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Greed-Episode 9


Greed-Episode 9

Written By Khalee

Engr Ninalowo and Beyonce laughed at the joke, Beyonce just made.

"Am serious, apart from your fully loaded pocket. You're fully loaded here too". Beyonce said, caressing Engr's d*ck while he caress her naked body too.

She's been disturbing him on when next, they're gonna meet. But Engr told her, he wasn't in Nigeria.

She was weaving Pricy's hair when her phone rang and it happened to be Engr, told her to let them meet at the hotel, they met, the last time.

She abandoned her daughter's hair as she pack it up and return the hair beads, she was planning to use on the hair.

Told Craig,she had an emergency to attend to, Craig was surprised because she wasn't doing any job.

So how come, she had an emergency?
She didn't explain anything to him, just had a short shower, make her face up, dress in a very short skirt and a net top, which revealed her bra.

Craig was shocked and told her, to go change but she slapped him instead during the argument.

She left the house, got a bike and came straight to the hotel where she met Engr and they had gone on six rounds already.

"Am gonna give you 3 million but i want something from you and I'll be glad, if you can give it to me. ". Engr said as he fuddle her boobs.

"What do you want? ". Beyonce asked giggling as he pinch her nipples.

"I want you to give me, your pant".

"What? Why do you want my pant? What do you need it for? ". Beyonce asked surprised.

"Yeah. That a very good question. I need your pant because the whole time, i was out of Nigeria.

I missed your touch, body and everything. I want you to give it to me, so i can always smell it, whenever I want you".

Beyonce laughed and kiss Engr's cheek. "C'mon baby boy, am all yours. As long as you'll be paying me well".

"Wow. Really? Am so happy about that. And for what you just said, am gonna give you 5million".

Beyonce jumped on him with happiness in her, she gave him a tight hug.

"I'll give you 500 thousand, cash here and send the remaining to your account".

"No problem sweetie. You're more than that". Beyonce said and gave him a soft kiss on his chest.

Her tongue played down to his already erect d*ck, she kissed the cap before taking it into her mouth.

A week Later....
Jeremy stared at Christy, who was sleeping soundly beside him. He look over to the wallclock, and it reads. 2:04am.

He decide to wake her up because she's been acting somehow towards him, ever since the last time, Beyonce came to the house.

Christy felt a hand tapping her, she opened her eyes gradually, yawned and turn around to see her husband, sitting and relaxing by the headboard.

He help her place a pillow at her back as she sat up and made herself comfortable.
"Oucch". She cried as her baby kicked inside her.

"Sorry love, sorry for disturbing your sleep". Jeremy said to her.

The baby kicked again and Christy rub her stomach softly. "Stop disturbing mummy, please".

It was as if the baby understood her mom, it stopped kicking and she turn to Jeremy.
"Yes, mr man. Why are you disturbing me? ". She ask with an eye roll.

"I noticed you've been acting stranfe towards me. You don't even eat with me in the dinning again and....

Christy shaked her head in pity. "So it because of this, that you woke me up? Look at the time, after 2". She yelled angrily.

"Keep your voice low, you're gonna wake Queen up, please".

"What's goiton between my sister and you? Am sure, you know what am talking about. So dont even pretend".

"Christy... I.. We...

"Either you tell me now or am leaving this house tonight with my daughter and i don't care whether it late or not". Christy said as tears roll down her cheeks.

"No... No baby. You don't have to. I'll tell you the truth....... I... We.. ". Jeremy started to sweat.

"Am listening ".

"Something happened between us".

Christy heart skipped.

She gasped with widen eyes.

"What? Jeremy... Yes i said it. I thought as much... Why? Why are you men so evil? What is it, am not doing as your wife? What else do you want, how could you? ". Christy wept.

"No. It not what you think. She seduced me but i did not give in. I swear with my life. Believe me, i can't cheat on you.

Not with any woman, talkless of your blood. Believe me, Christy".

Christy drop the pillow at her back, she relaxed her head on it, covered herself with the duvet and continue to cry her eyes out.

She felt betrayed. How could Jeremy do that to her? Despite how much, she love him.
The following day.....

Christy stared at her phone, it was Beyonce's number. She hissed loudly.
Minutes later, Jeremy walk into the living room and knelt infront of her.

"Baby, am so sorry for hiding it from you. Believe me, i did not cheat on you, please".

"Pretenders do the worst". Christy hissed.

"Nothing happened between us, i swear".

"Jeremy leave me alone. Let me be".

"I can't. You're my wife. How can we be living like strangers and am just gonna let it be? ".

"You're disturbing me".
"Trust me.. I...

Christy turned to him. "Trust you? I should trust you, really? What was i thinking when i agreed to be your woman?

I should've known, you still love my sister".
"Christy... I did not sleep with your sister. She seduced me but i did not. I can't do that to you".

"Beyonce is my blood sister. We slept in the same womb and sucked the same breast. I love you, Jeremy.

But you betrayed my trust. Am not that hurt about my sister's part. But you especially, you promised never to hurt me". She cried.

Her phone rang and it was her mother, she answered the call and put it on loudspeaker.

"Hello Christiana". She heard her mom call, it was as if she was crying.

"Mom, are you okay? What's up with your voice? ". She asked, shaking already.

"It your sister ooi". Her mother cried.

Christy expression changed to anger when she heard, it was about Beyonce.

"Mom, you know what? Am not intrested if its about Beyonce, excuse me". With that she hung up the call.

"Honey. You should've atleast listen to what she wanted to say. Your mother was crying". Jeremy said calmly, trying as much as possible not to annoy her.

Christy picked up her phone, about to dial her mom's number when Craig's call came in.

"Hello Christy, please you and Jeremy should come to Desmond hospital, please. I beg of you". Craig cried and aborted the call.

"What's going on? ".

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