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The Girl On Wheels - Episode 2


The Girl On Wheels - Episode 2

THEME: (I Don't Have Legs)

By Authoress Ti Fe

"Hi" I said to the guy that was beside me. I looked at him expecting a reply but he seemed to be lost in thoughts. He didn't even raise up his head, his hair covered his face so I couldn't see him well.

I decided to give him breathing space, I brought out the notebooks in my backpack and placed it on the table the guy had his book on. The was large enough for two people.

The students kept staring at me, murmuring things I really don't care about and laughing stupidly.

I kept my head low placing my hand between my thighs and fondling with my dress.

I miss mother already, she is my only friend and now she is not with me anymore. The classroom door opened immediately and the whole class went silent.

"Ah Finally the teacher is here. No more murmuring for the meantime." I thought happily.

I raised up my head and to my surprise I saw the three girls I met on my way to the principal's office earlier.

The students looked so scared and I couldn't help but wonder why. A girl was in the middle and I had a strong feeling she was the boss of whatsoever group or club they were in.

"Hey can't you great?" The lady in the middle said walking towards me.
"Hi." I said smiling. She looked at me disgustingly walking to my back, I felt her hand on my wheelchair and I felt my heart leap.

"Next time I won't remind you to do so." She said and pushed my wheelchair, I closed my eyes expecting the worse but I noticed the chair didn't move.

I opened my eyes slowly and I saw the weirdo holding my wheels. His face was slightly covered with his hair.

He was extremely handsome, I stared at him speechlessly.

"Leave her alone, she is new must you show her your filthy attitudes so early?" He asked and I gasped as I heard his voice.

It was thick and so lovely.

"Hey weirdo, mind your business." The lady at the middle smacked.

"What if I don't!" He said moving close to the lady, suddenly the door opened and an elderly woman came in with some textbooks in her hands.

Everyone forced their attention on her and she stared at in confusion.

"Touch her and die!" I heard the weirdo whisper to the three ladies and I saw fear written on them. I saw he was already boiling in anger already

"What is going on here?" The woman asked coming close to us.

"Nothing ma'am." I said touching the Weirdo's hand gently. He looked at me calmly them sat on the chair close to my wheelchair.

"Faith are you causing troubles again?" I asked folding her arms under her breasts as she faced the lady at the middle.

"No ma'am." She said walking away. She stopped at the chair in the middle of the class and sat on it, including her caucus with her.

The elderly woman looked at me one last time before walking to the front of the class.
"Thank you." I whispered to the weirdo and he looked at me nodding.

"So let the new students introduce themselves." The woman said looking at us.
"The two weirdos!" A student yelled as they all bursted into laughter.

"Decorum!" The woman yelled before looking at me.

"I am Theodora Rivers." I said smiling.
"Nice meeting you Theodora." She said smiling.

"Thank you ma'am." I replied bowing slightly.

"You?" She said pointing to the guy that was beside me.

"Matthew Robinson." He answered coldly.
"Nice meeting you guys." She said walking back to the front of the class.

"Nice name." I said smiling at him.

"Thank you." He replied picking one of his books.

"I am Madam Hannah, your English teacher." She said writing the subject on the white board.

I kept stealing glances of Theodora, she was very beautiful. She looked like an Angel, innocent and pretty.

But sadly she doesn't have legs, well I guess everyone has his/her predicament.

I am Matthew Robinson. I am the child of a very rich man, my parents tries all their best to make me happy but i have never been happy.

I have a brain tumor, tho in it early stage as I was told. Sometimes the effects start and I don't understand my behavior anymore.
I asked father why I can't get it off but he didn't tell me, it was the same with mother.

And most of the times, I am conscious of my actions. I was well okay when that so called Faith tried bulling Theodora.

I have been hearing about the Faith gang before even gaining entrance into the school. So I knew a little about what She and her gang ate capable of doing.

I looked at Theodora again and I saw her paying rapt attention to the teacher, she looked so cute.

I sighed and looked at the teacher trying to listen to what she has to offer.

To be continued ...

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