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Sochina - Episode 5


Sochina - Episode 5

Theme: My Only Sister

Written by Ndozi Nuellitta

FRED walked majestically towards the garage, and straight to the royal blue Sienna, which his father had gotten as a birthday gift for him

He was dressed casually in a dark green t-shirt polo, a sports baggy shorts and a black sneakers

He was going on his first date, funny that it's his first
Well, he wasn't really cut out for girls, even though he was dashingly handsome and every girl that comes his way seems to fall in love with him. And it was even difficult to know which of them truly loves him for who he is, or if they're in love with either his handsome looks, or his money

Though none of the girls caught his fancy or fancied him

All these came to an abrupt end the day he set his eyes on Timi
That day, she had come along with Annette to his father's office and at the instant he saw her, he knew it was love at first sight

Well now, he was going on his first date with her, he was so elated about it. He smiled

He opened the booth to check on what he had earlier dropped in there. It was the gift he had gotten for his first and only girlfriend

A mini sized pink box, and in it were ladies wares, all pink. Clothes and shoes inclusive
Beside the box was a teddy bear, still pink
Yeah, his little sister had once told him that girls likes pink

Now all set and ready, he checked his wristwatch and was about hopping into the car when his mother, Mrs Jide or better still, Sarah called from upstairs

He grunted and wanted to ignore, hoping she wouldn't call again, he knew his mom to always call whenever he has something important to do

"Freddie", his mom called again, "Freddie where are you?", she shouted

Then he walked out of the garage to the front of the house, his mom was at the balcony. She was looking round, apparently looking out for him

"Hey mum, I'm here", he waved and she looked down

"My handsome", she smiled, "I can see you are going out", she said

"Yes Mom"

"Well I called to remind you of the petrol I asked you to buy. We gonna use it this night you know", she winked

Fred sighed and ran his hands through his hair, ruffling it

"Can't Favy get that mom? She's old enough", he said referring to his younger sister

His mom smiled
"You wanna escape this right? No problem, I will tell her"

Fred laughed
"Thanks Mom"

"Er, what about Annette? You visited her?", she asked

Annette? Who was Annette? He racked his brain

"Which Annette?", he asked

His mom pulled a surprise face
"Don't tell me you've forgotten Mr Chike's daughter, Annette?"

Fred hit his forehead
"Oh! My remembrance, yeah I know her. But..... visit her for what exactly?"

She shook her head
"Pretend all you can, take care", she turned

He smiled
"You too Mom", and he ran to his car and entered, he was almost late

But why his mom telling him about Annette? He shrugged

He drove to the gate and blared the car horn, Musa the gate keeper ran to open it

Musa smiled and waved at him as he drove away
"Uga, I gleet", he shouted flashing his missing set of green teeth

Fred only nodded and waved back, then he hit the road and drove like mad

There wasn't any time for replying to Musa's endless greetings
He was late

Timi took a last look at herself on the mirror and nodded

She was sure she was looking sweet in her mini fluffy red gown and matching stilettos
She dressed to kill

Why not?
Her Fred was taking her on a date, hmm, she hopes he gives her what he needs at the end
Money and gifts. Yes, cause that's why she accepted his date

She took her red purse from the sofa and ambled out of the house, no one was at home, her parents had gone out

After locking up the house, she carefully walked to the road to board a cab
Soon, a taxi pulled up and she boarded

Peter put finishing touches to his simple but neat dress, he checked his wristwatch and a frown played on his face

He hoped he wasn't late
He needed to get to Ultimate Frisbee on time in order to tell whoever that Fred is, to keep off his girlfriend

He really loves her and couldn't afford to lose her, never
Moreso, he knew Timi was just being carried away, that whatever is making her avoid him, was either good looks or money

He walked towards the back of the house and to his Eagle motorcycle

He removed the chain with which he used in guarding it against thieves, and then dusted it with a rag

Then he alighted and drove straight to Timi's house first, just in time, he arrived to see her boarding a taxi

As soon as the taxi had driven off, he trailed behind

Fred got to Ultimate Frisbee and drove towards the parking lot
He halted and alighted, looking round for Timi
He didn't expect her to have gone in, no, because he had told her to wait for him at the parking lot

He leaned on his car and waited for her
Soon, he saw her coming towards him
Gosh! She was absolutely gorgeous

"Hey babe", Fred called smiling

"Hi", she replied and embraced him

"You are looking sweet", he said

Timi smiled widely
"Thanks, and you too, always handsome"

