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Forcible Wedlock- Last Chapter


Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 51

Theme : The village Girl


We sat in the dinning room eating dinner of pounded yam and vegetables soup. Soup prepared by my mom and yam pounded by Ayomide and Alex partially.

I won't say Alex pound cos he pounded like a six years old. I know he hasn't handle a pestle before. We kept laughing through out cos he was panting seriously.

I try to reach for the sauced meat on the table and my mom slap my hand gently off. "Mom". I pouted.

"It was specially made for my Alesin".
I glared at Alex who sat beside my dad. He stuck his tongue at me. Well it was a payback cos the same thing happened in his parent house. They were treating me like their own and Alex was on his on.

"Dad, did you heard what mom just said? ".
"Have some palm wine, son". My dad said as he handed his cup to Alex who took a gulp. Has this guy ever taste palm wine before?

"Don't worry big sis. Here have some of mine". Ayomide said and push his plate to me. I stuck my tongue at Alex.

I rinsed my face in the washbasin before walking out of the bathroom. I felt my temperature and it wasn't normal.

I've been throwing up since three days now. What's wrong with me? I got into the bed and covered myself with the Duvet.

Alex wasn't in bed. I left him in the living room with my Dad and Ayomide, they were drinking palm wine and having men chat.
I just hope he doesn't take much, He hasn't taste it before. It would have been more fun, if Justin is here with them. But he's busy with his wedding preparations with Ella.

The door opened and Alex came in. "Sweetie". He called as he went to our suitcase where his Pyjamas was. He opened it and brought it out.

"Don't tell me, you showered without me".
"Just go please". I said and waved him off.
He winked at me before going into the bathroom. My body feel so so weak. Maybe it the journey stress.

I heard the door squeak and Alex came out with a towel tied around his waist. I watch him dry his body and wore his Pyjamas.
He got into the bed. "Babe, what's wrong with me with you? ".

I guess he notice how my face was. I ignored him and he pulled me into his arms. He touched my forehead with the back of his hand.

"Geez... You're hot".
"I don't know it stress. I just finish throwing up a while ago".

"Oh oh.. Wait... You've been throwing up for days now, right? ". I nodded. "Wow". He mumbled and I stare at him.

"What? ".

"Don't you get it. My baby is growing in you".

I hit him playfully. "Stop, you're so naughty".

"Am being serious here, you're pregnant ".
Am I really pregnant? I hissed. "Is that how easy pregnancy is, just like that? Quake doctor like you".
"You still don't believe me, okay. Let's do this".

"What? ".

"Let's make a bet".

"A bet? ".

"Yeah.I'll take you to the clinic tomorrow and If you're pregant, just like I predicted. You're gonna brush and bath me for a week"
I burst out laughing. "Bath you and brush your teeth at your age? Common".

"You're my wife. Who cares? ".

"Okay if am not. Am gonna pick three out of favorite shirts".

"No problem, deal". He saod and we stare at eachother.

"What? Why are you looking at me like that? ".

I took a finger to his chest drawing imaginary lines.

"Just say what you want. I know you want something and that's why you drawing those imaginary lines of yours".

"Well... I want...... ". I winked at him.
"Want what? ".

"Alex, i'll slap you o. You know what I want".

He chuckled. "Am not a mind reader, so how do you expect me to? ".

"Alex, stop nah".

"What? ". He chuckled again.

"You're crazy I swear". I said and pulled out of his arm. I lay on my back staring at the ceiling.

"Oh really, you know how it hurts now, right? When I was begging for it last night. You did not allow me and now you want me to fulfill yours. Sorry Mrs Alex,but no".
"You're crazy, seriously. I told you I was weak last night, common".

"Well you're also weak now".

I stare at him for a while. What's wrong with this silly husband of mine? I really want him in me right now, even though am tired. I thought for a while then climb unto him and reach into his trouser.

"Wait, Tiwa. Are you planning to rape me, now? ".

"You just watch, what am planning to do with you". I said and played with his balls.
He tried not to moan. "Stop, am gonna scream, I swear".
"Please do".

