, we're technically the same person." he retorted and I laughed. 

 "Okay so, why do you want to date me?" the question came out on it's own. 

"Can't believe you're asking that, but, one. You're pretty, friendly, and the only girl who tells me my mouth dimple is stupid and doesn't suit me."  Flynn stated and I laughed. Hard this time. 

"Okay… sincerely I didn't mean that" I primped. 

"I know you didn't." he smiled. 

"And besides were both attending the same college and they'll be a lot of their dude there, so I can't lose you to anyone." He said and I gave him a long stare before sighing. 

"Okay sure." 

 Well I like him too. Either him being Flynn or Fynn. He's pretty sensitive and nice. 

 "So should we Mark our dating with a kiss?" Flynn asked shyly.

Wow he talks naughty all the time, but still get shy just with the thought of kissing me. 

 I rolled my eyes at him and we both kissed. 

 I mean it's like it had been a strange between us. Having the same dream and all, I know there is no way, no natural way to explain about our dreams but I am sure that we were meant to be. 


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