Fred's cheeks flushed
"Thank you. Let's go in"

"Okay, you lead the way", he laughed and they both walked into the restaurant

Peter waited for Timi to enter the restaurant before he did

He swiftly entered after her and rode his motorcycle to a far corner, hidden by the coconut trees

In there, he could clearly see her
He saw her walked up to a young boy and they embraced

He frowned
So this was the guy. He didn't know him but from his looks, he could guess he was well to do

He shrugged as he saw them go in, he decided to wait till they come out, so he could tell him that Timi was his girlfriend

He saw a seat under the coconut tree and he sat


Fred located a good position and they sat
He shoved back a seat for her to sit

"Thank you", she said and sat

"You are welcome", he replied and proceeded to sit opposite her

Soon a waiter approached their table, and  handed a menu to Fred

"I don't think I need that", Fred politely declined and turned to Timi

"What would you like to take Timi?", he asked, smiling

Timi was taken aback, short of words
She twisted her lips

"Your order", she replied shortly

Fred smiled and turned to the waiter
"Bring us two plates of Fried rice, chicken and waffles. A dash of lemonade and two pack of fruit juice", he said

"Ok sir", the waiter replied and left to bring the orders

"So tell me, how are you feeling about this date?", Fred asked

Timi looked at him
"I..... I feel kinda nervous"

Fred smiled
"You actually said the truth, I can feel it"

Two waiters came by, one carrying the food on a tray, and the other carrying the juices and bottled water

They arranged the food on the table and left

"Here we are, you can help yourself", Fred said taking his cutleries

Timi smiled
"Thank you", she said and they began eating

"So, what plans do you have for school?", Fred asked

"Well, since I made my papers, I will be proceeding to the university at the new school term"

Fred smiled and nodded
"That's a good idea, I really do hope ......", he paused, "really hope you don't have any other guy?", he asked

Her heart skipped a beat. Ohh God Peter, he was the only threat now
What would she say?
She looked at him, his face was stern

"Um.....no. No other", she said with a start

He nodded

They continued chatting as he asked about her family and all that

Then they were through, Fred cleared the bills and they went out

They walked to his car and stopped

"I want to thank you for today, for everything", Timi said smiling

He smiled
"It's not a stress, because I'm doing it for my baby"

She blushed

"I have something special for you", he said

She smiled
Yes, what she's been waiting for

"For me?"

He nodded
"Yeah, come with me", and they walked to the booth
He opened it and the gift stared on her face

It was too much, she wasn't expecting that at all
She closed her mouth with her hands and looked at him, forcing the shout from escaping her lips

"Ohh my goodness", she screamed at last and jumped on him
"Oh my God, I can't believe this", she hugged him again and proceeded to check out the items, it was superb

"Do you like it?", Fred asked, grinning

"I love it. You are one in a million, thank you", she hugged him

He laughed
"You are welcome. So would you like me to drop you off?"

Timi thought for a while
It might be risky to be seen together with him by others, a lotta people in the vicinity knows her lifestyle and so, seeing her with Fred, some jealous freaks might try to tell him about her, and then she losses him

No, she shook her head, she wouldn't go with him

"Er I'm sorry, I will have to go meet up with my parents somewhere, and I will like to go alone", she lied

He shrugged
"As you wish mademoiselle. So we gonna call it a day then?"

She nodded, taking out the gifts he had gotten for her
This was what she really wanted
"Yes", she said

"Okay then, goodbye"

Timi smiled and gave him a last hug
"Bye and thanks once again", and she turned and left

He watched her go and was about hopping into his car when a lanky boy approached him

Peter saw them both coming out of the restaurant, and he watched them

They walked to a car and then they embraced and Timi brought out some things from the booth
He didn't know what they were, he couldn't see it clearly

So this was the reason she had trashed him away like dirt, he swore to do the same to her
He doesn't love her anymore, she was now nothing to him
But sure he must put an end to whatever that was going between her and that guy

As soon as she had left, he walked up to the guy

"Hey", he called roughly

Fred looked at him

"I just wanted to tell you one thing", he said

Fred was confused
"Do I know you?", he asked

"Don't bother about that, just keep off Timi, she's my girlfriend", he said and began walking away

Fred was shocked, amused and confused
"What's the meaning of that?", he demanded, shouting

Peter turned to look at him, he came closer and whispered into his ears

"I said stay away from Timi, or you will have yourself to blame", and he walked away. 
  To Be Continued

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