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Sochina - Episode 4


Sochina - Episode 4

Theme: My Only Sister

Written by Ndozi Nuellitta

ANNETTE alighted from the taxi that had stopped right in front of their gigantic iron gate
She was returning from the market

She walked to the gate, clicked the lock and yanked it open
Then she walked in, closing it back

The heat was much and the sun, hitting with full force
She cleaned sweat off her forehead with her face napkin

Walking towards the house, she met Sochima by the entrance

"Hey sis, you are back", Sochima said

"Yeah", she replied, going into the house
Sochima stopped her

"Guess what big sis", she said, twisting her lips

Annette looked dazed and confused
She shook her head

"Can't guess, what's it?"

Sochima remained silent for a while, then she sighed

"Well, daddy just checked out your results....", she paused
Annette's eyes widened in fear and anxiety

"And you passed", Sochima rushed her words

"Ohhhhhhh", Annette shouted and jumped on her sister
"Oh my God, you serious?", she asked

Sochima smiled
"Yes sis, you passed. Congrats", she shook her hands

"Thank you, ohhhh", she shouted and ran into the house


Timi opened her eyes to see herself lying on a mat, and tucked in a sheet

Where was she?
Oh, it dawned on her
She was in the shop

She stirred and turned, Peter was standing by the doorway

Peter noticed that she had woken up and he walked up to her, and squatted to her position

"Hey, you are awake", he said, taking her left hand in his

Timi didn't say anything, she just looked at him with angry eyes
He had slapped her and she fainted

Peter noticed the anger and shook his head

"Look I'm sorry for hitting you okay? I'm sorry, I'm not the type that hits girls, but you got me so pissed off", he rushed his words and sighed

She kept looking at him, and then she withdrew her hand from his hold

Peter heaved a sigh
"But who's Fred? Just tell me who he's", he asked

Timi kept silent, and then she turned away from him, not ready to provide any answer

Peter sighed and ran his hands through his hair, then he got up, and walked out of the shop


The family was celebrating Annette's progress in the exam

They were at the dining watering their gullets with chicken and soft drinks

Mr Chike, Annette's father had gotten the chicken frozen, on his way home from the travel, and so it was prepared for the celebration

Annette was more happy, passing the exams guarantees her being close to Fred at the university

But then the thought of Timi hit her, they were already dating
She shrugged and put the thought behind her

Fred was hers, she knew it

Soon Mr Chike got up and left the dining, he was through with his eating. His wife got up and followed him

It was now Annette and Sochima that were left
Annette watched as her sister nibbled at her chicken and she laughed

"You eat like it won't get finished", she said

Sochima smiled, still nibbling

Then the doorbell rang and Annette sprung up from her seat

"I thought the doorbell isn't working anymore", she said

Sochima shook her head

"Well daddy got it working. Go check out the person at the door", she said

Annette looked at her and stood up, there wasn't time for arguing who should go check the door and who shouldn't

She walked out of the dining and to the door
Her parents were already in their room

"I'm coming", she said as the doorbell kept ringing

She opened the door and saw Peter standing

When had he ever visited when they schooled let alone visiting now when they had finished schooling together?

She was shocked, and so she came out to stand with him outside and closed the door

"Yeah? How may I help you?", she asked, they stood by the window

Peter put his hands into his trouser pockets

"I know it's a surprise seeing me here for the first time"

Annette nodded

"Well, I came for a favor"

She looked dazed
"A favor? What kind of favor?"

Peter heaved a sigh
"You came to Timi's shop not to long ago, and you said something about Fred, please who's this Fred?"

Annette was now confused and dazed, Fred?
Yeah, she was at the shop, but didn't remember saying anything about Fred
Besides why would she? When Peter was present?
No, she couldn't have done that

She looked at Peter
"I think you are wrong somewhere, yes I was at the shop, but I didn't remember mentioning Fred", she said

Peter's mouth fell open
"You didn't?", he asked

"I didn't, I don't even know the Fred", she said, confused

But Peter was sure, she had said it
Or maybe she was led by a force to say it, so he could know he was being cheated on

He shrugged
"Well, it's okay", he said

She looked at him
"I'm sorry I don't know what you are talking about"

"It's ok, no problem. Thank you", he turned and left

Annette only nodded, she couldn't say anything. She was confused, as she watched him leave

How could she have talked about Fred in Peter's presence?
She shook her head and went inside

As soon as she entered, a message popped up on her phone
She looked at it, it was from Timi

She ran her eyes through it with speed and she cringed

"Count yourself lucky if matter doesn't escalates", the message read

Fear gripped her, but she hadn't said anything
What's all these problem?

She shrugged and went into the dining


Peter walked back into the shop thinking
He thought Annette had mentioned Fred, of course she did

That was why he slapped his girlfriend
But with the manner with which Annette had replied him, seems she didn't know when she had said it
Something must have propelled her to do that

He made up his mind to know who this Fred was
So Timi had the guts to cheat on him, he must find out the guy and tell him to keep off
Yes, he must

He got to the shop and walked inside

He met Timi fast asleep, looked at the table and saw her phone, he smiled

He looked back at her, she was still sleeping and he stealthily walked up to the table, took the phone and went outside


As soon as Peter had walked out of the shop, Timi sprang on her feet and walked to the table where her phone laid

How dare Annette? How dare she?
Hmm, seems she wants to die

If she can't have Fred, then no one would
Peter should go to hell for all she cares, she needed Fred's money so badly

She smirked and took her phone, instantly sent a short and simple text to Annette, dropped the phone and walked back to the mat

She laid down and Peter entered instantly. She immediately pretended to be fast asleep, and so didn't see what he was doing

ter took the phone and opened it, thank God, she hadn't changed the password

He wanted to go through the contacts and spot out Fred's

Just then, a message popped up, he opened it, it was from Fred

He smiled and went through it

"Let's meet tomorrow afternoon at Ultimate Frisbee, look your best. Much love", it read

Peter smirked and noted the points, then he walked back to the shop. 

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