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Sochina - Episode 3


Sochina - Episode 3

Theme: My Only Sister

Written by Ndozi Nuellitta

SHE looked dazed for seconds as a lot of things ran through her head

"What do you mean dad is back?", she asked

Sochima sighed and folded her hands

"He's back", she said

Annette looked confused

"Back? But...... I didn't see him coming"

Sochima laughed
"He's at the airport presently, or probably he's already on his way here", she said

"Airport? You mean daddy came back by air?"

Sochima nodded

Annette sighed
"Why wasting money shuttling from Abuja to Asaba by air?"

Sochima looked at her
"When you have the money what would you do?", she asked
"You do the needful", she replied herself

"Well, let me leave you now, and go in to wait for him. Heard that our results are out", she started walking into the house


Mrs Chike bent over the dining table writing on a paper in front of her

Beside her was Annette, holding a calculator and looking into the paper her mother was writing on

Her mom dropped her pen and looked up at her

"It's two thousand and hundred naira", Annette said


"Yeah, total", she twisted her lips

Vera took her purse lying on the table before her, and unzipped it
She then took out some money and gave it to her

"Here", she shoved the paper on the table towards Annette, "buy everything on that list"

Annette took the paper and glanced at it
Then she turned to leave

"Don't be too long", her mom said

Of course, else her throat would be slit

"Yes Mom", she said

She went into her room, changed into something better, took her phone and ambled out

She met her father by the entrance, he was checking out the door hinges

"Don't stay long", was all he could say

She glanced at him
"Sure dad", she smiled and walked out of the compound

Annette got to the market just in time, reason being that she had taken a taxi

After buying all that she was asked to buy, she decided to check on Timi

She hope she had come to her mom's supermarket as usual
She had wanted to ask if she had checked her results

As for her, her dad had said he needed to rest after a long travel, before checking out her own results

She came out to the market open; the front of the market, and walked towards the direction of Timi's mom supermarket

She checked her wristwatch, she smiled
She hadn't stayed too long

Her mind drifted off to Fred, and she winced
She wasn't the type who fights over guys, she would have tried fighting Timi

She was so engrossed in her thoughts that she didn't know when she entered the road

It was the loud blaring of a car, coupled with the shouts of the market inmates that she realized and turned back

That was too close, she would have been hit by the car

She instantly jumped off the road and hurried to her destination, she was panting heavily

"You would have died because of Fred", she thought and laughed

She got to Timi's mom supermarket and halted in her strides

She couldn't believe her eyes

Right before her, she saw Timi, Fred's girlfriend, and Peter in a kiss

Her mouth fell wide open in shock and astonishment
What's going on?

She immediately scurried past the shop, she didn't want Timi to know she had seen them

Timi was fast, she cut from the kiss just in time to see Annette walking past and she called her

"Annette...... Annette", she called

Annette was in a daze, she stopped immediately and turned, faking a smile and pretending she was just seeing her

"Hey", she walked to the shop

"You were walking past", Timi said

Annette twisted her tongue, thinking of what to say

"Um....... I needed to get back home on time, you know my parents", she said in defense

Timi nodded her head and smiled
"So how are you?", she asked

"I'm fine. Hi Peter", she waved at him

That was all she could do, she rarely chat with her male classmates

He smiled in reply and returned to the novel he seemed to be reading

"You checked your results?", Annette asked for what had brought her there

"Yes", she replied smiling

Annette's eyes widened

Timi nodded

"Hmm, the way you are smiling, I think I can guess"

Timi laughed
"Sure you can"

"Really? So you passed?"


"Ohhhh!", Annette exclaimed and hugged her
"Congrats", she said

"Thank you, and you?", she asked

Annette shook her head
"I haven't checked mine yet, still waiting for my dad"

"Okay, and guess what?"

Annette looked at her, smiling
She couldn't guess

"I applied for same university with.......", she paused, "no same university as you", she finally said

Annette looked at her sheepishly, she knew what she wanted to say

She had wanted to say, same university with Fred, but she changed and said, same university with her

Why would she change what she wanted to say
Ohh, it was because of Peter, so she was cheating on the both of them; Fred and Peter

"Wow, that's good", Annette managed to say

She wanted to leave but the thought of causing a stir now that Peter was there, came to her, she smiled

"What about Fred? You seen him again?", she asked, raising her voice a pitch higher, so Peter could hear her

Timi looked at Peter, who raised his head up, she looked back at Annette, shaking her head, giving her a sign to keep quiet

Annette understood but pretended not to

"Or hasn't he taken you out yet?", she asked, adding more fuel to the fire

"He......who are you asking about?", Timi asked

Annette looked at her and then, Peter, he was watching them both

She decided it was time she stopped the drama, she had already caused a lot of stir

She looked at her wrist watch and hit her forehead

"Ohh, I'm sorry I have to go now, I'm already late, take care", and she ran out, without even waiting for Timi to say something

She walked along the road, smiling and laughing
So Timi thought she was smart, she was more smarter

"Who's Fred?", she heard the angry voice of Peter from the shop and she turned back

She couldn't see anything, she laughed and continued her way home


As soon as Annette ran out of the shop, Peter got up and glared hard at Timi

"What's it? Why you staring at me like that?", she asked, trying her best not to look scared

But she knew she was very much scared within

"Look at the question you are asking me? You should ask yourself that question", he said

"Who's Fred?", he demanded furiously, shouting

Timi was now visibly shaken, she didn't know the rules of double dating and so, had landed herself into trouble

"Fred? I..... I don't know", she stuttered shaking

Peter was now mad, he stared daggers at her

"You can't cheat on Peter, you hear? You can't cheat on me. I ask for the last time who's Fred?"

Now Timi felt she couldn't be intimidated by this worthless guy, she found her strength

"You son of a bitch, Fred is my boyfriend, more handsome and richer than you are", she said

Peter was taken aback, he looked around to be sure he was the one she was referring to
And yes, he was the one

"Yes, you", Timi continued, "because I'm even dating you, now let me warn you", she pointed her index finger at him
"Stay away from me, stay away, it's over"

Peter held her finger and twisted it
"Don't you dare point fingers at me you bitch", she screamed

"Idiot", she said

He got mad and slapped her, so hard that she fell down and immediately passed out. 

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