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Sochina - Episode 30


Sochina - Episode 30

Theme: My Only Sister

Written by Ndozi Nuellitta

IT was weekend and as usual, Annette returned home to spend the weekend with her family

Thank God soon, all these tussles and bustles for school gonna be over soon
She just had few months to finish up

Annette was extremely happy and she couldn't pin point the reason, well maybe because she's already been offered a job to commence immediately after graduation
She's been offered that by  the mother of a friend of hers, who runs a journal firm

She hadn't told her husband about it yet, so she got up from the couch she was sitting on, and walked to the sitting room where he sat

"Hello dear", she smiled and sat beside him

Fred was on his phone and he looked up from it
"Hi", he replied, guilt filled him

Annette twisted her lips, grinning from ear to ear

He looked at her
"You look happy? What's the celebration.", he asked

She laughed
"Well, the celebration is, I'll be graduating soon you know?", he nodded, "moreso I've been offered a job in a journal firm to commence once I'm done from school"

Fred's eyes widened
"You don't mean it?"

She laughed
"Oh of course I did. It's a news isn't it?"

He nodded
"A good one at that"

She laughed
"Thank you. So, we should have a cheers to that right?", she placed her head on his shoulder

He cringed and nodded
"Yes", he replied

"Let me go get a scotch", she got up and walked into the room

Fred watched her as she left and felt guilty, a girl who had gone through a lot because of him, now he's having eyes for her sister?
Yes it was wrong, but he couldn't help it
After having fun with her husband, Annette walked into their room and decided to change the sheets of their bed
It was dirty and therefore, needed change

She tucked out the sheets and then flopped it off
And then boom! Something caught her attention

It was a piece of clothing and it had fallen off from the sheets as soon as she flopped it away

She walked up to the piece on the floor and stared at it

It was a lingerie, and......oh no! It was Sochima's lingerie
She knew it so well, infact she had been the one who got it for her during her birthday the previous year

But hold on, what was it doing here in her matrimonial bed and room? What?

She stood to think straight. Was Fred cheating on her with her own sister?
No, she shook her head
He can't do such, he can't. She knew her sister too well, she also can't do it

But even at that, what if they're pretending? She really has to find out
She took one last look at the lingerie on the floor and sighed

She got up, walked to her wardrobe and took out a glass casing
Then she carefully placed the lingerie into it
That was her proof if ever anything had gone wrong
The next day was a Sunday, the family had woken up so late

Annette got up by eight, and began the day's chores
Her husband and sister were still sleeping, so peacefully like babies

She walked to the tap, fetched some water and then cleaned the house
Then she did the laundry and then the dishes

The previous day's findings were still pondering in her mind and she just couldn't wait to get it all done up

After all the work, she proceeded to prepare the food
That was when the rest of the family woke up

She prepared the meal so fast and soon she was done with it
Then she took to the dining and served onto plates

Soon the family gathered for breakfast
As soon as they were through, she asked them to wait, that she has something they would like to see

"Not so fast honey", she said to Fred who had already shoved back his seat to leave

Fred stopped and looked at her, she smiled
"I've something that would definitely interest the both of you", she said

Sochima looked at her, then at Fred
"Ok then, let's see", she said

Annette smiled and got up, then left for her room
She returned seconds later with the glass casing and dropped it on the table before them

"Here", she said and opened it, "what do you two have to say about this?", she asked

They all instantly began looking panicked and shaken, she could detect it in their eyes

"Sochi? This is yours isn't it? And I found it in my matrimonial room, doing what?", she asked

Sochima's eyes fell, she was ashamed
"I'm sorry sister, I didn't mean to. I'm very sorry", she pleaded

Annette looked at her in disgust. Sorry? Was all she could say?
Could sorry undo what she's done? Could it?
Her only sister had betrayed her

She turned to Fred, he looked sober and ashamed on his own part, she shook her head in pity

"Fred, if someone ever told me you would do this, I wouldn't believe, but now not only you did it, but with my own sister", the tears began pouring out

Despite all the ordeals she went through just because of him, she was also busy at school turning down the guys approaching her, she didn't know her husband was at home busy making out with her sister
How sad and unbelievable

She took a last look at the both of them, and stormed out into the room

Sochima followed her immediately and as soon as they got to the room, she began pleading

"Sister please, I'm sorry. I.... I didn't know what came over me"

Annette ignored her and busied herself with bringing out her boxes and arranging her belongings into it

Sochima was dumbfounded, was she really leaving?

"Sister please, don't leave"

"You keep quiet", she thundered and Sochima shivered
"How could you? My own sister, how could you? You so well know all I went through because of him, you know that. Yet you belittled yourself to my matrimonial bed, and betrayed me", she looked at her with angry eyes and continued with what she was doing

"Sis please", she went on her knees

"Get your filthy self out of here Sochi, I'm leaving you can as well marry him"

Sochima reluctantly left in tears

Annette packed up and was ready to leave, when Fred came in

He didn't believe she could leave so soon
"Honey why you doing this?", he asked trying to prevent her from making more attempts to pack

"Don't honey me, go and honey my sister. I'm finally leaving so the house can be free for the both of you", she rowed out her box

Fred shook his head, how stupid and naive of him to have done that

"Please Annette, please. I'm sorry for what happened, besides you can't just leave because of a mere lingerie you found on our bed"

"That's my evidence Fred. You guys have been into this for a long time", she turned to face him, "you as well so know all I went through in the hands of enemies because of you, I even got pregnant and had to drop out of school, because you meant a lot to me, now you went ahead and betrayed me with my sister", she cried, "I'll never forgive the both of you for that, never", she shouted
"I'm sorry to say this, but thank God the baby died, like it knew such thing was gonna happen"

Fred sighed and ran his hands through his hair. All she said was true, she really had gone through a lot because of him, now he had betrayed her with her sister
How stupid

She watched as Annette rowed out her boxes to the entrance, still not wanting her to leave, he found what to say

"Okay, how you gonna cope with your studies?"

She looked at him
"I've made plans for that already. I'll be coming tomorrow morning with my lawyer, so I can file for a divorce"

Fred was stunned
"What! Did you just hear yourself?"

"You should be ashamed  yourself, good bye", she rowed out the boxes outside the house and walked out of thier lives, and probably out of their minds
Annette sat on the comfy sofa in her posh sitting room, as she sipped champagne from the glass cup, she was going through her next job in line

Well, it's been a year since she left the only people she calls family, because of betrayal
And since then, everything has changed for the better

She had successfully filed for divorce and therefore has nothing to do with Fred anymore
Moreso, she had stayed over at a friend's house to complete her education and immediately after graduation, she moved to Abuja, to be very far from them

Now she was a journalist, she now had a lot of work to do
She and her co workers would be leaving for a near by town the next day, to take record of the festival going on there

She sighed and dropped the book she was holding and then stormed into the room
Fred rallied around the waiting room in the hospital ward, worried sick about his wife in the labour room

Well yes, Sochima was now his wife. After the divorce, she found out she was already carrying a child for him, and they decided to make it formal

She had already had the baby, yes. The baby was a girl and now about a year old
He had left her in the care of a nanny and ran down to the hospital

Sochima was pregnant again, and already due to having the baby
But now the complications were much, the baby seem not to be forthcoming, it was really problem

He had waited in the waiting room for about two hours, then the doctor came out, followed by a nurse

"Doctor what's the problem now?", he asked

The doctor sighed
"Just meet me in the office later on today, there's a lot to discuss", and he left.   ©️
   To Be Continued 🙄

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