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Greed-Last Episode


Greed-Episode 10

Written By Khalee

Christy's jaw dropped immediately she step into the room,Beyonce was while Jeremy eyes widen.

They rush towards her,where Mrs Helena and Craig was weeping.

Beyonce laid on the bed like a lifeless person.Her body was two times swollen than how she use to be.

She had different marks like someone that was beaten with whips,there were bloodstains on the bed likewise her clothes.
"What happened to my sister?".Christy cried as she watch Beyonce breathing heavily.

"It all started yesterday.When she was cooking in the kitchen and I was playing with Pricy in her room.

I heard her scream and I rush into the kitchen to see her bleeding beneath,I was surprised cos she wasn't on her period or pregnant,talkless of miscarriage
I took her to the the bathroom and cleaned up for her.Asked her what happened but she said ,she had no idea.

We had dinner and went to bed.Around 1:00am,she screamed from her sleep,I woke up to see her body full of different marks and bloodstains like she was beaten.
She told me,she was in serious pain.I brought her to the hospital,the doctor attend to her while I went back home to stay with Pricy.

I couldn't sleep the whole night,even though the doctor had said,she'll be fine.At exactly 4:00am,I took Pricy to my mom's place .
On coming back ,I saw my wife like this.Her body had swollen and she was bleeding beneath,I ran to get a pad but it wasn't enough.

The nurses change her pad every minute,the doctor told me to take her elsewhere because he couldn't find the nature of her illness.

All those time,I couldn't think of calling anyone but when the doctor told me that,I tried to call you or your mother but I couldn't find my phone.

So I rush to your mom's house to pick her up.I saw Beyonce's phone in the car and tried your number but you weren't answering.

It was when your mother saw Beyonce that she knew why I was panicking,she picked her phone and called you but you didn't listen to her.

I was weeping and fell down on the floor,there I saw my phone under the bed and called you immediately

That's how it is".Craig explained weeping.
Before coughed before speaking up.
"Mom,Christy,Jeremy,Craig.am so sorry".She cried.

"You don't have to be.what happened to you?Why are you like this?".Mrs Helena cried.

"Hmmmmm". Beyonce took a long breathe.
"Everytime I see how Jeremy shower Christy with gifts,it makes me jealous because I was suppose to be Jeremy's wife.
I seduced but he overcome the temptation,out of anger that I couldn't win him back.i went to a beer palour to drink beer.

I don't know how it happened,but I woke up and found myself with a man in bed,who introduced himself as Engr Ninalowo.

He payed me a huge amount of money because according to him,we had a nice time.After that,I kept looking forward to see him.

I call him often just for us to meet again,even though he said he was out of Nigeria,I kept disturbing him.

He called one day and said he was back and I went to meet him.we had a nice time again and he promise to give me 3 million.

He ask for my pants which I willingly gave to him,he promise to add another 2 million making it 5 million.

He gave me 500thousand and promise to send the remaining,which he haven't uptill now.

I was in the kitchen yesterday when I felt something dripping under me,I screamed when I found out,it was blood.
At midnight today,I found myself tied at a tree and Engr Ninalowo laughing at me, saying,he had used me.

With that,he kept whipping me and I screamed and saw myself bleeding real life".Beyonce explained crying.
"Haaaaaa!!!Beyonce had killed me ooooo". Mrs Helena cried.

"Yeee! Beyonce ,why do you have to do this to me? I love you whole heart.Why? countless times,my friends adviced me to have extra marital affairs.

But I couldn't, despite the fact that you don't allow me to touch you.I couldn't bear to cheat on you".Craig cried as he went on his kneel, crying hard and hitting his fist on the wall.

"Sis,what have you done to us?we all love you with whole heart.Why do you have to let greediness get the best of you?
Jeremy had changed the ownership of the company Craig is heading to his.He's just waiting for the right time to tell you,two.Even Craig had no idea about it".Christy cried bitterly as she went over to her husband and hugged him, crying hard on his shoulder.

"Craig,Mom, Christy,Jeremy,please take good care of Pricillia ,I beg of you,please".Beyonce cried as the pain continue to wear her down.

"No,No,Not at all.We're gonna take care of her together and have more kids too..we're....

Craig was still saying when Beyonce cough out blood and breathe her last.It happened in a flash,

All the blood coming out of her body stopped and her body, which has swollen came back to normal size.

"Beyonce....No.....No....please don't leave me!!!!".Craig cried as he held her close to him shaking her body.

Everyone went crazy about her death,nobody could stop who, from crying.They all cried their eyes out.
Even Jeremy ,who should've console them couldn't act like a man.

Beyonce was gone and gone forever, taking her precious figure 8 to six feet beneath.
This story is a pure fiction, written by Khalee
Moral: Money aren't the root of all evils, greediness is.

GREED can destroy someone
It pollutes soul,corrupts religion and destroy youthfulness.

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