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The Land Of No Return-Chapter7


The Land Of No Return-Chapter7

Theme: (Call for war)

By Aderibigbe Ayomide (oko Adesewa)08105835201


(Gen Holland)

Any news of them?

Still no news of them sir.

(Gen Holland)
Could they have died in the explosion?

I'd disagree on that sir . We lost contact with them thirty minutes before the blast. Even if they died in the blast, we'd see the remains of them. But we got nothing, that's more than wierd.

(Gen Holland)
Is Anna up?  Can she talk

She just undergo some series of surgery. I don't think it's a good idea to talk to her.

(Gen Holland)
Yeah... I know, but we need her up as soon as possible. She's probably the last person that spoke with the task force Dagger.

You have Mr president on the line sir

(Gen Holland)
Put me through

Holland what's happening?

(Gen Holland)
We have everything under control sir

You've seen the news?

(Gen Holland)
Yeah... Like I said we have everything under control

You better be. You lunched missiles on Afghanistan soil. It's a call for war. Afghanistan president is meeting with China. And south Korea is willing to sell out NUKES. (Nuclear weapon) Now you better tell me you have it under control. Cos if those three nations unite. We gonna have to pull out all of our troops from all the foreign land. And we both know what that means. So you better have it under control.

(Gen Holland)
Yes sir.

*************1500 BC before time *********************

"I say we kill him now" Morgan objected. i was about making a speech when I heard a female voice giving an order.

"No one is killing anybody lock him up. These people showed you hospitality, is this how you repay their hospitality? By killing one of them... "

"With all due respect" Morgan cut in. " that's ain't human anybody it's... "

"Nothing ain't human here, your people don't call us human. You call us elves. Your kind don't want my kind, that's why we always execute every human we see, cos they also do thesame to us.  By the way I'm Laura. "

" I'm Morgan " Morgan replied then he stretch forward his hand for a handshake but he got none . Laura turned away from him leaving him rather speechless.

We returned back into our hut since we can't stand being watched like a demi god.
There in the hut, Bonner threw up a conversation.

"Captain, if we don't kill that zombie. We gonna be facing hundreds in days to come"

"Yea I know, but our hands are tied, we can't just gun down anyone we like. And it seems they are pretty unaware of the danger surrounding them. If I can get an audience with Laura , I'll try talking to her. Seems she's like a war General, maybe she will understand, maybe but hopefully. Tony you are on watch, in the main time, the rest of you should grab some rest. We still don't know how long it will take to reach their king " i said then I rested my back on the bamboo floor.

Few hours out, we got called and we began the journey again, but this time, we got horses to ride on.

I ride along side with Laura since I need to enlighten  her about  a zombie attack which she seems rather ignorance to.

" how's the elf doing? " I asked politely just as I reached her side. I'm not really good with horses but I got no options than to be friendly, even though the horse aint.

" why do you care? " she countered.

" just asking " I replied slowly.

"We've took him to the healer. Though his sickness is strange but she will heal him" she said then she hit her horse harder ridding forward away from me.

She's quite not a talker, perhaps because I'm a  human, or probably it's her nature not to talk.

It was a long  journey and on the third day, Laura announced  loudly.

"Welcome to the cities of elves "

We looked ahead and we saw a big castle made of Gold, and down below laid so many territories, but the castle stood apart, gloming beautiful in the twilight.

"So that's where we meet your king? " I asked with my hand pointed directly at the castle.

" yes! " she confirmed. " that's where you meet our king. King Demetrus "
Thousands of soldiers was seen matching towards us from the city, seems like a warm welcome but they are armed as if they are going for war.

"Anything we need to know about your king before we meet him officially? " I questioned curiously.

"Yeah he hate humans " she answered swiftly then she made to ride away.

" you've seen Lisa around? " I asked just as she was about leaving. Suddenly she stopped on her track and ride back to me.

"Lisa? " she questioned perturbly.

"Melissa the Goddess of Monsters is she there too to give us a warm welcome... "

" you speak that name again, and I'm gonna behead you myself right now before the king judgment. If you don't want that to happen, let the dead stay dead" Laura cut in rapidly and  then she turned away.

I returned back to my team to give them a highlights of what we might be facing in hour's time.

" Alright boys, when we gets to Rome, we act like one. They bow, we bow. Probably their king will want us dead but, we have an element of surprise. We give them all we have. We can't fight a whole city of elves. But a little demonstration of power can make them worship us like gods. So police your gears, and be prepare for the worst"

We got off from the horse then we walked into the cities accompanied by thousands of elves soldiers both on our right and left.

The elves didn't touch any of our things, probably they believe we ain't armed since we have no arrows or swords. But they  collected all our knives, they thought that was our weapon, but they have no idea of the Rocket launcher sleeping beautifully on Bonner's back. Our grenades, our C4 (explosive ), everything was right with us, only if they know what it does. But they don't, except for one... The fucking spy.

 Immediately I saw him, I recognize him, I've been keeping tabs on him but he had always escape like a monkey.

He was terrified when he saw us still with our weapons, he's probably the only person that actually witness our fight with the Kakamora, and he must have seen us shooting with our rifle.

He tried communicating with Laura, but he was given no audience. That came as a relief to me cos he ain't going to talk us good.

We were presented before the king whom firstly observe us closely before talking.

Their king is the exact definition of a king. He's nine feet tall, strong, has a blue eye and a grey hair. Surprisedly, he understand English.
He was observing us one after the other and that makes me quite uncomfortable.

