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Sochina - Episode 9


Sochina - Episode 9

Theme: My Only Sister

Written by Ndozi Nuellitta

"LET'S kill her", Cynthia heard in shock what Timi just said and she moved back a little bit, scared

"Wh.....what did you just say?", she asked, stuttering

She was ready for any other thing but killing? She wasn't strong enough to take another person's life

Timi noticed how worried she looked and was surprised

"I thought you said you want Fred?", she asked

Cynthia nodded
"Of course"

"Good, then put the other girl that seems to be occupying his mind out of the way", she said

Cynthia thought for a while

"I really want to put her out of the way, but not through elimination, let's find something else, like warning and threatening her to stay off"

Timi sighed
"Okay, if that's what you want, so how we gonna go about it?"

Cynthia's face went down in thought, she racked her brain
She really needed to put that girl out of the way, whoever she's

"Well, I'll find out and get back to you, I'm gonna text you some boys' details and you be the one to get it done, you said you wanna help didn't you?"

Timi smiled, wondering her smartness

"Yes, I wanna help. So do as you've said", she turned to leave

"Okay then", and the deal was done with
Sochima walked to her sister's room and knocked on the door

"Come in", Annette motioned and she went in

"Let's get going", Sochima said

Annette looked at her, surprised

"What about dad and mom?", she asked

Sochima laughed
"I can see you are scared, I already told them"

Annette heaved a sigh of relief
"You are right, I'm scared"

Sochima laughed again
"Don't worry, I already told them. So you ready?"

Annette nodded
"Yeah", she tied up the lace of her sneakers and got up

"Wow! You look extremely sweet", Sochima couldn't help complimenting

Annette's cheeks flushed
"Thank you", she smiled, taking her red emoji bag from the bed
"Talking of Fred, are you sure he's home?", she asked

She was putting on a black fitted gown, and her light make-up brought out the beauty of her face

Sochima smiled
"Yeah, I called Favy, his sister and she said he's around"

"Hmm, you and Favy, ok. Let's go", she said and they left the house

It was a Saturday, and obviously like a day to go out
A cab wasn't difficult for them to hail down, and soon they had boarded one
They got to Summit Express, their destination and they alighted

Then they took a left bend onto Kingsley's street and they began walking along

Soon they got to their gate, and knocked


Fred was about going into the house when he heard a knock on the gate

He looked at the gate and decided to go answer it, since he had just sent Musa, their gate keeper on an errand

He majestically walked to the gate, peeped through the little hole, but he couldn't see anything

But he could hear voices and the voices looked familiar
Then he clicked the lock, and yanked it open

A wow escaped his lips on seeing the visitors

"Wow, look who we have here", Fred said opening the gate wide for them to come in
He was casually dressed

"Good afternoon uncle Fred", Sochima greeted first

"Good afternoon", Annette greeted

Fred smiled as he locked up the gate
"Afternoon........ afternoon", he replied, "how are you all doing?", he asked

"We're fine", Sochima replied, Annette was so nervous

Fred nodded
"Let's go in. How are your parents?"
They were now walking towards the house, through the lawns

"They're ok", they replied

"Um.......how's Favy?", Sochima asked, "where's she?"

"She's inside", Fred smiled, "you and Favy ehn", they all laughed

They got to the door and he opened, they all entered

"You can sit, let me go get mom. Dad went out", he said and left

They settled down on the sofa

"Okay", Sochima replied and turned to Annette, "you see what I told you? He just hasn't noticed you", she said

"How have you noted that?", she asked

"If he has, he would have been so intimate in his questions, I mean ask about your school and all that, or even do something that can make him stare at you for at least, three minutes", she rolled her eyes

Annette laughed
"You are kidding"

"Oh no, I'm damn serious. I must do something for him to notice you", she said and placed her hand on her chin, like thinking what to do

Annette scoffed
"You can't be serious"

