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Sochina - Episode 7


Sochina - Episode 7

Theme: My Only Sister

Written by Ndozi Nuellitta

THE news was another devastating one and Fred wasn't expecting it, he was so pissed off

He angrily removed the phone from his ear and looked into it, he groaned
What nonsense? Infact he has nothing to do with that Timi girl again, absolutely nothing

He was about walking out of the garden when the phone rang
He stopped in his tracks and looked into the phone
It was his father, he picked it up

 "Hello, dad?", he said

"Yeah, Fred, you free? I need you to do something for me right now", Dr Kingsley, his father said

Fred winced
"What's that?"

Need you to get some dewormers from Mummy C's patent store", he said

Fred racked his head for a moment, Mummy C's? He's been avoiding the woman's store because of her daughter, she's one girl on his neck

And he can't also refuse to do what his father asked him to do
He shrugged

"Ok dad, I'll be on my way", he replied walking out of the garden

"You know the quantity I always buy, just get them and bring them to the office"

"Okay", he replied and ended the call, then he walked into the house

Few minutes later, he was out and walking to the garage

Cynthia, Mummy C's daughter was one hell of a problem on her own, she's been disturbing him and he just wasn't interested in her, and she was the one always in the patent store

So going there now was to brace up to contend with her, and he actually wasn't ready for this
But he has to obey his father

He hopped into his car and zoomed off


Annette walked up to her father, he was at the dining, his eyes going through a magazine in his hands

"Daddy, you called me", she said on getting to him, her mind still going through the dream she just had

Her father raised his head to look at her then he cleared his throat

"Yes I did", he rushed his words

Annette swallowed hard, her eyes twitching
Her mind wasn't even on what he has to say, it was just centered on the dream

"Now that you have passed your exams", he said, "I think the next issue is on where you will like to further your education, the university", he said

Annette looked at him confused, she thought they had discussed this before, that she had already applied and has been given admission

"But dad, we have talked this before, I mean, I took Jamb early this year, and I made it", she said

Mr Chike sighed
"I know, what I want to know is, do you still have another in mind? Like changing your mind", he asked

Annette was dazed, change indeed
When she had wanted to stay close to Fred, and she would now change again
She shook her head

"No dad, I'm not having the mind to change, besides Dr Kingsley's son attends the university, he would be some kind of help", she said
She hopes he agrees

Her father thought for a moment, he looked at her

"If you say so", he said, dismissing her


As soon as Peter got off the phone, he tiptoed back into the house

Timi was still in the bathroom, so he stealthily walked to the dining and dropped the phone
The he smirked and walked away

At the instant he left, Timi came out
She walked into her room and got prepared, then she left the house

She tried calling Fred since it's been long she last heard from him
The call went through, but he wasn't picking up

She called and called, he still didn't pick
She was now worried

Just a stone throw to her mom's supermarket, she saw him, yes, Fred. She saw him alighting from a car and walked into a patent store
She ran to catch up with him

Fred drove to the patent store to get the things his father asked him to

His phone rang
He looked into it, 'Timi', it read
He hissed and ignored it

The call kept coming, and he thought it wise to just ignore it

Soon he got to his destination and halted
He hoped it was Mummy C herself that would attend to him, and not her daughter of a devil

He alighted and walked into the store, but unfortunately for him, it was Cynthia

"Hey Freddie", she smiled and walked up to him
He frowned and ignored her

"Look Cynthia or whatever ya called, I'm not here for your gimmicks, just get me what I want", he said, angry

Cynthia looked at him, what could have made him angry?
She shrugged

"What should I get you?", she asked

Fred sighed and told her what he needed

Soon the sales were done and he walked to his car, Timi was standing beside it

He was shocked
"What are you doing here?", he thundered

Timi was taken aback by his utterance

"Aren't you happy to see me here?", she asked

Fred let out a mocking laugh
"See you? You should go to Peter and stop deceiving me", he said and made to open the car door

Peter? What has Peter done?
How did he find out?
Ohh God, she's been doomed

She stopped him from entering the car, holding his hand

"What......what are you talking about? I don't know who Peter is", she said

Fred looked at her
She was still lying

"And you are still lying", he turned and leaned his back on the car
"Do you know what breakup is? That's what is going on now, stay away from me Timi, you are a lying cheat", he stormed angrily and went into the car

Ohh Jesus, what's happening? What has gone wrong?
Annette or Peter? Or the both? 

"Please Fred, listen to me", she said hitting the car window

Fred revved up the car
"You want to die?", he asked

"I'm sorry I...... please Fred hear me out", she stuttered

"You don't have anything to say bitch, fuck off!", and he drove away.

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