" What brings you here? " he asked just as he returned back to his throne.

" excuse me what day is it? If it's exactly what it was. Then we are from the future " I answered bravely and that surprises everyone, except my men. We all receive hostile training while joining the army so they know the game well.

"How hilarious. Did anyone told you that I hate humans? " he asked slowly with a light grin.

" yeah... I've been probably thinking why you hate Lisa. I meant Melissa. She's probably human ain't she?... "

" how dare you speak of Melissa in front of me!!! " he roared so loud that everyone got shaken with fear.

" i apologies my king. King Demetrus, like I said we came from the future, actually from a faraway star and we know alot of things you probably don't know. My name is jack and if I may ask, what is it about Lisa? " i questioned.

" you people came from the stars, you should know I put an end to her reign, or you people don't know? " he questioned back more cleverly, judging from his calmness, he's indeed a wise king.

I looked back at Ann hoping she knows anything about king Demetrus in her researches. Ann read my expression then she stepped forward to talk.

" we are here because Mellisa brought us here" Ann said but everyone elves present all laughed at her.

" How can the dead brings you here. Mellisa died hundred of years from now. She can't possibly bring you here so tell me another lie" The king said then the elves all echoed with another round of laughs.

"Maybe you should probably quit lying as well my king. Mellisa was killed by king Claudia. Not you" Ann defended and everywhere went silent with a hum.

"Seems you are from the star after all. King Claudia was my father, he sealed Mellisa forever with his breathe. He gave his life to seal Mellisa death. Now Enough of Melissa, bring me the wizard. " The king ordered and a very old man was being brought to him.

He's bald with few hairs on his head, but his eyes were as sharp as an eagle. He couldn't walk so he was being carried.

"Tell me what you see old man" The king said while the old man pointed a short walking staff at us.

He began to say some inaudible words that sounded like a spell then all of a sudden he shouted a word.

"bellum!!! " meaning war. he passed out before he could say another word and he was being carried away.
The king looked worried and also unsure of what to say.

" The wizard has spoken, I should probably kill you all now." The king said and that send a fear through our vein. my men looked at me and I know I need to say something before we lose our chances.

" we killed two of your monsters. what makes You think that we can be easily killed? "

" You kill a Kakamora" the king cut in " not my monster. And what makes you people invincible? Ain't you human.? Every human can die, I have men that can slice out your throat,  you won't even feel the pain, you'll just die. he won't even use magic "

"Magic!!! That's quite interesting, what about we kill your best soldier with or without magic. He won't even see it coming. Take that as a challenge my king."


General Holland decided to check up on Anna himself before she got transported back to the state.

Her condition was quite critical cos she undergo some surgeries and it wasn't a total success.

Anna  was sleeping on the sick bed while General Holland sat patiently  next to her.
She opened her eyes and General Holland cleared his throat.

"How are you feelling Anna ? " he asked.

"Where am I? " she asked immediately she saw the General.

"Calm down Anna, everything is okay. You got rescued, you are saved" he said slowly as he calmed her down.

"Do you remember anything? " he asked just as he realized her calmness. It took a while before she answered, at first she stared motionless then she began talking slowly.

"I remember fighting, i remember crashing, I remember... Where's  Tom? "

"Who's Tom? " General Holland questioned inqusitively.

"He's my copilot. Did he make it out? " she asked curiously but General Holland looked away slowly and wave his head sadly.

" he didn't survive the crash. Anna please listen to me, everything is going to be fine. Can you please tell me what happened while you are fighting in Afghanistan?  "

" before vulture two got hit. I was shooting at tangos, Actually killing them twice. Sounds crazy but once I kill them they got resurrected back...  but they don't pick up their guns,  they just go around biting everyone they see. They are actually not our problems, our problems were the tangos with the guns. Vulture two got hit by an unnoticed javelin (surface-air-missle).  Just in, alpha one got hit by a RPG. I saw the two birds crashed down with my eyes. We got hit by the tail, lost all engines and that was all I remember "
General Holland took his time before throwing back another question at her.

"You made any contact with the task force Dagger before the crash? " he pushed closer.

"Yeah... Their captain warned us about the javelin just before vulture two got blown out, are they all saved?" she qustioned.

"we lost contact with them and they still can't be found. You are the last person that spoke with them... But don't worry. You should rest now, we gonna find them. I assure you, now you should rest. Let me have my leave " he said then he head out of the ward.

He was moving back to the war room when he got stopped by joe.

" I have the president on the line sir" he said then he handed him a satellite phone.

Please don't tell me you have Mazer

(Gen Holland)
We do sir. He was captured during the last Raid

They want war

(Gen Holland)
Then we give it to them sir

(Mr President)
But I don't want war

(Gen Holland)
Seems they've forgotten they attacked  first. They attacked the U.S embassy, leaving no one alive!. They lunched a biological weapon at us.  If the Afghanistan president want war. then so be it. We ain't going to pull out all our troops just to embrace their wills. And I'm not giving Mazer back to them.

(Mr President)
Arrange a meeting with the secretary of defense, all the Generals, The Minister's, I want everyone present.

(Gen Holland)
That will be done sir.

(Mr president)
And I want a brief report of what happened in Afghanistan.

(Gen Holland)
We only repealed fire. But if the Afghanistan president want war with the United State of America. This I can promise them, May God help me, Another father is going to raise their children.

To be continued...

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