"Watch me big sis, you know this is my talent", she said

Just then, Mrs Sarah, Fred's mother came out to meet them

"Woah! My lovely kids, how you doing?", she asked

"Aunty Sarah", Sochima called and got up to hug her

"How are you Sochi?", she asked, ruffling her hair

"Aunty Sarah?", Annette called slowly and embraced her

"My black beauty", she said

Annette blushed

"How are your parents?", she asked

"They're fine"

"You guys decided to check on us today", Mrs Sarah said smiling

"Yes Mom", Annette replied

Then they went ahead discussing other things, school, family and the rest

Sochima was now getting bored with the whole thing
Favour her friend was nowhere to be found yet, Fred himself had gone into hiding or......, she twisted her lips

"Mum what of Favy?", she asked Mrs Sarah

Mrs Sarah looked at her and laughed
"You will never forget her, she's in her room", she said

"Okay", Sochima clapped her hands and got up, taking the stairs and racing to Favour's room

Annette and Mrs Sarah were now left behind

"Should I get you guys something to eat now?", Mrs Sarah asked

Annette thought for a while, considering the fact that Sochima had already gone to play, she shook her head

"No mom, not yet"

"Okay then, let me go in. When you are ready to eat, just ring me", she smiled

"Thank you"

Mrs Sarah left, taking the stairs. Annette was now left alone in the sitting room, no one to talk to, nothing

She wished Fred would take a step, or she wished she was bold enough to do something

She just sat lost in thought when someone tapped her
She flinched and turned
It was Sochima

"Oh my God, you scared me", Annette said

Sochima sighed
"You gonna sit here all alone?"

"What do you expect me to do? By the way, where is Favy?"

"She's at the garden, come on, we're about to have fun", she took her hands and dragged her to her feet

"Hey take it easy", Annette ranted

"Let's go"

"To do what?"

"To water the flowers", she began walking away

Annette sighed
"With who?", she followed her

"You ask lot questions. With Favour"

And they went outside to the garden through the door at the back verandah

Favour was already there playing with the water hose

"Hey sister Annette", she shouted, dropped the hose and ran to embrace her

"Favy", Annette called as they wrapped themselves in an embrace
"How are you?"

"I'm fine", she replied

"Good, so what we gonna do now?", Annette asked

Favour walked to the hose on the floor, and picked it up

"We will water the flowers, I've just been too lazy to do this. But thank God you guys came over, the job would be splendid doing it together", Favour said and they all laughed

"Let's go connect the hose to the tap's mouth, and then turn it on", she said and they began walking towards one end of the mammoth compound, where the tap was positioned

They walked with Sochima and Favour leading the way, chatting and laughing happily
Annette just trailed behind, where on earth was Fred for Christ sake?
She was becoming lonely

They got to the tap and connected the hose, then ask Annette to stay there while they (Sochima and Favour) run to the garden before she could turn on the tap

"But how would I know when you get to the garden?", she asked looking dazed
She knew very well that they could turn it on, and then run to the garden before the water starts running out, so why asking her to wait?

"Sister please", Sochima pleaded, giving her that baby smile. And before she could reply her, the two girls had taken off, running to the garden

She sighed and watched them run, then took a step to the tap
Just at the instant she stepped forward, she missed and fell down

She closed her eyes, trying to hold back the tears threatening to run down her face, as she expected to stand up with a broken wrist

"Are you okay?", she heard a voice asking, and then she realized she wasn't on the floor as she had thought, but was apparently in someone's arms

She turned to look at the owner of the voice and jeeze, it was Fred!

She didn't know what she felt at that moment, she was tensed, cringed, nervous and scared

Obviously she was sure Fred could hear her heartbeat, because it was thumping so loud

But how had he saved her?
When had he seen her falling and then ran immediately to prevent her from falling?
The whole thing was confusing

"Are you okay?", Fred asked again

She realized herself and nodded
"Ye....emm....no, I mean yes", she stuttered, standing up straight, and releasing herself from his hold, though not wanting to

"Are you sure?", he was still holding onto her left elbow

"Yes.....I'm fine", she nodded

He heaved a sigh of relief, realising his hold on her elbow

"If you say so, let's go to the garden, I was about going to join the kids when I saw you falling over", he said and they began walking away

