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Sochina - Episode 25


Sochina - Episode 25

Theme: My Only Sister

Written by Ndozi Nuellitta

IT was a quiet, snappy and sullen marriage held in the courtroom, reason being that the couple were still very much young

So, a plan for a bigger wedding was by the corner, to be held once the bride cut off ties with anything related to school

Well, it's been about a week since Fred and Annette began living as couple
Fred just got an information about his place of primary assignment during his period of service, and he made out a plan instantly

Though he had already been breached about it about a month earlier, and so had began preparations towards it

As soon as his phone beeped and he found out it was all about the service, he walked up to his father, he was sitting on the sofa in the sitting room going through a newspaper

"Dad?", Fred called and sat beside his father

Dr Kingsley looked up from his papers, and adjusted the glasses on his eyes

"Yes son", he said

Fred sighed
"Dad I've just been informed again about my primary assignment"

His father nodded

He sighed and continued
"Well this gonna be the first time I'll be telling you of the place I've been posted to"

"Yes, where?"

"Lagos State, I've been posted to Lagos State"

Dr Kingsley's eyes widened in surprise

"Lagos State? All the way there?"

Fred smiled
"Yes dad. Anyways I'll be going there with my wife"

His father looked at him
"Can you? You know what that means?"

Fred laughed
"Father you forgotten the kind of son you've got? I already prepared for it"

"Oh really?"

"Yes dad, I bought a duplex in a very good site as soon as I got to know"

His father looked at him
"Huh? A house?", he asked unbelievably

Fred nodded
"Yeah. So my wife and I will be relocating to Lagos soon, I'll likely start up from there"

Dr Kingsley smiled
"That's good, no problem with that, just make sure you take very good care of her"

"Of course", he laughed

"Anyways son", he patted his shoulder, "that's splendid of you. Good, I give my support"

Fred smiled
"Thank you Dad. Thank you"

"You are welcome. Will you be traveling by ....."

"By air dad, yes by air", he interrupted

"Ok, so when?"

"In a week's time"

He nodded
"So inform her then", he turned to his newspaper

Fred got up
"Sure. Thanks once again", and he walked to his room

He entered the room to find Annette sitting on the bed in a sober mood

He sighed, she's been like this for days, since she was confirmed pregnant

He walked up to her and sat beside her
"You still doing this?", he asked, "thought you had gotten over it?"

Annette looked at him, tears filled her eyes
"How can I get over it Fred? How? Being put in the family way at age nineteen? Getting married?", she paused and sniffed

Fred cuddled her into his arms
"I understand"

She freed herself
"You don't Fred, you don't. All my life I never wanted my marriage to go the way it went, I never did. So quiet and sullen, no", she shook her head, "I never did"

Fred sighed and placed his hand on his forehead
He never knew her to be as cantaekerous as she just sounded

"You know, I never knew you to be such cantaekerous"

She looked at him

He nodded
"Yes", he placed his hands on her shoulders, "now can you just forget all that? And let's move ahead with what life had given us, can we?"

She sighed, and kept mute

He continued
"Well, we will be leaving for Lagos in a week's time"

She turned to him

He smiled and nodded


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