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Greed-Episode 8


Greed-Episode 8

Written By Khalee

Beyonce took another gulp from her glass. She had come to a beer parlor, after Jeremy left. She had never been to any before but she had to.

'How can a man resist such temptation? '. She couldn't stop thinking.

She gulp her drink and took a gulp from the bottle, she was so drunk.

"Hello dear". Someone said to her, she look up to see a pot bellied man, who is in his late 50's.

He settled in a chair opposite her.
"Am Engr Ninalowo".

"Beyonce.... ". She replied and took a gulp from the bottle.

"Wow. What a lovely name for a beautiful lady". Engr smiled.

"That's not all. You need to see something". Beyonce said as she stood up and almost fell but the man helped her.

She took the man's hand to touch her ass and said. "How can someone resist something like this? Huh?

Just feel it. A whole me, beyonce with the figure 8 shape".

"Mere feeling it, i know it gonna taste nice. Am Ninalowo meaning money are meant to be spend". Engr said as he took her hand to touch his fully loaded pocket.

"Let me have a taste of you and i'll give you 500thousand per round".

"What? 500thousand per round? Of course, am intrested. Am all yours baby boy". She said as she dip her hand into the man's trouser.

Beyonce felt a hand caressing her naked body, it wasn't Craig's hand. She turn around immediately and saw a man laying in bed beside her.

"What's going on? ". She ask with wide eyes as she sat up.

The man opened his eyes and sat up too. "You're awake baby, damn! I so much love your body, it drives me crazy". He grinned as he try to touch her boobs but she slap his hand off.

"Who are you? What am i doing here? Why am i naked? ". She questioned.

"Am Engr Ninalowo, we met last night in the beer house. You wanted money and i wanted your body".

"What? Are you crazy? What the hell are you saying? ". She yelled angrily.

"Stop shouting! Anyways, i promised you 500thousand per round and we had four rounds, so give me your account details".
Beyonce stared at him but gave him, her account details and immediately, her phone beeped.

She reach for it and opened the message on the screen and saw the transfer of 2million naira in her account.

"Oh my goodness". She smiled and gave a man a hug.

"Can i have your number? Please, we should meet up some other time, please".
"Where the hell are you coming from? ". Craig yelled immediately, Beyonce entered the house.

"I was at um....

"Don't lie to me! I came back from work at 4:00pm and met Pricy outside the house crying.

I asked her about you and she said she doesn't know your whereabout, i took her in and made something for us to eat.

I tried your number countless times, switched off. I called Christy and she said you weren't there.

I called your mom and my mine too, same story. Even if you have to go anywhere atleast think of pricy.

Her school closes around 3:00pm. What if i had come late, ehn? Look at the time, 10:00am and you're just coming home since yesterday! ". Craig yelled angrily.

Beyonce went down on her kneels as she burst into tears, which got Craig surprised.
"I was kidnapped yesterday, i was able to escape and uptill now, i havent tasted anything". She can cried.

"Oh my God! Am so sorry , hope you're not hurt? Huh? I hope they did not harm you? "
Craig questioned as he pulled her up and hugged her tight.

"Mummy, mummy. I've missed you so much". Christy smiled at Mrs Helena who had come to visit her.

"Indeed! You miss me and yet, you couldn't come to check on me. It only Jeremy and Queen that do visit.

Same with Beyonce and her family. Only you is left out. We went on a family picnic last weekend and you weren't there, either".
"Mom, it not like that. Jeremy wouldn't allow me to go out. Whenever am pregnant, he doesnt just allow me to". Christy said as she rub her baby bump.

"Anyways, i don't blame your husband. That was how, your father was caring too when he was alive.

That's why Beyonce is so spoilt. He made sure he spoilt both of you but by the grace of God, you are not like her".

Christy chuckled. "What will you like to eat? ". She ask as she stood up from the chair.

"Anything at all, just get into the kitchen and prepare something for me and my grand daughter, i guess she'll soon be back". Mrs Helena said as she reach for the DSTV remote.

"Okay mom, i need to quickly do that before Jeremy comes back. You know he mustn't meet me in the kitchen". Christy said as she hurried to the kitchen.

"Whose car is outside?. I mean that new red car". Beyonce asked Christy who was massaging herself on the toes.

"Jeremy got it for me, two days ago". Christy smiled.

"Wait.. Are you kidding me? ".

"Am being serious, sis". Christy smiled.

"That car is the lastest town and moreover, he still bought one for you three months ago".

"Dont mind Jeremy, ever since he came back from work, three days ago, crying that he missed his father.

He kept showering me with gifts. Not that he doesn't buy me gifts but it too much, these days".

"Wow. That's so sweet of him. Am happy for you, sis". Beyonce faked a smile.

"Speaks of the devil". Christy said immediately Jeremy walked into the living room.

"Evening, Jeremy". Beyonce greeted.
"Hi". Jeremy respond coldly.

"Umm. I'll be going now, Christy. My husband and Pricy will soon be back". Beyonce said as she stood up from the chair.

"Honey, are you okay? ". Christy asked arching a brow.

She notice Jeremy acted strange just now. Beyonce on the other hand, was busy packing her stuffs in her handbag.

"Am fine, just had a hectic day at work. That's all". Jeremy replied.

"Oh.. Okay. Can you please drop my sis at home since you're going to pick Queen from school? ".

"What? You mean i should drop Beyonce at home? ". Jeremy shouted angrily before he could stop himself.

"What do you mean? This not the first time, you'll be taking her at home. So what? ". Christy asked surprised at Jeremy's action.
Something is fishy but she can't just place her finger on it.

"Am sorry love. It not like that. Let's go, Beyonce". He said with a frown as he walk out of the living room.

Beyonce waved at Christy and followed him out.

Christy stood up and went over to the window, watching the two as they got into the car. Jeremy drove out and she went back to the sofa.

"What's going on? ". She thought.
"Jeremy, am so sorry about last time. It the devil's handwork. Am really sorry, let pretend it did not happen and be friends again". Beyonce pleaded immediately she step out of Jeremy's car.

"Are you done? ". Jeremy asked, his eyes not leaving the road ahead.

"Jeremy... I said am sorry. It won't happen again. I promi.....

Beyonce was still saying when Jeremy shut the car's door, almost using it to hit Beyonce and he drove away.

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