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Sochina - Episode 8


Sochina - Episode 8

Theme: My Only Sister

Written by Ndozi Nuellitta

DEJECTED, Timi watched Fred slowly drove away, and out of her sight
She became sad, who is behind all these?? She asked herself, racking her brain to come to a conclusion

Then it hit her, it's either Peter or Annette, but obviously Annette, she's the root of it

So he had finally known what she's been hiding from him, he had known what she's

She took a last look at the route Fred took, and slowly walked away

She reached her mom's supermarket and opened up, then went to sit down to think up what next to do

Not up to few minutes has she settled down on a seat, someone came into the shop

She looked at the person to know if it's a customer, but obviously not and the face looks familiar

Then it hit her, oh! It was the girl at the patent store opposite where she and Fred just vacated
What was she here for?


Cynthia, the girl that attended to Fred at the patent store vividly saw all that transpired between Fred and a girl, just in front of her

So the girl was the reason he's been behaving the way he does towards her, towards a girl willing to give herself to him

"I mean, who in his right senses, wouldn't want a girl willing to give her whole self to him?", she asked herself, "it must have been this girl I saw the both of them ranting here, she must be the reason he's been avoiding me, yes", she said, walking about the store

From what she heard them talking, he was asking her to stay away from him, meaning he's free now

But no doubt, the girl wouldn't just let him be, she must have something in mind to do

She nodded her head, smirking

"I need to stop her", she said

But hold on, she doesn't even know her, but she looks familiar

She racked her brain to think
Oh yes, she normally bypasses every morning, the girl running the big supermarket over the street, yes it's her

She decided to go talk to her. She walked out of the store and hurriedly walked to the supermarket, it was a popular one


Sochima hurriedly scuttled into the house, apparently looking out for Annette

She saw her bent over the dining table, playing with a teddy

"Hey big sis?", she called walking up to her

Annette turned her head to the direction of the voice calling, she was still bent over the table

"Sochi?", she called smiling

Sochima got to her and stopped, hands akimbo

"What's really going on between you and Fred?", she asked

Annette was confused, looking dazed

"What do you mean?"

Sochima sighed
"I mean, you and Fred, you are supposed to be together, but what I saw about four days ago...", she paused and folded her hands, "it scared the hell outta me", she said

Annette was astonished, her eyes wide open

"What did you see?", she asked

"I saw him, I mean Fred and that 'tolotolo' at Ultimate Frisbee, when mom and I went to visit her friend, I think they were on a date"

Annette's heart skipped a beat, she stood up erect

"The both of them?", she asked, her voice seemed to be breaking

Sochima noticed it
"Yeah, I remember you telling me something about him asking you for her contact, so I think they're dating", she said

Annette slowly looked away from her, and into space
She was lost in thought

If they visited Ultimate Frisbee as her sister said, four days ago, then why Peter coming to ask her who Fred was? Or why the dream she had few days ago?
It was both meaningless, if they're still together

"Well, he doesn't love me", she snapped

Sochima looked at her
"What do you mean by that?"

"Yes, he doesn't love me, I'm the only one who does"

"I don't see it like that big sis", Sochima concurred
"I see it like he really hasn't noticed you"

"What do you mean?"

"Who would see this black beauty I've got for a sister, with all the curves in the right places, and still go after that turkey?", Annette bursted into laughter

"Or is it because she's fair, and always like to be noticed wherever she goes?", Sochima continued

Annette laughed
"You have to stop that Sochi, it's enough", she laughed

"Well, as for me I believe he just hasn't noticed you, that's all"

"He just doesn't love me"

Sochima looked at her
"I think you want us to go for a test", she said

"Huh? What test?"

"To know if he doesn't loves you or he just hasn't noticed you"

"So how would you achieve that?"

"We will go to their house, you know aunty Sarah, his mom admires you a lot. She would be of help"

Annette thought for a while, what was this girl talking about?
She decided to let her have her way

"Well let's give it a try"

Sochima smiled
"That's just it, a try", she smiled
 to what the girl has to say

"Yeah? Who are you and what do you want?", she asked, her hands folded

Cynthia just had her eyeballs staring daggers at her, if eyes could kill, Timi would have long been dead

"I just want you to stay away from Fred, he's for me", she whispered and walked away

Timi was stunned for a second, what was she trying to say

Then she laughed out
Who was this one? They're talking about important people in the play, and this one without head nor tail popped out
She laughed again

What can this one do? She hissed

But a thought came to her, the girl might be of help. Who knows? Yes, she gonna help
She smiled and followed her

They got to the patent store together and Cynthia was shocked to see her

"What are you doing here?", she barked

Timi smiled
"You came to my shop minutes ago, so I'm here too"

"What do you want?", Cynthia shouted

Timi was taken aback. Hot blooded

"Chill okay, I've not come to kill you", she smiled

Cynthia looked at her with suspicious eyes. What does she want now?

"So what do you want?"

"Hey, your blood looks hot, just chill and listen to what I have to say"

Cynthia sighed
"I'm listening"

Timi thought, how she gonna bring up the discussion?

"What relationship do you have with Fred?", she finally asked

Cynthia looked at her
"Excuse me?"

Timi shook her head
"I want to help ok? I want to help, just tell me what I want to know"

Cynthia hesitated for a while

"Okay, he's my boyfriend", she lied

Timi laughed in her mind
Boyfriend indeed, Fred doesn't have any other girl. She's probably one of his admirers, she knew the girl was lying

"Okay I ask because..... I guess you must have seen him talking to me about an hour ago?", she asked

Cynthia nodded

"Okay, that wasn't me. I mean he wasn't referring to me. He's actually interested in a friend of mine, and I was trying to talk things with him"

Cynthia didn't believed her

"Trying to talk things with him for your friend or what?", she asked

Timi smiled, this girl wasn't a daft, but she's not a daft herself

"My friend whom he likes made him mad, I was trying to calm him down"

Cynthia nodded, she was becoming at ease with her now

"So what next?", she asked

Timi sighed, smoothing her hair

"That my so called friend made me annoyed, and I can see you want him, I mean Fred, so I want us to come together to put her out of the way"

Cynthia was confused

"I still don't understand"

Timi looked around, to be sure there wasn't a third party,  then walked closer to her and whispered

"Let's kill her"

Cynthia quickly moved back, she was shocked.

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