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The Girl On Wheels - Episode 3


The Girl On Wheels - Episode 3

THEME: (I Don't Have Legs)

By Authoress Ti Fe

I ran to Mrs Florida's house in haste, I can't afford to be late or I would lose my job.
I ran into her house to see her fuming in anger. She moved closer to me and while I was about explaining an hot slap landed on my cheek.
I held my cheek in pain as tears threatened to drop from my eyes.
"Did you check your time!" She yelled angrily.
"I am sorry ma'am, I took Theodora to her high school." I said in tears.
"Oh really? And who told you someone like her needs to go to school!" She yelled again.
"I am sorry ma'am." I said still holding my cheeks.
"Don't expect a complete salary today. Get to work now!" She yelled and I ran to the store in haste.
I am a maid in Mrs Florida's house, she had never liked me right from time but her husband told her to keep me because of Theodora.
Her husband really likes me and doesn't want his wife acting rude to me, but now he isn't in town I have been suffering.
I never told Theodora I was a working as a maid, I don't want her to feel bad so say anything against God because of our situation.
She is passing through a lot, I can't tell her my problems too. I started mopping the kitchen floor, I looked at the zinc and I saw different kind of dirty plates in it.
It is the daily routine, so I was used to it already. I know one day God will surely intervene.
"Florence!" Mrs Florida yelled from the living room.
"Ma'am!" I replied running to meet her.
"I will be reducing your salary with 40% today." She said with her face glued to the TV.
"Please Mrs Florida, I beg you in the name of God. I need to get more textbooks for Theodora." I said kneeling in front of her.
"Shut up! I have made my decision! Get to work and when you are done come for your money." She smacked.
I quickly stood up and ran to the kitchen in tears. How will I get to feed Theodora or even get her the textbooks.
I need to get another job to support this. I can't rely on this salary alone.
It was lunch time and all the students went out for the break including Faith and her gang. No one was left in the class expect Matthew and I.
Matthew was still seated staring into his note. He wore a confusing look on his face and I guessed he didn't understand the teaching.
"Hi Matthew." I said waving at him, He didn't look up neither did he move. I moved my head to look into his face but I couldn't see it because of his hair.
I moved my wheelchair to the front of our table and stopped right in front of him.
I bent my head to look into his face and I saw his eyes lids blinking really fast, water kept dropping from his nostrils. He looked like he wasn't conscious.
"Matthew!" I called in fear but he didn't respond. I took my handkerchief from my school uniform, I moved it ti his nose slowly.
I saw he wasn't planning on moving, I cleaned his nose slightly. Tho I was scared I summoned courage.
"This is really weird." I thought staring at his face. I think I need to shake him, or why will he be so stagnant.
I held him by the arm shaking him gently and I saw him shake his head. He raised his head to look at me.
His nose had stopped running and his eyes were normal. I sighed in relieve while I kept his gaze on me.
"You were lost. Here, have this to clean your face properly." I said stretching the handkerchief to him.
He collected it slowly and used it to clean his face, I could see tears in his eyes as he did.
"Its okay." I said tapping his hands slightly. The school alarm rang signifying the end of our leisure time.
I can't believe I didn't eat throughout. I moved my wheelchair from his front to his side where it was before.
I saw him check his bag looking for something. Then, he brought out a tablet and bottle of water.
Then I began to understand something was actually wrong with him. I guess I am not the only one then.
I am so happy to have someone defend me today for the very first time. I made a new friend Hurray!!!
He  looked at me with his teary eyes and I felt so much pity for him, I even forgot I don't have legs.
"Thank you." He said trying to smile.
"It is nothing Matthew." I replied smiling. He looked at the handkerchief with so much sadness and pain.
"You can keep it." I said.
"No, I will return it." He replied cleaning his eyes with it.
"If you insist. Can we be friends?" I asked hoping he would say yes.
"You can't be friends with me." He replied looking away.
"Well, well, well look who are finally getting along." Faith said walking to us.
"Not again!" I mumbled in frustration.
"Please just go Faith." I said looking down.
"Did you just call my name? With that filthy mouth!" She smacked raising her hands up.
I closed my eyes expecting a slap, but I didn't feel anything. I opened my eyes gradually to see Matthew holding Faith's hand boiling in anger.
Not again, this is the second time he is helping me.
"Let me go!" Faith smirked.
"I told you to let her be, didn't I warn you?" Matthew replied coldly throwing her hands down in anger.
"Ouch!" She said holding her hands while her gang helped hold her.
"The battle line has been drawn!" She yelled walking away angrily.
I turned to look at Matthew, he looked at me and smiled slightly.
"So back to what we were saying. Why can't we be friends?" I asked and as he was about to reply another teacher came in.
This time around, it was a man.
"Why now! I really want to hear his response." I thought sadly.

To be continue ....

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