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Sochina - Episode 26


Sochina - Episode 26

Theme: My Only Sister

Written by Ndozi Nuellitta

FRED sat comfortably on the sofa in the sitting room and busied himself watching the evening news, as he patiently waited for Sochima to be done with the meals

Well, yes, Sochima had begun living with them. Since the death of her parents, a lot had happened and a lot had changed

Annette had resumed school, and Sochima had relocated to Lagos and begun living with them, since she couldn't stay alone

Talking of the accident, how exactly had it happened?

Mr and Mrs Chike had embarked on a journey to a neighbouring town for the burial function of a friend

Sochima had pleaded to go with them, but they had vehemently refused stating she was still young for that

In disappointment and reluctance, she agreed to stay at home. In fact, that fateful Friday, she had gone visiting Favy, Fred's sister

Burial concluded and they set out on their way home, they hadn't travelled a long distance when out of the blues, came an oncoming trailer in full speed and hooting so loudly

Mr Chike tried moving on to the other lane, but it was not safe, cars were moving
He swivelled to the left, there was a big ditch. He was now at lost on what to do

Panic flew in, the trailer was still coming on high speed. Before they could say Jack Robinson, the trailer and their car had an head-on collision, with the trailer smashing into the car with full force

It was so devastating as the car caught up with fire instantly
It was so sorry, the accident claimed their lives

Though it was about two years since it occurred, the incident couldn't be easily cleaned off from their minds

Sochima packed down to Lagos and began staying with them, while Annette with all encouraging words from her husband, resumed school

Life had gone on

Sochima soon walked into the dining and announced the food was ready

"Uncle Fred", she called

Fred looked up at her

"The food's ready now", she said

Fred smiled and nodded
"Thanks", he shortly replied

Sochima slightly nodded and turned, then walked out of the sitting room

Fred watched her as she left, she's really grown, not the little girl he had known the period he began falling in love with her sister

He watched her leave and nodded to the fact that she's really grown into a beautiful woman
Fair complexioned unlike Annette, round face and large hypnotizing eyes
She was putting on just a vest and shorts, giving him a clear view of her
He smiled

He looked around to be sure someone wasn't watching him, well who dared does that? No one except the both of them were at home
As for Annette, she was in school where she studies journalism

He smirked and stood up,then headed towards the dining
Annette came out of the library where she had gone to read for the evening when someone called out to her

She turned and on seeing the caller, she sighed

How many times had she told this guy that she's married and therefore not in the position and mood to keep relationships?
She keeps on telling him, but he keeps on coming to her

Though it really hadn't been easy for her, loosing her baby and parents almost simultaneously
But her husband had been her back bone, and an encouragement

Going back to school was never in her plan again, following the death of her parents, but Fred had nudged her to, her sister inclusive, and she had obliged

School with running a family wasn't really easy, she goes to school during the week days and returned every weekend, to spend time with her husband

This had continued for two years now, and would soon all end

She waited up for her caller to walk up to her

"Hey Anne? Been looking around for ya", he smiled

Annette sighed
"I've told you a lotta times before Nonso, I'm married. Why you still coming after me?"

Nonso laughed
"Because I know you're lying to me", he winked

Annette hissed
Why wouldn't he thinks she's lying? When she had married so early.
 When she's got no wedding ring on her. Why not?
Her marriage had gone the way she never wanted, never

She looked at him
"Well I'm sorry to disappoint you but it's the truth, I'm actually married. Ask around"

He licked his lips
"Well I think I should save up my energy for such nonsense", he looked around, then turned to her, "I'm for real Anne, I'm not like all other fake guys. I'm for real, just give me a chance please"

She rolled her eyes
"I'm sorry", she turned and left

He looked round again then walked up to her
"Anne?", he called

"Don't bring up this matter again Nonso, or you wouldn't like what will come next after that", she sternly warned and walked away
Fred covered up the plates after eating and left the dining, going to his room
The thought of Sochima, his wife's sister hadn't waved off his head, infact they didn't seem to be waving away

He tried pushing the thought out of his head, but they kept coming in full force

Going to his room to retire for the night, he abruptly stopped by her room
The door was closed and he placed his ear on it, all he could hear was the showering of water, she seemed to be having her bath

Against his wish, he tried the door knob and it opened, then he stealthily walked in

Much to his surprise, very much to his surprise the first thing that greeted his eyes as soon as he entered the room was her nude body in the bath!

She had left the bathroom door opened, why not? She wasn't expecting anyone

Fred looked at her with his mouth ajar, she was backing him, and so couldn't see him

For minutes he stood there watching and drooling, she turned off the shower after bathing, and that was when he realized himself

He quickly turned back, and as stealthily as he came, he left

Fred couldn't think straight since the moment he saw Sochima in the bath, he had been thinking dirty

He quickly took his bath and flopped on the bed
Sleep couldn't elude him and he knew why?

"What am I doing?", he asked himself
Why was he thinking this way?

After about an hour of trying to catch a sleep, and it couldn't come, he decided to go see her
After all, his wife wasn't home. Besides who knew what she did herself at school

He shrugged and got up, then walked to Sochima's room.

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