"I will, Tiwa".

I giggled. "As if you're not enjoying it". I said and rub unto the tip of his dick.

"Who says I am". A moan escape from his mouth and I chuckled. He turn me over laying on me.

"Well... Am gonna rape you before you do to me".

"Please do, rape me. Please". We both chuckle and our lips met.

Alex arm wasn't around me as usual. I reach to the other side where he had slept last night but he wasn't there.

I opened my eyes, yawned and stretched. Where is he? My nightie was laying on the bed. I reach for it and wore it before climbing out of the bed.

I saw his phone on the bedside table. Maybe he's in the bathroom. I took the phone to check the time and our picture popped up on his screen. It was a picture we took at theat the beach.

I smiled at the phone. The time was 10:00am. Why do I always sleep for long, this days? I went to the bathroom. "Alex". I called and opened the door but he wasn't there.

Where is he now? I proceeded to the living room, nobody was there but I could hear tap water running in the kitchen. I entered and met my mom inside.

"Good morning, mum". I greeted kneeling.
She helped me up. "Good morning, my dear".

I went to the fridge and brought a bottle water out. "Mom, where is Alex? ". I asked and took the bottle in my mouth.

"Oh, he left with your Dad and Ayomide to the farm this morning".

I spat out the water in my mouth immediately. "Alex did what? ".

"Went to the farm, of course".

I burst into laughs. Alex won't kill me.
"Tiwalade Mi".

"Ma? ".

"Give me your palm". I stared at her but stretched my hand to her. She inspect it for a while then drop it.

She came closer and opened my eye. The left then to the right. What's she doing? "Mom, what happened? ".

"Tiwa, you're pregnant ". She exclaimed and I stare at her.

"Am pregnant? ".

"Yes you are. Am so happy. Am going to be a grandma soon, wow".

I touched my stomach. First it Alex and now, my mom. Am pregnant? Wow. I can't believe am carrying our child. Alex's child. OMG!

I turned the pasta into the sieve and went over to the tomatoes. I don't like maids cooking for my husband.

That's one of the reason I resigned from work. I want to have time for my family.
My baby bump was touching the counter. Am just seven months gone but my stomach is so big.

According to the scan, am carrying twins but we don't know the gender.

This past few months has been the best of my life. Alex is spoiling me day by day with everything. Dresses, shoes, dates and just everything. He's just too sweet.

He's now the CEO of Brights Foods and P links. Justin has relocated to United states,Living in Miami with his wife, Ella and their little baby girl. Meryl.

I felt a hand around me. I know it my husband. He kissed my nape. "What's the Queen preparing for lunch? It looks delicious"

I pointed at the pasta. "Oh my God. My favorite. Pasta and sauce. You'll spoil me".

I smiled and he kissed my nape again. "How much longer do you have on this? ".

"Is there something, you want? ".

"Umm I have a surprise for you ".

I turned around. "Really? "He nodded. "Where is it? ".

"In the room
I wipe my hands off before facing him."Let's go.

"It a surprise, so i'll have to close your eyes, your highness".


He covered my eyes and slowly we walked upstairs. What's the surprise anyways?
He remove his hands. "Here we go ".

I opened my eye and gasped. "Alex! ".

The bed was full of special gifts for pregnant women. Exactly what I need.
He put his hands in his pocket. "They just arrived. Am sorry, you had to wait".

I moved to the bed touching them. Morning sickness inhaler,a grabber,lingeries, neck heat wrap, Maternity pyjamas, a harmony ball necklace and a book.

Letters to my baby was written on it. Oh my God! I felt a tear roll down my cheek.Alex is just too romantic.

I supported myself with a hand on the bed then stood up and went to him.He touched my cheek. "Why are you crying? ".

"I love you so much, Alex".

He kissed my forehead. "I love you more".
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  1. Wow what an epic story, the prize of wicked is high Nora get hers double dose, Alex & Tiwa finally get it right, Mr Philip is a good man, Kudos to the writer, more options to function