What could she do? Nothing, just do as he says

Then she realized she hadn't turned on the tap and so she turned back

"Excuse me please", she said

"What's it?", Fred asked stopping her in her tracks

Why is he asking? It's not his business

"To turn on the tap, that was what I was about doing when I....I almost fell", she replied

"Wait", he said and she turned to look at him, wondering why

"Let me do it", he walked to the tap, and was about turning it on when Annette stopped him

"I can do that", she countered

Fred twisted his lips and gosh! She couldn't help cringing at his handsomeness

"I'm sorry", he turned it on, "I just didn't want you to fall again", he laughed

Annette looked at him, surprised, astonished, blushed
Wait! He said sorry?
For what?

"Um..... thanks anyway"

He smiled
"Come on let's go meet them", and they began walking away

That was when Annette looked towards the garden and saw Sochima and Favour smiling and thumbing her up

Then she realized it was their plan all along, Sochima's plan

She sighed and they got to the garden. They were already watering the flowers

"Hey girls", Fred waved at them

"Uncle Freddie", they replied in unison, happily

Fred then went to pick up the secateur on the floor, just by the hibiscus flower, and he began trimming the flowers

Annette just stood watching, she enjoyed watching them work

"You gonna stand all day? Come on and work", Fred said, jolting her back to reality

She flinched
What has come over this guy?

She thought of what to do and turned to the girls, she saw them whispering to themselves
What were they up to now?

Then they walked to her and handed the hose to her. Annette took it from them, wondering their next move

"Sochima and I are heading somewhere, please sister Annette, take up the work", Favour pleaded

She looked at Sochima, she winked
Another plan

"No prob girls", she shrugged and got down to work
Immediately, the girls ran off

She began watering the flowers, her hands were shaking, they weren't stable
She was so nervous, alone with Fred in the garden

She turned to look at him, he was on the other path of the garden, hmm, she hopes he doesn't finish with that until she's done and then leave

Fred finished trimming the flowers on one path of the garden and strode to the other path, where she was watering

He began trimming and whistling along, without looking at her side

Being so nervous and her hands shaking, she pointed the hose towards him and splash, the water hit him

"Ohh jeeze!", he said

She realized herself
"Oh my God! I'm sorry", she covered the distance between them. "I'm sorry it wasn't intentional", she pleaded

Fred hissed
"It's okay, it's a normalcy"

He was so wet that she couldn't help bringing out her face napkin and drying his body with it

She was so nervous all the while cleaning him up

"Thanks", he said

Not fewer minutes had they returned to their work, Fred plucked a rose flower and walked up to her

She had been looking at him, watching all his moves through the corner of her eyes, so she has seen him plucked the flower, and then walked to her

What was he gonna do with it?
Ohh God please help her, or she would splash water on him again

But thank goodness, she was able to control herself and she stayed still until he came behind her

He got behind her, and tucked the flower on her hair

"Thanks for your little help minutes ago", he whispered softly, "falling beauty", he concluded and walked out of the garden, laughing

What? He just called her falling beauty?
Hmm, she frowned

But hold on, he just tucked flowers into her hair
Huh? Fred?
She couldn't believe it

Wow, she couldn't help smiling as she watched him walk out of her sight
Peter parked his Eagle motorcycle under the mango tree at their usual hideout and went to sit among his friends

They were all smoking and drinking, dressed in irresponsible manners
They were the guys people feared in the vicinity

Known for executing evils and people dreaded them, they were the gang boys

Peter walked up to them and they shook hands, greeting in their usual manner

Then he sat close to Emenike, the leader of the gang
As soon as he got seated, a cigarette was passed to him, and he lit it

"You heard man?", Emenike asked him

Peter turned to him
"Heard what?"

Emenike laughed
"What's wrong? I thought Timi was yours?", he asked and Peter made a face

"Anything?", was all he could ask

Emenike took in a deep breath and exhaled
"She's willing to give herself to me, for the execution of one Annette", he said

Peter's eyes and mouth widened

"What!", he spat, "please say it again", he said

Emenike laughed
"We're gonna make out, to grant her request".


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