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The Girl On Wheels - Episode 1


The Girl On Wheels - Episode 1

THEME: (I Don't Have Legs)

By Authoress Ti Fe

"God I am going to a new school again today, please I don't want these bullies anymore, they make me sick." I prayed silently as mother dropped my backpack on my thighs.

She moved behind me and started pushing my wheelchair out of the house heading to school.

I am Theodora, I am 18 years old, people do call me a witch, sometimes a witch but mother always calls me beautiful.

The exposed secret behind those names is the fact that I don't have legs. I was born without legs.

Mother told me that they tried everything medically to get me legs but all proved abortive due to the fact that we had no money.

Since I was born no one loved me, I always stayed indoor because of children around that hated me.

I never thought of going to school because of my predicament but mother always told me never to give up because I don't have legs. She enrolled me in a basic school.
She told me if everyone hated me, She and God will always love me. Tho the first days at school were hell, I later decided to ignore.

Now I am ready for high school, and this will be my first day at Rutherford High School.

"Theodora, remember your motto?" Mother asked as she pushed me down the street.
"Yes. If the whole be against me, God will always be there for me." I said smiling.

"Good. I want you to remember this as you start your new school, you will see intimidating students, harsh ones, nice ones. But never be moved by whatever they do to you." She said.

"Yes mother." I replied paying rapt attention.

"Tho we aren't financially buoyant or you don't have a father, never forget God watches you." She said rubbing my hair slightly.

"Okay mother." I replied touching her hands.

We got in front of the school gate and I felt my heart beat very fast. Mother came to my front and she saw the fear on my face.

"Repeat after me, I am Theodora Rivers." She said cupping my face.

"I am Theodora Rivers." I replied firmly.
"I am the will of God so I would never be weighed down by depression."

"I am the will of God so I would never be weighed down by depression."

"Good of you. Let this always ring in your mind." She said adjusting my uniform and pulling them to cover my knee. This is where the growth of my leg stopped.

"It will always mother." I said staring at the school big gate.

"Let us move." She said walking to my back as she started pushing my wheelchair into the school compound.

I looked around me and I saw many students chatting with their parents. Soon they shifted their attention to me.

I felt a little scared but I kept a firm face and looked straight ahead of me. Mother kept pushing me through different paths and I kept wondering how she knew the school so well.

I saw some ladies at a corner, their skirts were so skimpy and as they saw me they bursted into laughter.

I felt so bad but mother tapped me gently and I summoned courage again. Soon , we got to the front of an office.

Mother knocked and opened the door pushing me inside the office. On the chair a man who looked 40 sat giving us a very warm accommodating smile.

"Mrs Rivers." Mother said stretching her hands to meet his.

"Mr Thomas, the principal of these school. Please sit." He said pointing to the chair in front of his desk.

"And I am sure you are Theodora Rivers." He said smiling at me.

"Yes sure, a pleasure meeting you." I replied bowing.

"Impressive, ma'am I must say your daughter is really intelligent." He said smiling.

"Thank you Sir." Mother replied brushing my hair.

"Okay let's see. Theodora Rivers." He said wearing his glasses and tracing his hand over a book.

"Class 35, and here is a map for you. I think you Will really cope in a science field." He said stretching a small note to me.

"Thank you." I replied smiling.

"Enjoy your learning that Rutherford High School." He said lastly shaking Mother and I. We moved out of his office heading to class 35 with the aid of the map with me.
"He seems nice." Mother said.

"Yes mother, I like him." I replied smiling. We got to Class 35 and mother moved me in, a filthy rag bounced on me immediately.
I looked into the class and I saw how messy it was. Some students were on the tables, some were busy singing and drumming, some had headsets on, and sims were on their seats observing.

"Look who is here guys!" A Lady yelled,they all looked at me and bursted into laughter.
I turned my head to look at mother and I saw she was burning in anger already.

"Mother you can leave now. I will be fine." I said trying to smile. She looked at me and smiled before whispering into my ears.
"Remember all I have been telling you."
I looked at her and nodded firmly. She walked out of the classroom and I moved my wheels with my hand to the back of the class ignoring the murmurs.

"See, she doesn't even need a chair!" Another lady yelled again and they all started laughing except for a boy who kept staring into a book in front of him.

I stopped turning my wheels and made up my mind to sit next to him.

"Wow, she found some weird like her." A guy said mockingly but I ignored all of them.

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