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Sochina - Episode 29


Sochina - Episode 29

Theme: My Only Sister

Written by Ndozi Nuellitta

THE soft voice of Michael Smith rented the air and made the room cool, as Annette turned on the stereo and then flopped down on the bed

She brought out a pen and a jotter where she had jotted down all the happenings that had taken place in the festival

Though the festival still had some more days to go, and so she had just few more days to leave the town

Her stay had really been boring throughout, there wasn't any fun she had
Even the festival was kind of boring to her

As she went through her jotter, the thoughts of the delivery boy she had met on her first day here, came to her
The guy had really promised to visit the next day, but he never did, up till now

She sighed, maybe he hadn't had the chance to

She took her pen and made to make some amendments on her jotter when a knock on the door interrupted

She looked up, who could it be?
The knock came again and she lazily got up and walked to the door

She opened it and it was Evans, the errand boy whom Mr Wale had asked the town's inmates to provide for them

They were always busy and so couldn't attend to all errands they've got, so Mr Wale had asked the town's men to provide an errand boy, who gonna be paid at the end of his services

"Evans, anything?", she asked

"Yes ma'am. There's a guy out there who wants to see you"

She was dazed?
"Me?", she asked, who the hell would want to see her in that town? Who knew her?

Evans nodded
"Yes, ma'am"

"Okay, did he say his name?"

"Yes, he said he's Mr Richard"

Her heart skipped a beat, Richard? The delivery boy? So he had finally kept the promise, though late

"Okay, tell him to wait for me. I'll be there in a jiffy", she said and closed the door, not ready to receive him in her room

Evans nodded and left, ready to deliver the message

Annette was stunned, what has Richard come to do.

She put on her jacket to cover up the undies she was earlier putting on, and then she went out to meet him
Fred was walking along the terrace in the garden
He was filled with thoughts and thoughts, he hopes things doesn't go bad

If this issue results to kidney transplant, that means........ No, he shook his head
It wouldn't result to it, and it shouldn't

It's been two weeks since they returned from the hospital where she had delivered a baby boy, but the problem was still lurking around, he knew it

Anyways he knew he deserves it somehow, maybe it's his punishment for the atrocity committed years ago
He shrugged

Suddenly the nanny ran up to him panting
He turned to her

"Dara what's the problem?", he asked

Dara was the nanny they had employed to be taking care of the kids

"It's madam", she said pointing towards the direction of the house, and panting heavily

Fred was stunned, his eyes wide open as he looked towards the house

"What happened to her?", he asked

"She was up and walking about, suddenly she just collapsed on the floor"

"What!", he shouted and ran towards the house, the nanny followed

They got into the house and just by the doorway was Sochima already fainted

He ran up to her
"Honey?", he called and shook her vigorously but she didn't reply
He looked at the nanny

"Bring her to the car", and he ran out immediately to the garage, drove out the car, then assisted the nanny and they put her into the car

"Take care of the house, we are going to the hospital", Fred said to Dara and then he entered the car and zoomed off
Annette got outside the building to meet Richard
He had already been given a seat by Evans, and so, he was sitting on the balcony

Wow, he was looking sweet in his white shirt, a denim jacket and a black trouser

"Hi Richard, good afternoon", she greeted

Richard smiled and got up
"Afternoon, how are you?", he asked

She nodded
"I'm fine. You..... remembered me today?", they laughed

"Actually I've been so busy and my sole reason for not coming as I said I would"

"Well no problem"

"So, can I take you out now?"

Her eyes widened
"Take me out?", she asked

He nodded
"Yeah, as promised"

She shook her head
"Well, no. I'm so busy right......."

"Please", he pleaded, interrupting her. He wasn't prepared to take no for an answer
"Please", he begged again

She looked at him, well a good outing was what she needed though
There's no harm in that

"Okay, let me go in and get dressed, you just wait for me here", and she hurried into the house

Richard smiled as he watched her leave, smart girl......and chaste too

Come to think of it? If it were some other girls, they would prefer him to come into their rooms, but this girl was different

He said it, the first day he set his eyes on her, he knew she was different from every other girl he had met
He hoped to make things official soon

Soon Annette came out
Wow! She was looking exquisite in her sports wear

Richard couldn't help drooling, he stood up and watched her with his mouth open wide

Annette noticed and became uncomfortable
"Richard?", she called, "what you doing?", she asked

Richard shook his head and smiled
"I'm sorry. But you look so stunning in that outfit of yours", he winked

Annette smiled
"Thanks, so can we go now?"

"Sure. Come with me", and they walked to the parking lot
Annette was thinking they would go on cab, but here he's taking her to the parking lot

She relaxed and decided to watch things happen

Richard walked up to the royal blue coloured SUV and opened the door for her to enter

She was speechless, so he had a car? She wanted to say something but decided against that, maybe he had rented it

She entered the car and he closed the door, then walked over to the driver's side and entered

"Are you nervous?", he asked as he revved the engine

She smiled
"Kind of"

He laughed and they drove off
Annette sat opposite Richard on the table and watering their gullets

He had ordered for food and drinks as soon as they arrived
She was still speechless, how could an ordinary delivery boy be able to do all this? How?

"So", Richard broke into her thoughts, "tell me what you came to do in this town, you know I've not still figured it out"

She looked at him and laughed
"Don't tell me you've been trying to figure it out then?"

"Of course I have", he replied smiling

She shrugged
"Well I'm here for a job. The journal firm I work for had assigned some co-workers and I to come over for the festival, I'm sure you know what I mean?"

He nodded
"Yeah. So you mean you don't live here?"

She shook her head
"Nah, I don't"

"Where do you live then?"

She looked at him, and he winked making her laughed
"Do you want to come over or something?"

He laughed
"Yes,I want to make your matters mine", he said

She instantly knew what he meant
"Well, I stay at Abuja"

"Wow! That's nice"


"Well as for me, I stay everywhere"

"What do you mean by everywhere?"

He laughed
"I know it must have been bugging you, well I'm not a delivery boy like I told you. I'm an actor and I'm into acting and script writing in Nollywood"

Her eyes beamed and she dropped her cutleries out of shock
"What! You?"

"Hope you aren't angry?", he asked

"I...... I don't know", she shook her head

"I'm sorry for lying to you, but I needed to get someone who truly wants me for who I am and not what I have"

"Well", she continued eating, "you gat me I must say, you really did. So because you are an actor, you actually live everywhere?"

He laughed
"Yes. So tell me about yourself, your family you know?"

Her family? Her eyes dilated as she remembered of the family she's got. She lost appetite instantly

"There's nothing you should know about my family, I don't think there's"

"Come on, everyone has a family, or did you fall from the sky?"

She looked at him
"You can say that"

Huh? With the look on her face he instantly knew there was something she didn't want to remember of, moreso he noticed she had stopped eating, and he felt bad
He felt bad for making her remember whatever she's been trying not to

"I'm sorry if I reminded you of anything, but please don't use this mood of yours to maim this sweet evening, continue eating please", he nudged her

She looked at him and smiled
This guy was something, really something. She hopes he's different from the guys that had crossed her path

She shrugged and continued eating.    ©️

  To Be Continued

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What's going on between Richard and Annette? What do you think?

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