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Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 50


Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 50

Theme : The village Girl


Alex laid his head on my lap while I play with his nose. Right now, we're on way to the place, he wants us to go. I don't have any idea where we're going.

But we packed enough clothes that will last for Atleast three days. We're going with two cars. The one we in and another at the back, where the bodyguards are.

"Tiwa, are you planning to pull my nose off". He pouted and I twerk his nose the more.

"It nothing compare to how you made me suffer two weeks ago in the toilet".

"But I already apologized".

"You're my husband, so bear with it".

"It you ruin my nose now, how will I be able to smell that sweet honey pot of yours again? ".

I gasp. The driver and the bodyguard sitting in front must've heard that. I gave him a light knock on his forehead and he sat up immediately pretending to be hurt.

"Oucch.. What was that for? ".

"The driver and the bodyguard definitely heard you just now. Can't you just stop being naughty? ". I glare at him.
He cup my cheeks and went for my lips. We kissed passionately not minding the fact that we weren't alone.

I pulled out of the kiss and hit his hand playfully before touching my lips.

"What? ". He pouted.

"Do you want to cut off my lips, huh? ".

"Do you also want to swallow me? ".

I smirked and look through the tinted glass. I felt his arm around me and I smiled.
"I love you, my queen".

"I love you more, wizard".

"Can't you be romantic for once. If it not old man, it wizard. Gosh". He said and move to the other end, far from me.

"Better. Atleast i'll be able to breathe now". I muttered under my breathe.

"It me and you forever". He chuckled and wrap his arms around me again. How the fuck did he hear that?

I look outside the glass. My eye caught someone. Wait, arent that Nora.

"Arent that your LOML? ". I asked pointing at Nora
He raised his head from my shoulder and got a glimpse of her before the car drove pass.

"Reverse! ". He ordered the driver and the car was reversed backwards.

"What're you doing? ".

"Shish. Hold on babe. Jerry? ". He called the bodyguard immediately the car stopped.
"Yes sir? ".

"Call me that lady selling satchet water over there".

"Right away, sir". The bodyguard opened the car door and got out.

"Alex. What're you doing? We have enough bottle water in the boot".

"Calm down love. Let's get out of the car".
We step out of the car and soon Nora was approaching us with Jerry. I can't believe this is Nora. She was putting on different flip flops.

She had a transparent bucket on her head which contain satchet water. She has a bumpy stomach too. Her hair was unkept and she was tying a wrapper. Seriously?
She got to us and her eyes grew wide. The bucket on her head fell off.

Alex wrap his arms around my waist. "Hey Nora. Seriously is this you?". He chuckled.
"Surprise to see me standing on my own? Or to see me and my wife this way?
God is a miracle worker. He's a great king. How things turn around. You thought I was never gonna walk or even talk again but he proved you wrong by using my wife as an antidote.

She made it happen. Just look at what you've turn yourself too. Geez...
I love you so much my Queen. Thanks for coming into my life". With that he plant a kiss on my nape.

I nudged Alex. "Thats too much". I whispered.

Nora burst into tears. "Am so sorry. Please forgive me. Am being punished for my sin in thousand folds now".

"Yeah thats a good thing. Just so you know, you haven't seen anything. God is still showing you a tip of an iceberg of what he has in stock for you". Alex said stabbing a finger at her.

Tears roll nonstop on Nora's face and I felt bad.

"Let's go My Queen". Alex said and held my hand then we entered the car. The driver starts the car, about to Zoom off.
"Stop!! ". Immediately the driver stop the car.

"Anything the problem? ".
"I don't have cash on me. Do you perhaps have some? ".

"Yeah. How much do you need? ".
"You're not gonna ask what I need it for? ".
"Nah. You're my wife. Everything I own belongs to you too".

I gave him a small smile. "Thank you.. Umm can I get 100k? ".
"Sure". He reach for his briefcase and brought out a bunch which he handed to me.

"Thanks love, i'll be back". I opened the car and got out.

Surprisingly, I couldn't find Nora again. Where is she? I was looking around and finally saw her.

