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Sochina - Episode 6


Sochina - Episode 6

Theme: My Only Sister

Written by Ndozi Nuellitta

IT'S been two days now since the saga of a lanky looking boy coming to Fred at the Ultimate Frisbee and telling him...... a heartbreaking news, and since then, he's not been himself
He's been restless

He's also been trying to reach Timi, but her contact isn't going through and to make things worst, he doesn't know her residence

Well, he's been trying to reach her not to ask her who the guy was, but just to cut off ties with her
To end whatever was going on between them

He was so pained to the heart, he never expected her to lie to him, and he wasn't expecting to be cheated on

In his dictionary, there was nothing like a second chance, so he was sure to break things final with the cheat

He walked to the garden and dialed her contact once again, and thank God, for the first time in two days, it went through

Annette was walking along the lonely road of their street, singing   and clapping

She reached the junction and then suddenly, Timi jumped out from the other street and walked towards her
Her hands behind her, she seemed to be hiding something

Annette looked around, as usual the road was lonely, she became scared and decided to smile to allay her fears

"Hi Timi", she greeted with smiles

Timi's was visibly angry, her eyes showed the anger and Annette's fears increased

"What......", and a stab on her abdomen arrested her remaining words

Timi had drew forward, and with a knife, she plunged into her sides

"Arrrrghhh", Annette screamed and fell on the floor
"Sister...... sister", Sochima called,  tapping Annette on her shoulder

Her eyes flickered open with a start

"Sister?", Sochima called again, "you were screaming", she said

That was when Annette noticed it was a dream
"Was I?", she asked and sat up, looking dazed

Sochima nodded
"Yes, a nightmare in the afternoon? How funny", she laughed

Annette looked at her and cleaned her eyes with her hands

"Why did you wake me up?", she asked

"Dad wants to see you", she said and walked out

Annette looked confused as she let her brain rack through the dream she just had
Why would Timi want to stab her? What has she done?

Then she remembered the text she had sent her, but she hadn't mentioned anything about Fred the other time

The whole thing was now becoming complicated, she shrugged and got up

Timi rushed through her preparations in readiness for her mom's supermarket

Since her mom got another job, and she wasn't in school yet, she had been asked to take care of the supermarket for the mean time

She dropped her phone on the dining table and ran into the bathroom

Soon it started ringing, but she didn't know

Peter left his friend's house not too long, he had gone to enquire about an information

Just a stone throw from there was Timi's house
He decided to go and see her, he hoped she hadn't left for the supermarket

He got to the house and knocked, nobody answered, but he was sure someone was around, the sound of waterfalls from the bathroom was loud enough

He tried the door knob and it opened, then he tiptoed inside

He hadn't wanted to tiptoe, but something has told him to take her unawares

The sound from the bathroom was loud  then he knew she was bathing and

He went further into the sitting room and saw her phone on the dining table ringing

He walked to it and looked round, he looked into the phone, it was Fred calling
He picked the phone and went outside

Fred was happy that at last, Timi's phone hadn't only gone through, she had also picked it up

But then he stopped in his tracks, shocked
He heard a male's voice

"Who's this?", he angrily asked

"This is Peter, Timi's boyfriend....."

Fred interrupted him
"Why are you always popping up? Give that phone to the owner", he commanded

The boy laughed and continued in a voice so low that Fred had to strain his ears to hear him out

"I've warned you", and he ended the call.


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