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Sochina - Episode 28


Sochina - Episode 28

Theme: My Only Sister

Written by Ndozi Nuellitta

ANNETTE quickly prepared for the job she was gonna embark on with some of her co-workers
As known, they're on a visit to the nearby town hosting a festival, they've been sent by their firm to go take proper records of every of the activities that's likely gonna be displayed, and as journalists, that was their job

After preparations, she locked up the house and strolled down the road, she wasn't gonna make use of her car, they would be travelling in group, and besides they would gonna be staying for almost a week

So she boarded a cab to the bus stop they were asked to wait

As soon as she got there, the other workers were already present and the bus to convey them, arrived

"Hey Anne, good morning", Nkem, a coworker and close friend to Annette greeted

Annette smiled
"Morning Nkem, I can see you're fully ready for this trip?", she laughed

"Sure, who's not? Let's get better position in the bus", she said and they all boarded and the bus drove off

About an hour later, the bus pulled up at their destination, and they all alighted

A man walked up to them at the instant
"Welcome to our town great people", the man greeted with a bow

"Thanks", Mr Wale, their spoke person replied
"So who are you?", he asked

"I'm Dafe, I've been sent to usher you in and show you to a place you gonna be staying throughout your stay here", the man replied

The workers looked at each other and nodded

"Lead the way then", Mr Wale said and the man obeyed

He took them through a bush pathway to a nice bungalow
Then he opened the entrance to the house and they all entered

The house was huge, it was like they were on camping
After showing them round the house, he made to leave

"I should end here ladies and gentlemen, fell free with us. I hope you all will enjoy every bit of your stay for the festival"

They smiled and nodded

Except for Annette, was she really gonna enjoy it? She had just come because it was her job, and not to have fun
Not after such heartbreak and betrayal from the people you love, and you think fun can come easily

She made a face, she was just there for her job nothing more

The workers settled down in the various rooms chosen to them by Mr Wale.

Annette settled down in hers and thought of taking tea. But gosh! She had none on her, and she decided to go out and get some

She rang Nkem, her friend and told her she was going to buy some tea

Then she left
Just at the entrance, she bumped into a guy, and the things he was holding fell to the floor

Annette looked at the floor
"Oh! I'm sorry", she bent down to pick them up

The guy smiled
"I'm sorry too", he joined her

"I'm Richard, it's nice meeting you", he smiled at her

"I'm Annette, thanks", and she turned to leave
He gently dragged her back

"Hold on Annette, not so fast ok?", he said

Annette was stunned? How dare he? How dare he touched her?
All these guys are just the same

"Excuse me?", she said

Richard smiled
"Well like I said I'm Richard. Um... what you doing here? I mean are you a native of this town? Or you came over for the festival?"

Annette looked at him
Why was he asking? What's his concern?

"Well its none. I'm here for a job", she turned to leave

"Wait please", he said

"I'm running late to where I'm going please", she said

Richard smiled
"I understand, well can we meet again?"

She looked away
"I don't know", she replied

"Please, I know I can see you again", he looked round, "do you live here? I just came here for deliveries, I just came to deliver some clothes"

Annette looked him over, hmm, a delivery boy
He really doesn't look like a delivery boy
Well if he's a delivery boy, then she thinks he's the one she should give her time and not this rich dudes who thinks ladies depends on their money for survival

"Okay", she nodded
"Tommorow then"

He smiled
"Thanks, can I have your digits?"

She shook her head, he had had enough
"We see tomorrow please. When will you be free? I'm always here, except when the festival is going on"

He sighed
"Okay tomorrow evening, can you?"

"Yep. So can I leave now?", she twisted her lips

He nodded
"Yeah, but has someone ever told you that you are a beauty?", he whispered softly

Annette laughed
"Sure. Thanks for the compliment anyway, I'm on my way", and she turned and walked away

Richard watched her as she left, smiles filled his face. He nodded and walked into the building

d walked to the doctor's office as he had asked him to

He really wasn't happy, he's been a sad man and he deserved every sadness, he changed his fate with his own hands

He knocked on the door and waited for the doctor to ask him in

"Come in please", the doctor motioned and he entered

Dr Ade had his eyes on a file on his desk, he didn't look up

"It's me doc", Fred said

Dr Ade looked up
"Oh! Please do sit Mr Fred", he motioned him to the seat opposite him

Fred shoved back the seat and sat
"You asked me to come see you", he said, his voice was low. He was so sad

The doctor sighed
"Yes Mr Fred. Well congrats your wife had a bouncing baby boy", he shook hands with him

Fred forced a smile
"Thank you doctor. Thank you", he replied
Well he already knew, the nurses had informed him, but he still had this nasty feeling that all wasn't well

"But there's a big issue on ground", the doctor said

"Tell me doc, that's what I've been waiting for, tell me", he yelled

"Please take it easy and hear me out"

"I'm all ears", he banged the table

Dr Ade sighed
"Do you still remember what I told you when you first came here to have your first child?", he asked

Fred knew it, he knew it must have to do with it?
But how does the doctor except them to listen to him

He nodded

The doctor rested on the table
"What was that?", he asked

Fred sighed
"You had said she, I mean my wife has a complicated case with kidney disorder and that she shouldn't try to get pregnant again else the problem gonna increase"

The doctor nodded
"Why then did you go against my warnings? Why?"

Fred sighed
"Doc do you expect us to? My wife as well as me, is in need of another child, not just a child but a son, so how can you expect us to have just a child?"

"Really? Seems your wife's life isn't important"

Fred looked at him
"How can you say such thing doctor?"

"But that's what it shows", he complained

"Doc let's forget all these, just go ahead and tell me the problem"

"That's the problem I'm telling you. The pregnancy of this baby she's got soon gonna put her life in danger, it had worsened the kidney disorder she's got and if care isn't taking....", he paused and looked straight to him, "it might end up in getting a kidney transplant for he life to be sustained"

Fred opened his eyes wide in shock, kidney transplant?
"What!", he thundered

"That's it", the doctor rested his back on his chair, "let's just hope and pray it doesn't get to that", he said

Fred was stunned? Kidney transplant?
Oh if he had known, he would have listened to the doctor. 


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