"Nora! ". I screamed, she turned and I ran off to her, panting.

"Here". I said and gave her the money.
She went on her knees immediately. "Thank you so much. Am so sorry, please find a place in your heart to forgive me".

I pulled her up and gave her a hug. "It okay". I rub unto her back softly.

Alex must be waiting. I pulled out of the hug. "Take care of yourself". I smiled at her and she returned the smile.

I made my way back to the car and saw Alex leaning on the car. Once I got to him, he pulled me into his arms.

"You're really a queen. Am so glad and blessed to have you in my life".

"Same here sweetie".

We got in the car and the journey continued. It was getting longer. Where are we going though
It the road that leads to my village but there's no way, Alex will go there on his own will.

I laid my head on his shoulder and my eyelids became heavy.

I felt a warm kiss on my forehead and I opened my eyes.

"My Queen ". Alex smiled at me. I noticed the car has stopped moving. The door opened and he stepped out of the car.

He gestured me to come out and look around trying to know where we are. I felt someone lift me up from the car. It was Alex carrying me in a bridal style.

"Put me down". I whined and he did.

I look around and gasped. I covered my mouth, we're in my village. I turn to Alex and he smiled at me.

"Am sorry for not telling you". He said and I returned the smile.

I embrace him. "You're the best, Alex. I love you so much".

"I love you more, my queen".
"Tiwalade!! ". Someone screamed and I turn to see my best friend.

"Feyishara!! ". I ran towards her and we hugged tight. I pull out of the hug.

"You're looking beautiful ". Am so glad to see her like this.

"It all thanks to you, Tiwa. You did not forget me".

"Common Feyi, am sure you'll do the same too. We shouldn't forget people who stood by us when we were nothing ". I said and she hugged me again before disengaging from the hug.

"You're looking more like an angel, Tiwa".
"Thank you". I almost forgot my husband. Geez....

"Come say hi to my husband ". I said and try to take her to Alex but she pulled her hands off. "Why? ".

"Is it okay if I go to him? You know he doesnt like local people like me".
"Who says you're local? Common let's go. My husband is a changed person. Trust me".

"Are you sure? ".

"Of course".

She sighed. "Okay. I know you'll never tell me to put my hand in fire".

We walk back to car, Alex stood doing something on his phone. He look up and saw us.

"Hi". He flashed Feyi a smile and she turn to me making me chuckle.

"Welcome sir". She bowed a little.

"Sir? Just call me Alex, please ".

"Huh? ". Feyi eyes grew wide and I couldn't help but laugh at her funny face.


"Whats up Alex? ". I asked Alex who went back to what he was doing on phone.

"I don't know the new house address just like you. I wanted to surprise mom and dad. So I didn't tell them, we were coming but funny enough their number aren't reachable".

I sighed. I didn't know the new house too. But wait.. "Alex ".


"Which Mom and Dad? ".

"Your parents".

I couldn't help but smile. Wow. He now acknowledge my parents as his.

"Shey is the new house, right? ". Feyi asked.
"Yeah". Alex responded.

"I know it".

"Thank goodness. Get in the car please". Alex said and went into the car.

Feyi turn to me. "I'll just walk, don't worry".
"Are you kidding me? Can't you see he's changed already? ".

She finally entered and the car zoom off. We stopped at a black gate which has a duplex in it. Wow. Mr Philips really tried for us.

The gate opened and just as the driver drove in. Feyi's phone rang. She took it and place it on her ear. As we stepped out of the car.

"Hello... Okay.. Am coming ".

She turn to me. "I need to go now, my children are back from school and the little one is crying ".

"Alright no problem".

"Thank you so much, we'll check on you later in the day". Alex said and waved at her then she left.

"Who do we have here? ". Someone screamed and I turn to see my mom.

"Mom". I grinned as she ran towards us, I opened my arms to embrace her but the funniest part. She went and hug Alex.

"My son, thank you so much". She said and Alex hug her back. Son? Wow.

My arm was still wide open and I stared at it . Seriously?

"Big sis". It was Ayomide. He ran and hugged me. Thank God.

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