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Greed-Episode 7


Greed-Episode 7

Written By Khalee

"Beyonce, am still talking to you! ". Craig yelled as he follow Beyonce, who had just walk out on him to the living room.

Pricy was at a corner, playing with her toys.
"Beyonce, what exactly is your problem? You've withdraw 500 thousand in two weeks. Habaa na! ".

"Just shut up! You good for nothing man! What nonsense are you saying?! I bought some things with that money!

Your mate are out there, spending lavishly and moreover it Jeremy that got you this job. And that's because of me". Beyonce yelled angrily and left the living room.
Craig went weak as he settled in a sofa, close to where Pricy was. Tears roll down his cheeks.

Beyonce wasn't like this, when they got married. It all started, when Christy and Jeremy relocated back to Nigeria.

Not like Beyonce was ever good but atleast she wasn't worst like how she is now.

He can't even remember the last time, he got intimate with his own wife.

Pricy left where she was playing and came to him. She wiped his tears.

"Daddy, why are you crying? My aunty in school do tell us, that older people doesn't cry like we kids and she always tell the boys, not to cry because boys dont cry and you're a boy". Pricy said to him.

Craig wipe his tears. "I ate chop onions in the kitchen and even ate from ot, that's the reason".

"Onions? But your mouth aren't smelling". Little pricy said.

"Go and watch your cartoon. They're about to show SOPHIA, THE FIRST".

"Okay, love you daddy". Pricy pecked jim and went back to her toys, infront of the TV.
Craig stood went back inside the room to join his wife.

Beyonce was already on her nightie when Craig walked in. He went to kneel infront of her.

"Baby, am so sorry about what i said to you, am sorry". He pleaded.

Beyonce hissed before speaking up. "You're just so ungrateful. You got this job because of me and yet, you have guts to question me".

"Am sorry, my love. Just forgive me". Craig pleads.

"It okay". Beyonce said and covered herself with the duvet.

"Good night, love". Craig said to her but she didn't reply.

Craig went back to the living room, Pricy was already asleep. He switched the TV off, the lights and took his daughter to her room.

He made her bed and tuck her to bed.

He stared at Pricy, who looked so much like him. He couldn't help but smile. He's so bless to have a beautiful daughter.

He wished and prayed that Beyonce will love him back, the way he does. He can't trade her for anything.

No. Nothing at all.

"Beyonce, am not just happy about how you treat your husband, really. Despite the fact that you're both married and have a child.

Yet you're still taking pills that won't make you get pregnant. That's too much for him. But yet he never complains". Jeremy said to Beyonce.

Craig had reported her to him and he came to talk to her in their house. Craig had gone to work and Pricy had gone to school.

So it just the two in the house.

"Hmm... I promise to change, Jeremy".
"Alright, i pray you di. I have to be on my way now".

"Oh oh. So soon. Let me get something from my room. It for Christy, i'll be back". Beyonce said and hurried to her room.

Jeremy eyes was glued to the TV untill he heard Beyonce's footsteps and he turned to look at her.

His jaw dropped and his eyes widen. She came to him in a flash and pressed herself on him.

He stared at her naked body speechless. Beyonce went for his lips and they smooched for five minutes.

His hands roamed her naked yummy body. Her hand unbuckled his belt and all of a sudden, he pushed her off.

"What's going on? ". Jeremy said more like a rhetorical question.

Beyonce sat on the glass table opposite him, with her thighs opened, he stared at her shaved p*ssy and licked his lips.
He was moving close to her when he regained his senses.

"What do you think you're doing, beyonce? ". Jeremy said, trying not to look at her but he couldn't.

Beyonce dip one of her finger into her mouth then she removed it and dip it in her P*ssy then start fingering herself, moaning sweetly.

Jeremy was aroused to the fullest, he was lost. This temptation is just too much for him. Damn!

But he loves Christy and Queen. At the thought of them, his already aroused d*ck and system went down.

"You evil woman! You're a liar! I shall never be tempted by your body which will be owned by the sand, one day! No way! ". Jeremy yelled at her.

Beyonce was shocked that she close her thighs immediately, even though she was still naked.

"Don't you dare try such with me again! Am a married man! Not just any married man but married to your sister.

Your own blood! Christy respects and loves you. How could you?! You're evil! ". He yelled angrily, with that he pick his phone and car key and storm out of the living room, straight to his car.

He drove with speed home.

"Hey love, you're sweating profusely. Are you okay? ". Christy asked immediately, he walked into the room, where she was reading her bible.

Jeremy went over to her and drop the bible on the bedside table and hugged her tight with tears in his eyes.

I betrayed you. He thought as more tears came into his eyes.

"Honey, are you okay? ". Christy asked surprised because he was crying.

The last time he cried was when he lost his father.

"I love you so much, Christy. I love you and am so sorry". He cried on her shoulder.

"Baby, i still don't understand you. Am getting scared already. What happened? ".

Jeremy sniffed unable to say a word.

How can he tell his wife that he smooched her sister and almost slept with her?
"Jeremy, talk to me please".

"I just miss my father, that's it".

"It okay, am here for you". Christy said as she rub his back affectionately

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